Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Hornby RailRoad and Special Edition Duke of Gloucester Thoughts

Today Hornby released some hand decorated samples of what the Duke of Gloucester models both RailRoad and Special Edition but just how good are the models.

Everything i type on this blog are my opinions and don't affect Hornby nor anyone else in the community

We shall start off with the RailRoad version

From seeing this image its clear to me that the Special Edition 71000 is better why well for a start
the axle boxes on the rear bogie and tender are not painted Yellow like they should be (if you've seen the engine in real life).

The cylinder ends are not painted silver and there are no draincock pipes under them either also none of the handrails are painted silver too. The buffers could be sprung but its hard to simply tell also the vacuum pipes aren't painted either.

The tender has no rear coupling but as its RailRoad don't expect it to have a slim coupling but i could be wrong though also the tender doesn't look as detailed as the Special Edition one for example some detail on the rear tender is abscent and it just doesn't look right to me. But im thankful they have put some glazing in the windows though and also you can see the pickups behind the driving wheels.

Overall: The RailRoad mod isn't too bad but i will not be getting it as i already plan on purchasing the Special Edition one with etched nameplates (being the one not in the train pack) when its released .

Now we shall move onto the Special Ed one

Now when it comes down to Duke of Gloucester models this is by far the real deal Yellow axle boxes, painted handrails paint round the front cab windows and so on.

The vacuum pipes at the front are painted and so are the cylinder ends and there are draincock pipes from the bottom of them aswell. The buffers do like sprung but again its hard to tell but i expect that they will be giving this is a Super Detail mod.

There are also warning sign on the model which the RailRoad one lacks the handles on the smokebox door do look basic but i do not have a problem with that as all the other seperate put on and painted details make up for it (in my opinion).

Also rear detailing on the back of the tender can be glimpsed and all the pipes are painted and whats more the pickups are not visible behind the driving wheels and also the tender and linning on both tender and loco looks better. And one can't ignore the fine charm of the link motion, valve gear and side rods its done so accurately.

Overall and final thoughts: The Special Edition one is much better and is the best one by far and i shall get the Special Edition one and im more excited about it even though it ain't due til the third quarter.

Thats for now folks take care


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