Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Thoughts on Bachmanns LMS 10000/10001 twins

After 3-4 years in the catalogue Bachmann have finally released their LMS 10000 & 10001 twins but how good are these models exactly?

Warning; These opinions are my own and don't affect Bachmann nor anyone else in the community


Well there isn't much to say about the box. I've gone through this many times and its the typical plastic packaging thats NOT exactly environment friendly.


We now come to the best thing, the model. As usual Bachmann have done a flawless job of the detail with sprung buffers, NEM sockets, seperately put on details, working lights etc.

The models side also has good detail with windows and seperatley added grills and handrails. The bogies are unpainted but they weren't painted in real life anyway.

The livery (BR Green) is spot on aswell as the BR Late crest added to both sides.

As for the roof we have a seperate grill with a fan under it that DOESN'T spin and exhausts and other various details and panels.

OVERALL: A stunner i won't be getting either rmodels. But for those waiting 3-4 years for these to come out will be chuffed (literally)

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