Thursday, 14 August 2014

Off on a Summer holiday!

Right here is something a little bit different instead of having to read posts based on my opinions and thoughts on things (something this blogs been used for recently)

But here we have an announcement! Ooooh

Next week i shall not be here as i will be away for a week in Tenby in South Wales for a weeks holiday so there shall be no blogposts or any new videos from me during that week.

However i plan to still plan to keep in contact with you lot during that week via Twitter using the Nokia Lumia 520. However theres no guarantees or promises as it all depends on WiFi connection so its basically guess work.

I do plan to bring back some content with me to upload to YouTube. During the holiday i will be visiting the Vale of Rheidol Railway and Dean Forest Railway two preserved lines i've been meaning to visit so that will be good.

I MAY  also do a Vlog or two but if i go ahead with the idea it won't happen everyday and they will only come around when theres something interesting to talk about and if they are done there will be no editing software so there will be simple and basic videos.

Plus when im on holiday i will be visiting a model shop called The Albatross and i will be purchasing a Hornby Premium class 43 HST

As a matter of fact i've got one reserved for me at the said shop. I'll be purchasing the Virgin Trains one originally i considered the Intercity livery but i never grew up with the executive version as it was a 70s - 80s livery and i wasn't born til 1994 almost putting me in my early 20s (as i will be 20 this year) the only of two Intercity liveries i would have seen is the Swallow livery which is not a colourful livery by all means. The reason for the Virgin one is because its a livery i DID grow up with when i was little i even have footage of them from my dads old camera from those eras lying around somewhere (will have to dig em out) Virgins Red and Grey is probably one of the best liveries of HSTs out there just a shame it faded away once they were withdrawn. And besides the Virgin HST would look ace with the Virgin 47 and MK2s i have and to see them running round the layout passing by each other would bring back nostalgic memories indeed.

I also hope to find some MK3s whilst im down there too to go with the Powercars.

So with all that said i'll see you all in a few weeks time in terms of blogposts

Tenby here i come! 

Until next time................

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