Saturday, 2 August 2014

Thoughts on: Rapido Trains APT-E

A while back Rapido Trains announced their first ever Model Railway product which will be made in 00 gauge. The product itself has turned out to be the gas turbine APT-E

Warning: The opinions in this blog are that of my own and don't affect Rapido Trains or the community

For one thing im very glad this will be made into model form. The only APT that was on the market previously was the APT-P and that was made by Hornby. I don't and have never owned one but they looked descent for what you got.

Now Rapido Trains have announced the APT-E The experiemental gas turbine ill fated APT that has set a record for the speed of 152.3 MPH. Although i have by all means no plans on getting this i have to ask why its being made an exclusive for the NRM which will be sold at Shildon where the real APT-E is housed.

The model would've been better off as a regular model on the market availble to buy from model shops in my opinion but it looks like Rapidos first model will be an exclusive. I just hope future releases from them won't be exclusives and will be availble to buy from shops.

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