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Hornby 2013 Range Extras!

A few days ago Hornby announced a few more items for their 2013 Range the items they announced previously were great but are these just as good? scroll down the page to find out.

Everything i type on this blog are my opinions.

Firstly they announced a few class 08s

The first 08 for the 2013 Range is a class 08 numbered 08661 in Railfreight Grey livery and has DCC Sound while its good to see Hornby have bought a few 08s out for this years range i shall not be getting this one and this is a livery they have already done on a class 08 previously.

Also they announced a class 08 in BR Green with Hazard stripes which also has DCC Sound but this again they've bought out an 08 in a livery that has been released before as their are still many liveries left that Hornby could do.

like for example

                                                            or even

                                                  enough said

the class 08s aren't the only diesels that Hornby announced as extras

Hornby are bringing back the class 153 again for this year in Greater Anglia livery so people who like this particular class of Railcar will be very happy indeed i however shall not be getting this as im much happier with my Arriva class 153 and i don't plan to get another but even if i did i would not get this one. Simply because i have not seen anything in this livery plus im not really not much familiar with it either plus it aint a very colourful livery as its mainly White with Red doors infact taking away the Red on the doors and the logos it looks more like a ghostly spector (in my opinion).

Hornby are also bringing out another skip too this time its 67026 Diamond Jubilee being released as a limited edition of 500 being made for the collectors club which is a dissapointment why its being put in the collectors club is beyond me it should be in the normal range. 67026 is one of my personal favourite 67s so why it can't be in the range still as a limited edition i don't understand. and  its RRP is £131 however if im tempted enough i will get it maybe it will be cheaper when released but it would be great to own one of these even if it means me joining the club just to get this!

Another Train Set has been announced too

Its called the Breakdown Hauler now i know its a starter set but why chose this particular loco? as there is other locos that could have been in this set like e.g the Jinty and the 0F Pug. also the livery they chose doesn't by all means suit the loco its much better on the 0F Pugs but thats just me though. The breakdown crane aint too bad as its the Railroad one but why not for a change use the one they bought out decades earlier? and the Grey van doesn't look too bad either but could have been Red too.

Then theirs the Train pack thats been annonced

and its The Silver Jubilee this pack will make fans of the A4s happy or the Big collectors but this isn't the first time its been released.
It was first released as a Train Set in 1992 and back then was basic
then in 2002 it was re released as a Train Pack but his time it had a Super Detail A4!

and now its been re released this year and just like with the 2002 one expect the A4 too be Super Detail. now the pack looks good but the A4 is the best bit about the pack reason is well the coaches are okay but they have used Stanier period 3 coaches and they have used them on the 2002 and 1992 ones why coudn't they have made the proper coaches that the Silver Jubilee used or the could have used the Teaks as they were similar lookin but overall the pack aint bad and even though its £164 if i can get it cheaper i may just get it (why not).
don't forget the wagons
To celebrate the 150th Anniversary of Frank Hornby they are bringing out a Plank wagon which is okay not 100% sure if i will get it yet but would make a great addition to the wagons whether if people have them running on the layout or just on a shelf.
also we can't forget the Merry Christmas wagon for 2013 obviously it won't be released til December but why use a Plank wagon (again) is beyond me they only use plank wagons for these Christmas wagons and nothing else. their are loads of other wagons to chose from.
then theirs the Llanfairpg open OBA wagon now im glad they didn't use a Plank wagon but then again it does have the longest town name in the world written on it and since i have been there last year during my holiday in Wales i shall deffinately consider getting this.
Then we can't forget this wagon thats being made to celebrate Hornby now this is what you call different (or original) because this is something Bachmann would never make. Only Hornby would make this despite this being the first time they've done so and i shall get this wagon too (its only fair).
Now for the coaches
Hornby have produced several of these so i shall only show the one. But its nice to know that Hornby have not stopped making mk 3s for HSTs especially in this livery being FGW so those who own a 125 in said livery will be very happy indeed.
Hornby Railroad announced another item aswell
It of course is none other than Mallard which is a limited edition of only 1000 and being released to celebrate her speed record of 126mph. Of course being Railroad don't expect it to be Super Detail (if you take my meaning).
And lastly we can't leave the Skaledale stuff out.
First off theres the Rail over bridge i won't get it. But in the past they did a Road over bridge so its a good idea that they bring out a Rail over bridge too. (in my opinion)
Followed by this Blinkbonny house (what a silly name) it looks well detailed for an old house but lets hope its this detailed when released.
 Then theres trackside steps probably not the most interesting piece for the Skaledale Range but its my opinion.
 Then lastly its this fishermans walk which is nicely detailed and very realistic too.
so that wraps it up for this years range from Hornby with lots of nice things to look forward too the question is what should they make next?
well although in the last post i did i listed some ideas for Hornby and i even suggested them to said company and they've even been noted but i still have some more ideas they could do.
for locomotives theres still loads of choices to do here are some ideas for locomotives they could do.
in 2012 (last year) Hornby announced they would bring back the class 91 in Flying Scotsman livery i however would like to see them make the Skyfall train.
reason is because it would sell in its thousands and would be very popular for James Bond fans or those who are fans of the class 91s.
the LB&SCR E2 (why not bring it back) after all when they first bought it out it was a nice model but its a shame they were discontinued so a Premium version with Sprung Buffers, cab detailing, firebox light etc it would be a popular model and those who model the Southern region would be a happy bunny indeed.
People are also modelling the modern era too so a Colas Rail Grid is just what we need afterall it is a modern livery don't get me wrong
or they could do one in this livery
a DCR one nuff said
They could even do a K3 model as i would like to see one made by Hornby. Bachmanns were lovely (although i don't own one yet) but theres no reason for Hornby to not make them after all they did similar things with B1s and A4s.
locomotives aren't the only things Hornby make they do rolling stock aswell i would like to see them make these.
The reason for this choice is because Hornbys idea of using Stanier period 3 coaches was a poor choice and the wrong one as they didn't even look like these so would it hurt Hornby to make proper coaches for the Silver Jubilee of course not.
Hornby could also produce these Maroon livery Teak coaches premium ones of course after all they mad Maroon full brake Teak coaches so why not make a few composites or Buffets.
they could even do Carmine & Cream too
there are also a few wagons i would like to see them do too.
These ferry wagons are used on The Boston steel and while nobody has made them Hornby could as they would go well with the Colas locos that have already been made.
Then theres these okay Dapol have already made them but whats stopping Hornby from doing so besides they could make them premium and less toy like in my opinion.
and thats pretty much it as im all drained now from typing this lot up
Hope to see you all soon.........

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