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Thoughtson: Bachmanns 2014 Range extras

Today eHattons confirmed some more items for the Bachmann 2014 Range. Although the range has perked up and gotten more interesting than it was before what exactly are those items they've confirmed?

Warning: These opinions are my own and don't affect Bachmann or anyone else in the community

Boats and Civils

Now don't get me wrong this model of a fishing model is a nice little model at that but at the price of £46 odd quid NO THANKYOU. I've gotten little models of fishing boats from seaside souvenir shops for less than this one.

Bridges, tunnels and walls

We have a double track overroad bridge and some stone walls with gates. Not much to say really :P

General Buildings

A total of eighteen general buildings will be made ranging from outhouses, a victorian school, low relief buildings a milk depot etc.

Railway Buildings

The following railway related items in the pictures have been confirmed

There was also a Narrow Gauge station aswell but because of no picture its why its not in this blog. These and the general buildings all look quite good in terms of detail.


Several coaches will be made also for this year

Firstly a pair of 57ft corridor coaches both a brake and composite. They will look grand with the L&YR class 5.

A weathered Olive Green period coach is up next. A pristine one was released in the past and so those that have that one or plan to get it (me not one of them) a weathered one is about to make its way to model shops.

A couple or BR Blue/Grey MK 1s will be released. However they've been released in the past and will be re released. Detail hasn't changed but they out shine the RailRoad MK 1s.

Some Maroon MK1s will also be released.

A weathered Olive Green full brake will also be coming out.

For me this is the most interesting. Bachmann have never released the Departmental Yellow composite brake before. Hornby released them in the past and now Bachmann are to do so. It will certainly be something for me to consider because it will go well with the brakedown crane i haveand will save me having to use the track cleaner coach in the same livery.

Wagon Loads

A few wagon loads will be coming out at some point. I prefer the real wagon loads because they are more realistic as proposed to these.

Diesel Locos

Two BR Blue class 47s will be released but oddly both will have the same number! One will be pristine and will have DCC Sound fitted while the other will be weathered. Even though both images show the pristine version.

20118 Saltburn-By-The-Sea will be immortalized in the range. While its nice to see this model being available as it runs on the mainline in real life its bizarre that 20132 thats paired with this one hasn't being made. Its the same case with 20301 last year. Made without 20305 (its sister loco) why make one of these locos without the other its paired with? That is somewhat questionable.

Three class 08 Gronks will also be done and in a variety of liveries too.

Firstly theres 08818 in BR Blue livery with weathering, 13287 in BR Plain Green and more striking is 08907 in DB Schenker Red. 08907 is a loco stabled at Bescot and if looked closely you will see the Bescot saddle plaque logo on the door. Although im pleased a loco stabled at my local station will be made im more interested in 13287. Not sure if i will get it though.

Four class 37 Tractors will be made also

First off theres 37405 in DRS Compass livery, 37706 in Railfreight Petroleum livery, 37796 in Coal Sector livery which will have DCC Sound (a slight disappointment) and 37421 in Colas Rail livery. Of all 37s to be made i will be looking at getting 37412 though im surprised a Colas 70 isn't being made though maybe in due course (not this year) they will announce one in that livery.

Finally there will be one class 25 made too.

25286 in BR Blue with Domino Headboard will be the lucky Rat that gets made for this year.


Two DMUs will be made in the form of the Modern Era classes 170 and 171

Personally though i won't get either models (not a fan of either of these units) its CrossCountry 170521 with Weathering that looks decent. Theres something about 171727 in Southern Livery that looks odd in terms of the tooling.

Lighting Equipment

Although not working lights these will be released at some point

There in the form of both Modern Street lamps and Wooden post lamps.Personally though i prefer the working street lights that are on my layout (will have to get a blog post done on that)

Man made scenic structure (non railway)

The following items pictured are the ones that will be made.

The pavements don't interest me in the slightest because they are bland and i can make my own that won't cost a thing. The tent is interesting aswell as the water tower (though won't buy) the coal staithes.

Man Made structure (railway)

The following pictured items will be released

Although i won't get either of these releases they do look good but i hope in detail once released they will be as just as good as shown in the pictures.


World War I Soldiers and Nurses will be made for the people in the Scenecraft range.

Again i won't be getting these either but the detail is very good. They look more like realistic people compared to the figures that the likes of Hornby and a few others do.

Steam Locos

There will also be a variety of Steam Locomotives immortalized.

A couple of Dukedogs will be made which was only a matter of time before others where made once the tooling was bought out. I won't get wither because i already have one and the one i have is the one im happy with.

A L&YR class 5 in LMS Crimson and BR Lined Black will be released also

Again it was only a matter of time before others where made once the tooling came out. I don't have one in my collection because i never considered one in the first place but the LMS Maroon one is one i WANT.

As for the BR one its a no go for me.

An LMS Patriot will also be made.

                                              Nuff said

Then there will be a couple of LNER A2 Pacifics

Theres 60529 Pearl Diver and 60536 Trimbush both of which will be released in BR Brunswick Green livery.

Two GWR Modified Halls are to be released into the range.

Both of them 6965 Thirlestaine Hall and 7904 Fountains Hallwill benefit from weathering although changes aren't unlikely as one pristine announced model can be released with weathering. Its happened before so who knows maybe one of these will benefit from pristine condition.

One BR Standard 3MT Tank will be made. They've been released countless times so its nothing new to really talk about here.Same with the Patriot

Two LMS 3F Jinties will also appear in the range

Again these have been released many times so there isn't anything new to talk about here.

And last but not least for the steamers are the return of the Fairburn tanks

They haven't appeared in the range for several years now and will be making a comeback. Three will be made. Two weathered and one pristine but again like with the Halls changes in production are not unlikely.


And the last topic to talk about is wagons

Three GWR Toad vans will be released. Two in GWR Grey one pristine and one weathered whilst the other will be in an unusual Departmental Yellow scheme which looks toy like to me.

Of course there will be some wagon packs appearing these being Plank wagons.

The favourite 16 ton steel mineral wagon in weathered scheme will appear too

A couple of weathered RailTrack AutoBallasters will appear also

Maybe the Network Rail Yellow ones could be next (not that i'd get them of course)

The twin double deck IPA car transporters will appear this time in weathered scheme... Ooooh. How very not interesting

Container flats.. New tooling i imagine will be released

                                                               Not Bothered :L

And finally... Barrier coaches?!?!?!?

Why these got put in the wagons category is beyond me because they are by all means NOT wagons they are COACHES. They should have been put in the coaches category not wagons.

So tats it..........

Until next time........Bog off

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