Sunday, 20 July 2014

Thoughts on: Bachmanns 2014 Range

Today (20/7/14) Bachmann announced their 2014 range list. How good is the range?

Warning: These are MY opinions and don't affect Bachmann or anyone else in the community

First off a class 90 was confirmed which looks to be one of the main highlights of the range. I won't be getting one but it will be interesting to see how they turn out.

Although it was announced last year Bachmanns H2 Atlantic was on the list. It will be released either next year or this year. This is one product from this years range that i DEFFINITELY would like to get.

Bachmann also announced some SECR Birdcage coaching stock.

Bachmann also confirmed some Narrow Gauge stuff aswell but the list was only short these items being a Baldwin Class 10-12-D and some Open Bogie Wagons.

And finally Bachmann announced some scenecraft items.

A Container crane was one of them.

A Power Station layout was also confirmed aswell.

And also a System-Built Post-War Station which looks like the station building seen at Walsall station to me.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Overall in my opinion with the exception of the H2 Atlantic and the Power Station layout this years range is abit of a dissapointment

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