Saturday, 9 March 2013

Bachmann EMD GP40: A pictorial review

Here we have the second pictorial review and this time we review something a little different and that is the Bachmann EMD GP40 in Santa Fe livery but before we review it heres a little notice.

Everything i type on this blog are my own opinions.

now i know that eveybody either likes or are into American locomotives but i strongly reccomend you give them a go as they make lovely additions to the layout. And besides it won't hurt you to try them out.


The box is nothing really special to be honest just the typical old Bachmann box (i apologise its upside down) which is in worn condition as you can see and the one box flap is torn.


This loco comes with a lot of paperwork it comes with some unknown piece of card that your meant to send to America (i won't send it) and the instructions but also the Guarantee and warranty and theres even some in different languages.


After taking away all the paperwork we finally come to taking the loco out now there are no finger holes in the back (sounds wrong) so you have to tip the box upside down and let the loco slide out but be careful of the handrails which i will get to in a bit.


Well the detail on this loco is excellent and considering how low this model was in price (£15) since they coudn't sell it as they aren't apparently very popular its just beautiful.

We start with the front of the loco there is a handrail on the front and even some rivets plus the Santa Fe logo which is crisply printed and some moulded lights but this model does have working lights though they come from the top of the loco just under the horns as you should be able to see.

The locomotive both the front and the back has Kaede (not sure if spelt right) couplings this doesn't matter as they would and have been replaced by NEM (British) couplings so it can pull some Rolling Stock.

You should just be able to see the rivets under the windows and the bogie wheels are painted silver which is a nice little touch.

The locomotive has a curved fuel tank which is accurate and this curved fuel tank also appears on the class 67, 59 and class 66 all three of which are British locos for those who don't know.

The livery is spot on and just look at the Sante Fe thats neatly been printed on the both sides also we have grills present and a handrail running along the side of the loco. Do be careful when handling it as the handrail is fragile so you will have to either hold the loco by the fuel tanks or where the Sante Fe logo is.

Theres also some steps on both sides of the loco at the front and they are painted too which is a nice touch also theres some small handrails on the side of the loco running up to the windows again be careful.

                                      Just look at all those Panels along the side of the loco!

Sorry for the slight blurriness in the photo! but anyway at the rear we can see a handrail and some moulded lights but theres some working lights on the rear too.

At the top of the roof theres some rivets and some vents and 4 fans on the top too!

Now neither of the fans spin but i do not care they are still though so we should be grateful of that likewise.

Theres glazing in the cab windows and the number is their too and is crisply printed.

As for the horns there not painted but then i guess the aren't in reality (not 100% sure though)

And the loco even as the running number printed just above the windows as you can see.

And as for performance its simply stunning as it runs smoothly with not trouble at all and can haul quite a load it isn't as strong as the Bachmann 9F but to me it doesn't matter.

OVERALL: i rate the Bachmann EMD GP40 8/10

Thats it for now folks so take care and i shall see you all again soon.

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  1. Just getting into my American hO, i fancy re-creating the four locos from the film runaway train (1985) and the Bachmann gp40 will be the lead unit then bachmann's f7 followed by two atlas gp7's