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Thoughts on: The Hornby 2014 Range

On December 16th 2013 as per every year (except 2012) Hornby announced their new range of products to be released the enxt year. This one being of corse the 2014 range, theres plenty to look forward too but what exactly have they announced?


The Gloucester City Pullman

 For the 2014 range Hornby are to release only one train pack being so named The Gloucester City Pullman they will consist of a Hornby 71000 DoG model and three pullman coaches but expect the loco to be the RailRoad model and not the super detail one.


Transrail class 60

Two diesels have been confirmed for the Digital Sound range this year this one being in the form of a Transrail livery class 60 number 60005.

The other diesel we will save for the diesel part of this blog post and talk about it then!


Brand new for 2014 is the Digital TTS Sound range which will include a unique sound decoder that not only provides superior DCC control but also dedicated sounds associated with the locomotives that have been installed with this new sound decoder. These new TTS (Twin Track Sound) locomotives have an amazingly low retail price for a fully DCC Sound locomotive. Each locomotive will have no fewer than sixteen sound functions specific to the chosen model, including whistle or horn, start up, idling, wheel slip if appropriate plus a host of other relevant sounds.

Duke of Gloucester

Duke of Gloucester is also to appear in this new range given these are low retailed in price it wouldn't surprise me if they use the RailRoad model.

Network Rail class 97

One of many Network Rail livery items (the others we will get to later) released for 2014 this one in the form of one of four class 97s owned by NR. Expect the RailRoad tooling to be used on the model. So far the model looks pretty decent.

BR Green class 40

Hornby's RailRoad tooling of class 40 brought out some years ago in BR Blue will return to the range but this time in a BR Green guise and given sound.

BR Blue Large Logo class 47

A class 47 will also be made even though the photo clearly shows a Lima model the model when released will more than likely be Hornbys own tooling of 47 now used in the Railroad Range used for the Northern Belle and Virgin 47s (dissapointingly)


60163 Tornado in its current Express Blue guise will also be imortailised for the range.

P2 Cock o The North


Of course Hornby's yet to be released P2 will also be made but again given these will be low budget priced models it will more than likely end up being the RailRoad model rather than the Super Detail one.


An A4 class Gadwall shall also appear Gadwall i think is a perfect choice as an engine like Mallard has been used lots more times than others like Gadwall have so that designation is exceptable.

Flying Scotsman

And unsuprisingly the last TTS Sound loco for the range turns out to be the more than popular 4472 Flying Scotsman in all honesty this was not a surprise the 4472 would feature giving how popular the engine is in this day and age.


Expect some of the 2013 locos to be in this list!!


Still not released from last year 2012s B17s will be released for next year.


Hornbys ever popular B1 models are also to be made this one being the very BR Black model that should have been released but never has or was!

GWR Heavy Tanks


Hornbys rather UN popular Heavy Tanks will be released next year these will include the 72XXs

They will be released in a variety of liveries (the 72XXs) as seen in the photos

And of course the 52XXs which will be in a variety of liveries as seen in the photos.

The Great Goodbye

Very surprisingly aswell as the Great Gathering Hornby will also be doing the Great Goodbye but this just seems abit lazy all its gonna be requiring is the rebranding of boxes, using different certificates and there you are.
      class N15 Sir Sagramore


  A still yet to be released model from 2013 in the form of a Southern livery class N15 named Sir Sagramore.

LNER A4 Great Snipe

     Another supposedly 2013 range model is Great Snipe in LNER Garter Blue livery.

    LNER A3 Book Law

 Not sure if this was a 2013 release but as i don't seem to remember Hornby announcing it           last year  than it quite obviously is a 2013 model. Nice to see the Super Detail A3s not being forgotten about.

BR 4-6-0 British Monarch

Time for a 2013 range Western Machine, unsure of what loco class this is but im 99% certain its a Churchward Star class giving it resembles one.

GWR 4-6-0 Hall classes

Three Hornby Halls (that were never released last year) will also be done these being Rood Ashton, Olton and Adderley Hall Olton Hall appears in GWR Green rather than the fictious livery it carried in the Harry Potter films but then giving they don't make those films anymore its no surprise why they chose GWR Green.

GWR 2-8-0 2800 Class

Two of these iconic (in my opinion) locos will be made only the one is being shown as both of them will be in the SAME livery!

Caerphilly Castle (NRM Special)

As an NRM excusive Caerphilly Castle will be made. Nice to see that a Legend of the GWR (in my opinion) shall be appearing in model form and a Super  Detail one too.

Coronation Class City of Bradford



A firm favourite from Hornby, Theres no doubt about it the Coronation (Duchess class) has been popular among modellers since the day it was released and this year Hornby shall be making three the first being Bradford in LMS Maroon.

Coronation Class City of Liverpool

And theres this one City of Livrpool in BR Brunswick Green

Thompson class O1

A must buy from Hornby (despite me not yet owning one) this one was meant to be a 2013 release but like many never got released.


One of the four new tooling of steam locos this year the first being a D16 that will appear in pre 1948 livery and two forms of Early BR Black.

SR Schools Class Epsom

BR Black SR Schools class Epsom shall also be made!

Duchess of Sutherland and Support Coach

Right we now get down to the first train pack of this section that will be Duchess of Sutherland and her support coach a first for any company to do so as i dare say many have anted to recreated scenes like this whether its just the loco pulling the coach around the layout or 46233, the support coach and a railtour. The possibilities are endless with this pack.
Evening Star

Probably the least most interesting release mainly because this model has been released countless times though i hope they will update the body abit. Yes it did look good when it first came out but compared to new models it looks rather old.
WWI GWR Troop train pack

 This train pack will feature one of Hornbys GWR Stars and three Celerestory coaches.
NCB Hunslet Austerity

The Hunslet Austeritys (not J94s) have been and gone from the range and have appeared in many different liveries and will NOW be released in NCB despite them doing an NCB livery one previously for Wimblebury.

The second of four new tooling steam locos for next year appears in the form of a J15 a loco the many have been crying out for. This loco will appear both in pre 1948 livery and in Early BR Black.

We've had a K3 from Bachmann and now we are about to have a K1 from Hornby. This model will appear in both Early and Late BR Black. Good choice Hornby
M7 SR Black and LSWR (NRM)
Two M7s shall be making their way back into the range also!

 In all honesty im rather glad these liveries are being made because upon after when they were first released Hornby kept bringing them out year after year in the same liveries (BR Black and Olive Green) Southern Black and LSWR are two liveries then never touched back then and while i do question what took them this long its nice these liveries haven't been ignored.


Delayed from the previous year (SR Black) the second latter gets released along with a BR Black example would've been nice to go for Olive Green also as they only did the livery once as an NRM special but maybe within time.
GNR & BR N2s
Meant to have been released last year are these two! GNR and BR livery N2s the first of which remains on my wishlist still from lastyear to get. Hopefully we will get them this year.
SR West Country OkeHampton


 No introduction for this as this is a delayed model from last year and theres not much to mentoin.
SR 700 Class

The final of four new tooled steam locos for next year is the SR 700 which in terms of design it does resemble a Collett Goods. Will be interesting to see how this model turns out though.
L1 Thompson Tankies

Both of these liveries have been done before on these locos many times one other livery they could do is BR Black but WITHOUT the emblems or crests and instead having BRITISH RAILWAYS onthe sides. That would be nice to see.
Tyseley Connection train pack

To finish off the steam section we see the final train pack which will feature a GWR Hall class and three MK1s expect the coaches to be the RailRoad models.


Hornby will release a total of three 2 BILs next year two in Green (Malachite and Southern) one will be in BR Blue. Not surprising a BR Blue BIL is to be made as it was only a matter of time beings as soon as the tooling is brought out others will be released.

Not much of an introduction for the 2 HAL because of it looking identical to the 2 BIL so we shall move on! First impressions it will be interesting to see if Hornby swipe some of the BIL tooling though!
class 43 HSTs

Two packs of these class 43 Power cars are to be made firstly the Intercity Executive and the BR Intercity although the first one was delayed from the previous year there are still a few other liveries Hornby could've gone for such as Midland Mainline the old liveries of First Great Wester etc.
Network Rail class 08

Network Rails 08417 clags its way for its release in 2014. Its intersting to note that in real life this loco previously carried Serco and thats the livery they bought one 08 out in a while back plus it carried the SAME number! Its nice to see a fresh livery on an 08 rather than just seeing BR Green, Blue etc.

BR Class 60 Sub Sector/Coal Sector


Another class 60 will pave its way for 2014 this time this one is in Sub Sector/Coal Sector livery. I do plan on this livery class 60 to get so i may wait for this one to be released.

Colas Rail class 56- normal and DCC Sound

 Heres the second Digital Sound diesel that will also be availble as a normal model without sound! and its a Colas Rail livery class 56. While im extremely happy Hornby have made one its also the number of 56094 my personal favourite 56. This loco is now on my wishlist to get and i eagerly await its release. Also i had a strong feeling they would make this livery of 56 and they hav! coincidence much?
BR Blue Large Logo class 56
 Also Hornby will bring out the delayed BR Large Logo class 56 that was originally earmarked for a 2013 release!
DCR class 31

 Another loco on my wishlist to get is 31452 in DCR livery and its a loco that in reality doesn't get out much but once in my collection it shall do :P

 This will be the delayed 2013 planned release of the Eurostar despite it being in new livery it will now be done in the original because they stated on Twitter that livery wasn't confirmed and that they would do this livery instead. Why they announced it in a livery that still hasn't been confirmed yet in the first place is beyond me.
BR class 50s


Two class 50s shall also be announced these will be in BR Large Logo  Blue livery but with black roofs. One will be named Vanguard and the other will be Ajax.

Royal Sovereign class 67

Okay two class 67s are confirmed for the 2014 range the other being ATW livery but as that one was released last year i don't need to go into details of that one. With this one it was only a matter of time until this one (Royal Sovereign) got released and i reckon Queens Messenger will get released in 2015 (but thats a prediction rather). This one is exclusive to Hornby Direct though not sure what that is but why its an exclusive is sligtly questionable as people have asked for this on Hornbys forum.


Crosti boilered 9F

As part of the Railroad range Hornby will be releasing a Crosti boiler version of the 9F both in Early and Late BR Black. Though i won't be buying either models its the first time anyone has made a crosti boiler 9F availble for the market. Im surprised they haven't released one for the ordinary range though.

BR class 55 Deltic

The Deltic is somewhat a dissapointment because its one they released in the RailRoad range years before eing St Paddy and they've made it again. I would've like to have seen Royal Scots Grey but then beggers can't be choosers.

LMS Black Midland Compound

Although i prefer Bachmanns Midland Compound this one is just as good especially for those that start off the hobby. It wouldn't be a surprise to have not seen this though given they used the tooling for 1000 so they were bound to bring out this one and maybe others in the future.

Bradshaw Patriot

Not much to see about Hornbys RailRoad Patriot although it DOES use the tooling they used when they first brought them out all those years ago (believe it was either the 80s or 90s) BUT i would love to see them make a Super Detail version.

County of Hants

In 2007 (i think) Hornby first released this rather good model (in my opinion) and only a few years back it was put into the RailRoad range then it was in GWR Green and now it shall appear in BR Brunswick Green. Next we could get BR Black.

County of Devon 4-4-0

Another County class this time the 4-4-0 is also to be made this one named County of Devon. Given so far they've only been seen in the ranges in GWR Green i'd like to see Brunswick or even BR Black lined.

Br class 42 Warship

Thruster (as this Warship is named) will be done next year also. Its nice to see more of Limas tooling and as its so far appeared in BR Green and now Maroon we could have BR Blue next!

NRM class 08

A class 08 shall also be done this one will be one of the 08s preserved at the NRM hence the livery it appears in has NRM on the sides (like the preserved one does) but it doesn't surprise me that this livery of 08 has been put in the Raiload range as not many people would build an NRM layout and given this range is for the youngsters its not hard to see why this livery of 08 is in the RR range.

Bagnall shunter

Another shunter that will be appearing in the range next year will be a Bagnall shunter that seemingly has a modified bodyshell from a class 06.

BR class 31

They first used the Lima tooling in 2012 and within a one year gap they are to make another in Civil Engineers (Dutch) Livery. Although im happy they went for a livery i saw on a regular basis back in my childhood days the livery isn't entirely spot on. The grills should be black as of the cab ends and doors and the shade of grey for the body is wrong. The shade of grey for the roof is spot on.

Golden Shuttle A4

ANOTHER A4 for the range this time being Golden Shuttle. Not much to say here so we shall move on.

BR Intercity MKIIs: Open,composite and brake coaches

Now Hornby have also confirmed these for the ordinary range so i shall only mentoin them this time only. Nice to see Hornby make a fresh set of tooling for these rather than the Airfix/Lima ones they used years before.


68ft Restaurant coach

This type of coach has been fairly popular since it first came out (unsure of the year) but its fare to say it comes and goes a fair bit though i would like to see it appear in SR Green not sure if it did appear in that livery but then i don't know much about this type of coach anyway.

Arriva MK3s and DVT

Well ever since the ATW 67 was released last year people wanted these to be released so it doesn't surprise me they are being made next year. The livery seems way too dark compared to that of the 67 but it could just be lighting of the photo though.

MKIs BR Maroon and Choco/Cream

These are also to appear in the RailRoad range also! but these coaches (compared to my experience with the Your Model Railway Village issue series) wasn't that good and the build quality was abscent but it may improve when released (lets hope).

Network Rail MK3s

Well Hornby have done well with Network Rail items this year! first an 08, then a 97 and now these! these will go with the class 43 powercars and the other two MK3s they released in 2011 (i think) would be nice if the black roofs appear on these though rather than light grey.

Intercity Swallow MKIIs: Open, composite and brake coaches

Okay i know i said i weren't going to mentoin these but Hornby shall also be doing them in Intercity Swallow livery. Nothing to mentoin as its been done above in the RailRoad range section!

Night Riveria Sleeper MK3s

I know these look the same but they have different numbers and product codes. And those that own the Arriva 57 will be happy to have the loco running with these.

Virgin MK3s (weathered)

Okay Hornby haven't released a Virgin HST this year but they have in the past so these are acceptable despite that being pristine and these weathered but we could have a Virgin class 43 powercar weathered set next though.

Intercity Swallow MK3s

As stated above these have been done in the past aswell as the powercars so thats fine!

Intercity Executive MK3s

Again this livery has been done before so nothing wrong here.

Midland Mainline MK3s

Now these are weird (not the livery) but the fact that Hornby are releasing this livery of MK3s when they haven't released Midland Mainline powercars especially this year. Now they have done this livery years ago but they never did it on the premium Powercars so to release these but NO powercars in the livery is somewhat rather odd.

Camping coach MK1

Don't exactly know what a Camping Coach is but im sure its to do with a coach that takes people around to camping holidays. And thats something that would be nice to do having a single loco pulling this one coach taking people around to various places to camp. Its something i wouldn't mind doing myself actually.

Northern Belle coaches

The Northern Belle coaches (delayed from 2012 and 2013) will be made though i ask whats happened to the trainpack? as Hornby haven't listed it for next years range!

Gresley Suburbans

These coaches shall be done also.

BR Brake full BR Blue

The full brake shall be done aswell its appeared in Maroon and Choco/Cream (i think) and now its in BR Blue so next it could be SR Green.

Brighton Belle coaches

To go with the units the coaches will be done of course.

Eurostar coaches

Two more of the Eurostar's coaches will be done also to go with the Eurostar.

Parcel coaches

Two of the (assumed) RailRoad coaches will be used to make parcel coaches one in Choco/Cream and the other in Maroon

SR Push Pull coaching stock

They've be done in a trainpack and they are about to be released seperatley including one on its own.

SR Olive Green coaches

These are the new RailRoad style coaches that will be done in SR Olive Green. Nice to see they've gone for this livery. Next they could be done in BR Blue/Grey, Regional Railways, NSE etc.

Thompson Coaches

Three of the LNERs Thompson coaches will be released one being a lavatory, the other a composite and the other a brake coach.


2014 wagon

The 2014 wagons consists of Hornbys regular standard 7 plank wagon.

Trout ballast wagons


Two of Hornbys Trout ballast wagons will be done in standard Green would've liked them to have been Civil Engineers but maybe next year!

Tippler wagons

Two Tippler wagons will be done one in Civil Engineers (or atleast its a similar livery to said livery) and a standard grey one.


One PGA has made it into the 2014 Range despite only releasing one those that wish for a full rake can buy as many of this one as they want. I won't get it but it looks decent.

Macaw Bogie Bolster

This nice looking bogie bolster will also be made and with a few loads availble from Hornbys Skaledale range (though not from this years) they will help to make all the difference on your layout.

Barrier van

Tooling taken from the fish vans and a Barrier van will be done. I really rather like the weathered and tatty condition of this van aswell as the BR double arrows logo on the side.

Clam wagon

One of Hornbys Clam wagons has also been announced and i like how they've improved the weathering on this one abit too.

Rudd wagon

A new wagon (Rudd) has also been released and i like the weathering on this one. Maybe a wagon to go for to complete my rake of wagons for my class 26 but i'll wait to see how it actually turns out first.

Fish vans x3

As a three pack Hornby will also release these fish wagons. Nuff said

ECC MGR Hoppers

These wagons will be made in Super Detail style (pun intended) when they first released these ECC wagons they weren't super detailed and this is the first time since bringing out super detail MGR wagon tooling that they've been released.

Lime wagons

Two of these Lime wagons and also been green litted for release i have two and they're okay models even if all they did was take basic plank wagons made roofs and there you go.

Mogo van

Plank wagons

Several Plank wagons shall be released

GWR Shunters trucks

Despite being released last year Hornby will also do a few more shunters trucks. I have yet to own one though Bachmann are also to release some so it will be interesting to see how they compare to these.


These two tankers will also be made. Nuff said as there isn't that much to say about them.



A few brakevans will be made these being a Shark brakevan and two 20t brakevans being (assuming) new tooling


No photos will be used for this section mainly because of my motivation. But the Skaledale range looks fairly decent with the low relief products, lamp huts and crossing hut etc. Somethings are to be looked forward to in this range


Overall the Hornby 2014 Range looks rather promising even though we're still waiting for products from 2012 and 2013 the range still looks good (in my opinion). But in all honesty its the Colas 56 and DCR 31 that are my main interests and i WILL be getting them.





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