Monday, 15 July 2013

Ranting: The moaners in the model railway hobby/community

It's quite simply really, that the moaners we get in the model railway community are just ridiculous. They moan even over the stupidest and slightest things, i for one am jolly well sick of it.

I personally blame John Foster (who reviews the latest products in Model Rail) for it all, yes we've had moaners before in the past BUT it has worsened ever since he criticized the Hornby Heavy Tanks.

 Hornby's 72 and 42xx's (in my opinion) are great models and thus don't see nothing wrong with them. But that is more than what can be said for all the moaners out there.

For starters John Foster criticized both 42xx and 72xx models for poor paint jobs. NOW take a good look at the paint jobs on these photographs, i see NOTHING wrong with them. There is not even a mark or a mistake on the paint work. Was john Foster briefly blind or something? but i think he just simply said that for an excuse to criticize the models further to try and label them as bad models when in fact they are NOT.

Here are some of the many things the moaners complain about:

Firstly we get the moaners that complain for an extra nothing about locomotive bogies not having any bits painted on them! Most locos in real life don't have bits painted on the bogies yes some do have but not all locos. And besides why can't the people paint them themselves its not that hard all you need to do is get a cocktail stick or needle, some little pots of paint and pick out the bits you want to paint.

Then we have the moaners that complain about steam loco cab interiors not being painted. Pretty much the same thing said above can be said for this. You CAN paint them too get a cocktail stick or needle, pots and paint and there you go (anyone would think it was rocket science) but if i can (which i have done on a few occasions) paint the cab interiors why can't anyone else.

Then there's the folk that will either say sprung buffers add realism to models or will say how disappointing the model is because of no sprung buffers.I will tell you know sprung buffers DON'T add realism they are only their essentially for play and are somewhat pointless as said by critics. And for the record they are just sprung buffers, no one cares if a model doesn't have them if a loco actually has buffers that is what all should matter. You're only going to mess with the sprung buffers when holding the model not when its rolling around your layout.

Then you get people that moan about locos with either plastic buffers or even sprung plastic buffers. The Duke (71000) and the P2 are moaned at for this. The P2 confuses me though as it is rumored to have debuted but i have never seen any pics of it yet. Only un decorated samples have emerged so perhaps this is just their excuse to wine over nothing. They also say the P2 has moulded handrails and square axleboxes, Moulded handrails look abscent from what i've seen on the un decorated sample plus the square axleboxes were on the real P2 so whats with all the moaning and winging.

71000 yes does have plastic buffers (possibly sprung but it's hard to tell from the photo) but may i ask whats wrong with this. The answer is nothing we've had plastic buffers for years but its only when sprung buffers get introduced to problems come in. VItrains and Heljan give their locos plastic sprung buffers too but no one bats an eyelid but then thats because this is Hornby.

Take this for example Bachmann are known to make last minute changes to some models such as announcing a model as pristine but they go and weather it or change the running number but people don't complain if it was Hornby their would be moaning like there's no tomorrow!

71000, P2 and the Heavy Tanks have all been criticized by moaners so far! what next moaning about the Great Gathering A4s because they have no headboards? but knowing the moaners they probably would as they would moan over anything even if a bird pooed on their car.

Hornby deserve praise and credit for bringing out these models available to buy as otherwise we may not have them but alas they don't receive the credit from moaners BUT they will get credit from me because they deserve it. If they rarely moan at Bachmann models and never moan at Heljan and VItrains then why can't they do the same for Hornby? But then again i believe personally they do this over the sake of nothing.

And considering you've got the folk that say sprung buffers add realism (which they don't) makes no sense either how does sprung buffers add realism to a model. Clearly these people have not thought that one through yes buffers are sprung in reality when they make contact with each other but that is not the case with the models.

Lets put it this way and god strike me down this doesn't happen what would happen if Hornby went bust the next day what would the reaction be then? The moaners would probably feel guilty then because they haven't given any praise to Hornby for some of their latest products and wouldn't have made the situation any better.Plus if that was to happen we wouldn't have the vast variety of models that neither Bachmann, Heljan and VItrains make.

But seriously people the moaning is getting out of hand and it needs to stop NOW if you ask me all these moaners don't deserve to be in the hobby..............

But the moaners DON'T put me off in buying the latest products such as 71000 and the 72/42xx in which i do plan to get.

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