Sunday, 2 March 2014

Thoughts on: Heljans Retooled class 33

A the end of last month Heljan retooled the class 33 models releasing two of which. One in Civil Engineers and another in trainload Grey. But are the models up to standard?

Warning: The opinions in this blog are my own and don't affect Heljan or anyone else in the community!


The packaging is the new Heljan packaging (plastic) replacing the foam packaging they used once upon a time.


Well its safe to say these models ARE up to standard especially since the previous 33s they bought out weren't very good so a much better job has been done this time. Atleast this model LOOKS like a Crompton.

This version being Sea King (one of the preserved ones) is absolutely stunning! The livery is accurately applied to the model. All the bufferbeam detail has been pre fitted already this time. Also the detail above the buffers (not sure what they are) has been seperately detailed and adds to the realsim of the model.

The handrails are seperately fitted too and the wipers on the windows (yhough they were on the previous 33 models released) also i think there is working lights too on some of the 33s they didn't have working lights.

The bogie detail is fab with footsteps axle boxes, springs etc. The fuel tank (not much to say really) is nicely detailed along with a dial too! Also the model carries a symbol showing a picture of a Spitfire which is the shed plate for Eastleigh meaning its an Eastleigh based loco or atleast it WAS in the heyday.

And lastly the roof and in my opinion it looks better than the previous 33 model complete with a roof fan and exhaust and white plate on the roof which makes the roof stand out which is good.

OVERALL: A fantastic model and i can't wait to own one myself  =D

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Thoughts on: The Heljan LMS Garratt

A few days ago Heljan released there first Steam Locomotive which turned out to be the long anticipated LMS Garratt BUT for the first steam loco for them to make just how good is it?

Warning: The opinions in this blog ARE my own and don't affect Heljan or anyone else in the community!

Now don't get me wrong as much of a beast this looks to some this locomotive really ISN'T my cup of tea, I've never really been a fan of the Garratt locomotive myself and so thus won't be buying this model. For there first Steam Loco though it isn't bad!


The box is the new packaging now used by Heljan and also Hornby and Bachmann, the plastic packaging rather than the foam packaging once used by Heljan.

The model itself looks very good! I like the addition of the lamps on both ends of the locomotive which adds to detail but also realism. All the valve gear, link motion and side rods are all in the right places and look professional and up to the standards by Bachmann and Hornby.
                     The style of the LMS lettering and numbering is pretty much spot on!

This top view shows all the detail on the top of the loco (of course) which looks pretty good

              Another top view of the loco. I should point out im not sure how fragile the handrails are but they look identical to those on the Hornby P2 and Duke of Gloucester. They look alright but even though im unsure how fragile they are at the price of this loco im sure they are robust enough to be handled without braking.

The buffers look sprung so it will satisfy those that like them, the handrails on the front are like the others and are put on seperately and NOT moulded aswell as a few rivets and lamp irons and a chain link coupling on the hook.

Heres a large close up of the said chain link coupling. Looks good but may get in the way of adding a tension lock coupling. Still looks good though.

    Some more rivets visable and a builders plate aswell as a closer look at all the connecting rods! BTW all wheels in the photos do look flanged :)

        OVERALL: Not a bad start on steamers from Heljan and who knows maybe one of the others they release will be one i get ;)  Overall they have a model that looks good even if i don't particually like this class of loco.