Saturday, 19 October 2013

Bachmann Collett Goods: A pictorial review

Been quite a while since i last did a pictorial review so today i felt it was time for another but first.

Warning: The opinions in this blog are soley my own and don't affect anyone in the community


The box being tatty, old and worn is Bachmann's old style box before switching to the horrible plastic ice packaging. The box is empty to demonstrate.


No paperwork came with the model!


Bachmann have done an impressive job on the model giving it Rivets, seperate handrails (not moulded ones) a chimney with a brass cap and accurate painted BR Green application!

The buffers are sprung too as these photos demonstrate

BUT sprung buffers are just for play and don't really add much detail so thus i don't have much care for them.

The siderods and wheel arrangement are correct. The wheel arrangement being 0-6-0 (like the real loco) and the siderods are present and correct which have no link motion or valve gear (again like on the real counterpart) but the mechanism is very smooth with no grinding noises.

Not that this matters too much but Bachmann have also captured the gap under the boiler like on the real locomotive which adds more detail to this model.

The smokebox door has some nice detail with smokebox door handle, rivets, lampirons, shed plate, numberplate and a brakepipe.

The loco has a NEM socket (the dove tail connector) the coupling at the front wasn't present when i first got the loco but i had some spares in my spares box and used one of those.

Glazing is also present in all cab windows unlike the Mainline models that left the glazing out of the front windows.

There is also cab interior detailing though it wasn't painted when i received the model i have taken the liberty and done it myself proving its NOT rocket science to paint cab interiors yourself!


Bachmann have also done an excellent job of the tender rivets, accurate livery application and a well printed emblem.

The coal load wasn't or is removable but i've added a real coal load to the model to make it look more realistic.

Not much to say about the rear of the tender other than a brakepipe ,sprung buffers, lampirons and a rear lamp i added myself.

Wierdly though the rear coupling has no NEM socket which in my opinion is the one thing that lets the model down.

The frame of the tender has accurate placed springs and axle boxes and a water scoop underneath.

Let's not forget the faceplate. In short its good.


In my books the Collett Goods gets a 7/10 due to the none NEM socket on the tender. But this model is great all the same and i recommend if you are a GWR fan you get this model ;)

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