Saturday, 19 October 2013

class47peter on: Trollied (REVISED)

After watching the rest of this seasons Trollied i've decided to revise my thoughts on it and lets just say i regret what i said before.......... But first

Warning: These opinions are my own GOT IT?

Well last time i did a post like this i ranted on about Trollied going on and on about ideas being done that were getting old and so on.... However that has all changed as this series has perked up.

To be fair the original post about the thoughts on this show were on the day when ONE bad Trollied episode aired and that was just because to be fare it didn't have any humorous content in it like all the other episodes have had.

For a start some cast characters have gone Kieron (who later returns in the last two episodes of this seasons show) and Andy it has also shown new characters introduced these being Richard and Anna oh and of course we get to see Neville's Wife, daughter and daughters boyfriend and lets not forget Dave and Ray.

For a fairly short time in episodes we had a clash between Julie and Anna over Gavin i know last time i complained about this saying it was getting old but in the second to last episode Anna leaves Gavin and in the last episode announces to Julie that Gavin loves her (Julie) this series also sees other characters getting promoted and so on.

In the last episode Richard finally leaves after his Valco better ideas flop especially when it comes to judges visiting to vote the supermarket best retailler that goes pair shaped and Gavin is back in his position as manager following Richard being abolished to being at Valco.

I really enjoyed this series of Trollied and i look forward to the next one

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