Sunday, 8 September 2013

Double Thoughts: On Bachmann N class & class 08

The other today Bachmann's new N class and class 08 models were released but are the models any good as they look in the images?

Warning: The opinions in this blog are my own and don't effect Bachmann nor anyone else



The box having said several times over and over is the usual un ideal packaging. I prefer the old packaging i must admit (but that is just me).


Its obvious that Bachmann have not failed to put effort into this model. The weathering look on the model looks superb.

While the cab interior is not painted (though it can be painted yourself anyway) the model has sprung buffers, NEM sockets and all.

The fine handrails are present too aswell as the linning, emblem and running number being crisply printed. Not the mentoin all the link motion and valve gear.

This head on shot shows the lamp irons, rivets and handrails plus the running number on the front too.

This shot shows pretty much the same level of detail.

Perhaps my only problem is why is there NO coal load in the tender? If Bachmann could fit one in the tender with all there other steamers then why couldn't they do the same with the N class?
FINAL THOUGHTS: a good model i plan to get an N class (though not this model) but those i like the weathered ones this is the model for you!

The box is the usual standard ice cube (as i like to call it) packaging despite it being un ideal and unoriginal.


Well.. for a Bachmann 08 that may lack some detail that the Hornby one has but this one doesn't it is still damn well a great model!

The hazard warning stripes are very nicely and accurately painted. The wipers and warning signs are present and lights too.

The livery is the most eye catching thing. White wheel walls, Red side rods, White buffers with painted grease on them. Wow NO 08 from Hornby has ever appeared in a striking livery like this.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Great model and i eagerly look forward to buying one =D

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