Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Pictorial Review: Hornby LMS 4P Fowler Tank

Looking at the second latest acquisation to my ever growing fleet of locomotives we have the Hornby 4P Fowler Tank in the beautiful LMS Maroon livery.

Before i do heres a warning!

The opinions in this blog don't affect anyone in the community nor do they reflect the opinions of others


Lets get the box out the way. The box is the old Hornby polystyrene box with a finger hole in the back. I don't like this packaging. Despite what i said in the last review i do prefer the Bachmann polystyrene box over Hornby's because with Bachmann the polystyrene was softer and easier to get the model out of with Hornby this isn't the case as proved when i tried to get this out the box which wasn't easy!


Excuse this picture being upside down! The Hornby bog standard instructions are like with every other model are included. It contains the usual stuff but i won't be going into it.


In the detail pack we get a NEM coupling to go on the front of the loco aswell as a screw, a chain link coupling for added detail and of course the front footsteps for what else but the front of the loco.


So now we get to the model which in this photo is wrapped in tissue paper which i don't like. Sometimes it is all teared up and shredded or sometimes the model isn't even rapped in it. If you are going to use it you might aswell use it when its neat and not all shredded up. Excuse the bent brakepipe and the polystyrene balls this was all taken care of as you will see in the next photos.

With the tissue paper removed we can see the livery and detail on this model more easily and clearly too. Firstly we have a brakepipe on the front which has been factory fitted which i am glad about to be honest.

The LMS lettering and numbering is spot on! The livery and linning is stunning and is also spot on and ust look at the maroon wheels with the yellow linning it makes the model stand out a tad more. The link motion, well just look at it, its perfect. Of course you have the cab steps aswell.

On the bufferbeam we have sprung buffers, rivets on the bufferbeam, linning and a coupling hook present. There are also lampirons on the bufferbeam too.

The smokebox door has a lampiron, handrail and the running number on the front.

The front cab windows have glazing and there is the whistles and safety valves present and made of turned brass. There are rivets on the cab roof and there is also a cab roof vent which doesn't open but then again it doesn't really need to.

There of course is a dome present and the water filler caps on top of the side tanks. There is also washout plugs present too.

The rear of the locomotive (or should i say bunker) as sprung buffers, a NEM coupling, a brakepipe, handrail and lampirons aswell as a coupling hook.

In the coal bunker is of course a coal load. It isn't removable but that said i have never seen a tank engine that comes with removable coal which is something i think they ought to do i mean they do that for tenders so why not bunkers? I suppose you could still add your own coal load if you wanted too but i will not because it might ust perhaps be a tad high then.

Lets bring up the cab detail. To say the least as you can see in this picture the cab detail is painted. You could add a driver and fireman in there if you wanted to do so. Also note the rivets on the side of the cab too. Oh and i forgot to mentoin the handrails in the cab doorway too.

On this side of the smokebox you get some pipework which is painted which adds to the detail. Theres also rivets on the smokebox on both sides and i should mentoin the handrails on both sides too.

So overall this is a stunning model. It gets a recommendation from me and if you don't have one of these in your collection then you have got to get hold of one of these. Pick the livery you like and then get it! As for running peformance... well... she runs B E A U T I F U L L Y

You will have to watch the video review on my YouTube channel to see her running though.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Kdeo9FbFk8

Rating: 8/10

Until next time...... When i do the blog post on adding coal in a locomotives tender.

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