Saturday, 21 December 2013

Thoughts on: Heljan 2014 announcements

Heljan have announced three new locos in the recent issue of Hornby Magazine but what are those items they've announced?

Warning: The opinions in this blog are soley my own and don't affect Heljan or anyone else in the community

Well i haven't done a blogpost on Heljan before so i thought i would do one beings i've done plenty of blogposts on Hornby and Bachmann.

GWR 1366 0-6-0PT

The first announcement was a GWR 0-6-0PT Pannier Tank (as shown in the photo above) being honest i would have expected Bachmann to make one of these as they have made the 57xx and 8750 but its good that Heljan are make one so far we've got the 5700, 8750 and 2700 Panniers on the market now all we need is a 9400 Pannier tank i know Lima did one years before but it was an awful model. This will also be Heljans second steam locomotive (the first being the Garratt) i hope they make the preserved one though.

Gresley O2

Their third announcement was another steam locomotive which happens to be the Gresley O2. However this model had already been announced last year as i recall mentoin of it. They will be made in two versions these being BR Black with Late Crest and LNER Black and BR Black Early Emblem. One lot will have stepped tender and high running plate while the other lot will have flush tender and high running plate.

Metropolitian Railway Electric Bo-Bo

The third and final announcement turned out to be rather surprising but also it wasn't much of a surprise they these were going to be made in 00 Gauge form either (more on it later) Heljan have announced the Metropolitian Railways Bo-Bo Electric for 2014. This model will be welcomed by those that model in the London area. The identities of which models and how many will be made are unknown but one of which i think will be made is Sarah Siddons because its a preserved one and Heljan usually make models of the preserved loco (depending on which loco class they do) but also because it has been operating on the LU150 Anniversary events and considering theres lots out there that would like to own models of those locos then it makes perfect sense. But onto the reason why i don't think its much of a surprise these are to be made this year! well its all down to LU150 (in my opinion) nuff said.

I do plan on getting one of these preferably Sarah Siddons (if made) but im eager to see how they turn out.


The announcements are on the whole surprising and im sure they will sell well (better than Bachmann's GBRf 20 from what i here)

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