Thursday, 28 March 2013

Hornby Railroad Northern Belle class 47 thoughts

Yesterday Hornbys Northern Belle livery class 47 for the Railroad range was finaly released after the delays it had in which it wasn't released last year even though it was meant to. Originally this was on my list to get but now im no longer getting it why? well you will see in this blog but first

Everything i type on this blog are my own opinions

The box is the usual Railroad range standard with polystyrene packaging (thats terrible and not as good as the box that splits in two) and the usual Yellow and Red coloured box with Railroad printed on the side. The box is not really interesting most of the time but its better than the model by far!!!!!.

The model itself is a major dissapointment the prototype pic they used was actually a Lima 47 illustrated in Northern Belle livery but instead what they've gone and done is taken a rubbish old Hornby ringfield motor 47 (what they used for the Virgin 47) and repainted it into Northern Belle livery  but thats not the only criticism i have with this model.

The axle boxes on the bogies are not yellow and whats more is the rumored sprung buffers and DCC ready chassis is not there. Also the two lights in the headboard that should be there are not they are abscent plus it has those pathetic bogies that just hang from the model until you put it on the tracks.

The model also has those big fat chunky couplings that most people don't like plus the DRS Compuss logo under the numberplates are abscent aswell and also the lining and numbering on the numberplates is a little too thick.

It also has a lack of detail all the handrails are basic and some details that should be there are not the question is why? I know its a Railroad model but that doesn'tmean it has to be as basic as this the 9Fs had sprung buffers, rivets and seperate handrails plus a DCC Ready chassis so why coudn't they do that with this.

Also the panels in front of the fans are meant to be Silver but they are not they Brown also this loco should have nameplates saying Soloway Princess but they are abscent too WHY? adding to the further problems this 47 was meant to be 802 instead its 832 and thats confusing.

The Red bufferbeams aren't there either they are Black? the only good thing with this model is the livery which is smack on everything else has problems also one of the lines under the lettering is slightly too thick when it should be thin.

Overall im really dissapointed with this model i know i was excited and was originally going to buy it but im not now it know its Railroad too but this (in my opinion) is just an awful model that has so many problems with and whats more it doesn't look right. And if the class 47 in the Northern Belle livery is as low detail as this then i won't get either of the Northern Belle items i know it seems unfair to say that but thats me being me and thats what shall happen if that 47 is as basic as this in which im rather hoping it isn't

Righty ho thats all from me take care all.........


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