Saturday, 31 August 2013

Thoughts on Bachmann GBRf livery class 20

Bachmann's GBRf livery class 20 has now been released but how good is the model.

Warning: The opinions on this blog are solely my own


The box is the standard un ideal plastic packaging.


Moving onto the model we can see just how much of a brilliant job Bachmann have done on this model. It is pretty much like all their other class 20 mods. It has sprung buffers, NEM coupling sockets. and a very well accurate livery application (but more on that later).

Despite being the same tooling Bachmann have done one modification to this model and that is giving it a high intensity light on both ends (just like on the real one) The tablet catchers on the front are present as are window wipers.

The GBRf livery application as said earlier is spot on. Its the new livery with the curved lines and new GBRf livery logo added aswel. There is also painted bits on the bogies aswell so that will make the moaners very happy indeed.

The roof of the model is not that amazing but it is still very well detailed especially with a seperate grill with NO fan underneath it.

One problem with this model though is why the hell did Bachmann only make 20901?

What about 20905? Which is regularly paired with 901 yes occasionally 901 is paired with other 20's but for those that may want to collect GBRf livery locos including the 20's they may be dissapointed as only one has been made. However maybe in the 2014 range list they will make 905.

OVERALL: I don't plan to get this model but it still is a great model

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Thoughts on Bachmann 4F Fowlers

Not too long ago Bachmann released their 4F Fowler models one of which was a model of one of 4 preserved while the other two had Johnson/Deeley tenders but just how good are these models?

Warning: The opinions in this blog are solely my own 


As always Bachmann have used the now typical new, boring packaging which isn't that ideal really though thy people like it is beyond me but that is my opinion if i can have one in this day and age.


But it's the model that is the most interesting piece. As usual Bachmann have done an out of this world job of the model. The model has sprung buffers, NEM couplings, rivets (like it should do) and a brake pipe that has already been fitted as it saves people from having to stick it on themselves.

The tender has no rivets but then the Johnson tender in real life did not have any rivets on the tender. There is cab interior that IS painted in the Sherbet Dab (cockney rhyming slang for cab) which will shut all the moaners up! There are also lamp irons present and a brake pipe on the rear of the tender.

The LMS style lettering is accurate and are crisply printed aswell as the running numbers too. Pretty much the same level of detail as on the other side.

The cab has rivets and what looks like an opening cab roof vent (though its hard to tell) and also has removable coal unassumingly going to be made of metal as Bachmann's removable coal loads are made of that now which is quite pointless really.

OVERALL: A fantastic model and i look forward to purchasing one for myself.

Friday, 2 August 2013

More eBay items for sale: class47peter needs your help (again)

Well here are a few eBay items i left for sale


Metcalfe low relief pub and shop fronts

Buy It Now £10

Metcalfe Red brick terraced shop fronts

Buy It Now £10



Hornby Queen Elizabeth II loco. Has been renamed to Queen Elizabeth I

Buy It Now £20


Money made will go towards a Hornby Rebuilt West Country (as i've now found one) and a Hornby Q1 so far i've raised £130 but i need £170 in order to get both models so i need these items to sell.