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class47peter on: MysteryQuest

In 2009 a spinoff on MonsterQuest was made titled MysteryQuest where a team of investigators in each episode examine various mysteries (or case files) from around the world the tagline of the show was ''What if everything you believe is wrong''

The series only ran for one series and that was the year stated above! for whatever reason no further season was made after that. The episodes made were:

Hitler's Escape (the most notable case finding, scroll down to see why)

Devil's Triangle

San Fransisco Slaughter

The Lost City of Atlantis

Alien Cover-Up

Rise of The Fourth Reich

Devil's Island

Jack The Ripper


Return of The Amityville Horror

10 episodes were made in total.

To date Hitler's Escape is the most notable case finding episode to date as it made news after the forensic exam performed by Nick Bellantoni and DNA testing by Linda Strausbaugh, Craig O Connor and Heather Nelson concluded that the skull that the Russian government possessess and purports to be Adolf Hitler's is actually from a women between 20 and 40 years of age. MonsterQuest may have rarely found things but this show never failed to provide something.

To be honest though its quite strange why the series ran for only ONE season what stopped them making others? Maybe it was because as it was the sister show of MonsterQuest that was later cancelled in 2010 that stopped them making another or more seasons of MysteryQuest but if that was the case what actually did stop them making the series bigger. There are so many more mysteries that could have been used maybe some about Cryptids etc.

But before anyone else jumps to conclusions no MysteryQuest isn't cancelled, i say this because it was never announced the show was cancelled so why don't they just continue with this sort of thing as there are loads of people out there interested in this sort of topic and it would keep them entertained. But in fairness i think that we may see shows like this returning to our screens why you may ask?

Its its simple MonsterQuest was cancelled so they could go in a different direction (in terms of programmes) but afterwards they said they may go back in this direction in the future and if they do theres the possibility they will continue on with this show and maybe re launch MonsterQuest or make a similar show but for now that remains debatable. Besides put it this way History channel would be a fool not to make shows like this again even if some people didn't like them they were still popular.

A few of the episodes produced have interested me and may found information of some sort:

Hitler's Escape (Stated above to be the notable case finding, and making it the possible best episode yet?)

The Lost City of Atlantis (found a stone wall under an ocean that was man made, although it is not revealed whether it points to Atlantis or not it is good evidence)

Jack The Ripper ( found information which all points to Francis Tumblety (a suspect) as being the possible killer)

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