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class47peter on: LUL livery 20189 (L189) & 20227

First of all before i start i have been meaning to do a Blog post about this for sometime but other things such as the Gym (which i now done) my hobbies, college work and other personal stuff have gotten in the way. But now thats all cleared up and explained we shall make a start.

Warning: These are my opinions and don't effect those around the community!

In late 2012 it was announced that 20189 and 20227 would be painted in exclusive LUL livery to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the London Underground. In January of this year 20189 was the first to be painted followed by 20227 later on but just how good are these liveries?

20189 (L189):

20189 now known as L189 deffinately carries the best livery of the two! To begin with 189 was in BR Green livery.

                                         Left: 20189 in BR Green livery in 2007 Right 20189 in LUL Red livery

20189s livery appeals to me more than the livery carried by 20227 but that will be saved for later. 20189 (L189) wears Red London Transport livery carried by Sarah Siddons, L150 and L189 and it does looks smashing PLUS it suits the loco down to the ground. It also wears London Transport written on the sides of the loco too.

And its things like that which really do make the livery stand out more not to mentoin it has a gloss finish though i dout it will last long though (unless its looked after and cleaned after its used every time) and it also has a former shed plate for Eastfield but then it has doned that since it wore BR Green livery anyway. Overall its a cracking livery although it may not last and im sure it will go back to green after the LU 150 events are over BUT it still looks great even if some people say it reminds them of the DB SCHENKER Red!


20227 carries the worst livery by far out of the too im afraid.

                                     Left: 20227 in Railfreight livery Right: 20227 as it looks now (currently)

I can only describe the livery as toy like or making the loco look like a giant tube train itself. Yes it does have a nice gloss finish but that doesn't make the livery automatically good! (in my opinion)

While the Railfreight Grey livery wasn't the most colourful livery worn on a 20 it was a proper classic livery that was much better and suited the loco more.

20227s frame and bufferbeam is painted blue which ain't a surprise to be honest as it would look odd on the body! The cab is painted red though to my eyes it looks more like orange (but then again when it comes to shades like that i am colourblind!!!)

It hasn't of course escaped the yellow fronts which need to be their to warn folk of its approach. But another problem with the livery (and probably the biggest) is that it stands out a mile (mostly the white) in scenery for e.g your standing on a hill and the livery can't be missed! and the fact that is wears a huge London Underground logo on both sides doesn't really help as it doesn't make it stand out as much and stands out a mile too.

overall i think the livery is dull and boring!!!!

Overall opinions: whilst 20227s livery is a dissapointment (somewhat) 20189 wears the best livery and is a particular favourite of mine but it will be shame to see it go. As for 20227 i hope it goes back to Railfreight Grey after the LU 150 events.

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