Thursday, 7 March 2013

Bachmann Fairburn tank: A pictorial review

So here for the first time im here with a pictorial review today i'm reviewing the Fairburn tank from Bachmann but first.

These are my opinions!


The box is the typical old Bachmann packaging (polystyrene)of course but to give it its credit its softer and easier to get locomotives out of and i prefer it over the new packaging Bachmann now use.


The paperwork is usual it has the Collectors club leaflet, spares list, guarantee, and a card insert with a photo of the loco in real life and some brief history of the loco such as where and when it was built when they entered service and when they were withdrawn and not forgetting whether they have survived or not and etc.

The detailing pack comes with brake pipes for the front and rear of the loco and a vaccum pipe and not forgetting some pipes to go under the cylinders which aern't painted but thats something you could do if you wanted.

The locomotive itself is easy to be removed from the packaging all you need to do is shove your fingers in the back (sounds kinda wrong) and push it out and isn't she a beaut.


The detail on this loco is exquisite for a start of the Valve gear, siderods and link motion has accurately been captured and its always so nice to see it moving like on the real thing.

The locomotive as usual comes with sprung buffers and has nem sockets both front and back. Lampirons are present and the numberplate on the smokebox is crisply printed. Speaking of the smokebox the handles and handrail is lovely detailed.

The livery is also spot on too and just look at the LMS lettering and the number on the bunker its the correct font. Also although you can't see them there are rivets on the side tanks and bunker too.


Theres also some glazing in the cab windows too and as for the roof theres a vent on the top (though it doesn't open) and some rivets too.

And if you look cearfully in the cab theres detailing in there too being gauges, ejectors, leavers, dials etc and its painted too.

The top on the loco is nice too we have the whistle and safety valves which are nicely done and some rivets aswell (though not much rivets).

Just look at those handrails also the chimney is lovely too and there is enough room for a smoke generator to be fitted (if you want too) aswell oh and the dome is nice too.

The rear of the loco shows some lampirons and rivets too and a handrail and a plate (not a dinner plate) that says how much water it can hold if you get what i mean. Also just look at the rear windows.

Now the coal isn't removable but then no tank engine thats been made has this feature and we have yet to see a tank engine with removable coal but i have added some real coal in the bunker myself as all it takes is covering the plastic coal with the real stuff.

So overall in detail wise the detail is excellent but then what did you expect?

And as for running performance its staggering it runs so smoothly and beautifully just like every quality model does.

However i must be honest when it first pulled a train it seem to have a judder motion but all is well now as it has been ran in and lubricated.

and for those looking for a Fairburn i deffinately reccomend you get one you will not be dissapointed.

OVERALL: i rate this locomotive 10/10 (in my opinion)

thats is for now then folks goodnight and take care

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