Monday, 22 July 2013

Bachmann BR Express Passenger Blue Tornado thoughts

Today Bachmann's model of Tornado in Express Blue has been released and pics have surfaced but how good is the model exactly?

Warning: These thoughts are my own opinions and don't affect Hornby or anyone else in the community.


The box is the usual plastic packaging that i DON'T like at all simply because its not really ideal.


Skipping onto the model we can see how superb it is. The livery application is spot on like it should be. The buffers are silver (though this isn't a major thing) and yes they ARE sprung so this should shut them moaners up! Cylinder heads are painted silver too and there is lining on the cylinders the Hornby one lacked the lines but then again i'm not fussed by it if anyone is its the Moaners *Groans*

Electric headlights, smokebox straps painted silver, handrails are present and correct. The link motion is also accurate compared to the real Tornado. NEM sockets are their too.

The tender has no rivets but then Tornado in reality does not HOWEVER the original A1's did have rivets on the tenders. Painted cab interior is also there as well, axles boxes and springs are their too as well as handrails and electric headlights and lamp irons on the tender too.

The nameplates are printed on both sides on the smoke deflectors, plus there is glazing in the cab windows. There is also the BR Early emblem (like it should be) on the tender.

Rivets are also on the cab roof as well as vents that don't open but then they don't really need to. A plstic coal load is in the tender that IS removable and i say this because all their other A1s have the removable coal load.

OVERALL: A great model

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