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Thoughts on: Felix the cat 1959 TV show

Usually i don't do any blog posts related with TV shows but since i have done it with Monster Quest, Mystery Quest and Trollied i thought i would share my thoughts on a TV show that i hate beings the last shows i covered where shows that i liked.

But first here is the usual warning!

Warning: The opinions in this blog are solely that of my own and don't reflect the opinions of anyone else nor do they affect the community

                                                        Title card for the show

No offence to the people that are fans of the show but there are several reasons on why i dislike this show. Firstly the episodes are unfunny now i have not seen every episode of the show but to the ones i have seen they haven't gotten a laugh or a giggle out of me, secondly the episodes are poorly and in some cases terribly written to the point where they make no sense. Thirdly why did they feel the need to make changes to the show let alone replace some of the cast with new characters in terms of changes i am talking about Felix's voice and his magic bag. Don't get me wrong i can see why they gave him the need to talk in this show but the original Felix didn't speak given the fact they were silent black and white films but for Felix's voice i can't say i like it because i do not think it suits him its almost as if he sounds like Mickey Mouse. As for his magic bag why does he need it? There is no explanation to where it came from or how he got it and it has been like that since the first episode titled the Magic Bag where the bag is just there. Plus the original Felix never had a magic bag at any point so why does Felix need to have one here? It just feels like a pointless notion.

To help support my point on what i have said about the show i am going to review two episodes being Felix the cat suit and Stone making machine as these are believe me true examples of episodes that don't make sense let alone poorly written ones. Sorry if i am being harsh but these are my views and opinions and this is the way i feel about the show. For granted most of the critics didn't like this show either and i am sure there are others that don't like this show either so i can't say i am the only one who dislikes it.

Felix the cat suit:

Firstly lets begin with Felix the cat suit we will get onto Stone making machine later.

The episode begins with Felix sleeping in his bed when a cockerel wakes him up followed by his alarm clock why his clock can't go off like a normal one would as opposed to having the clock blow through a trumpet is beyond me. Felix goes back to sleep and just as he does so the Professor looks in on him through the bedroom window.

The professor some then manages to sneak into Felix's house now how he did it is unknown either Felix left the door open or he never locks it or the professor broke into his house regardless which ever one is the case just remember people this is a kids show and they have shown the professor enter Felix's home when the latter is still sleeping will this teach kids breaking into homes is okay.

The professor peers through the key hole of the door of Felix's bedroom and notices his magic bag on a stool it is here where the animation can be choppy because earlier on in the episode there was a window next to Felix with some curtains and a blind but in this shot it has been replaced with a door with a key hole in.

The professor then takes out a costume of Felix and puts it on but then fills it with air by pumping air into it using a foot pump which makes the professor dressed as Felix look fat. This is ust the start of where the episode doesn't make sense first of all why does professor need to dress up as Felix? why can't he just open the door to Felix's bedroom and take the bag he barged an entry by just entering his house so why couldn't he do the same here because then he would have gotten the bag in seconds especially because Felix was asleep at the time. Add to that if the professor had to dress up as Felix why did he need to pump air in to it to make Felix look fat? When Felix sees the professor dressed as Felix through his mirror which he is unaware of at that point he makes no reaction to thinking he has suddenly gained weight. As for the professors rhyming in this scene it is pointless and therefore wasn't even needed. This was a scene that had no impact or affect on the story so they might aswell have had it removed.

The professor then walks into Felix's room and using a screwdriver takes away the mirror where the screwdriver came from is beyond me but then if say he had it in his pocket how did he manage to fetch it out with that costume on? Also the eyes on the Felix costume blink which is odd considering when someone puts on a costume the eyes on the suit therefore cannot blink. Felix goes up to the mirror and combs his hair (or should i say fur) and then spots his reaction still combing but he isn't suspicious in the slightest here as he just thinks there is something wrong with the mirror. While this is going on the professor takes the bag which Felix fails to spot but it is here where the professor should have ran no sooner he picked up the bag but no the writers don't think of ideas like this because they think of ways to make the story abit more entertaining but this story would have been entertaining if the professor did take the bag at every opportunity he has to take it it backfires and goes out the window in some shape or form. Why can't there be just one episode where he succeeds in taking the bag because we would then get to see what he would do with it and it would give the professor more potential in stories than just trying to steal a bag which is something Felix doesn't even need as he is a talking cat for crying out loud. I have heard people say this is better than Tom and Jerry but come on that show was more entertaining and had far more respect than this!

Back to the plot. A bee suddenly flies in through the window and uses its sting to pop the costume revealing the professor now firstly bees don't have stings on their faces they have them on their backs secondly was the costume made out of a balloon? i ask this because it pretty much pops like one costumes are made out of stronger material so even if you could blow them up they would not pop thirdly i am no expert as i have never tried it and have no cause to but i am pretty sure you cannot even pump up air into costumes to change the shape of them like the professor did here.

The professor upon been revealed then FINALLY makes a dash for it but Felix chases after him.

The two then avoid seeing each other by going through a series of hall ways as you can see in this image this scene reminds me of Scooby Doo somehow but i preferred it there than being here this is supposed to be at Felix's house so who in their home has this many hall ways? Felix stumbles upon what he believes are the professors feet but they are boots instead and then a bucket of water falls on him making him wet.

Sticking with the hallways scene for a while i have put in a few screen shots on occasions where the characters should be able to see each other but they clearly do not i mean just look at the last image! You can see Felix look in the direction where the professor is but doesn't yet chase after him especially because Felix was walking backwards at the time which i find was odd but regardless even if he did notice him why didn't he go after him? Plus in the scene the image is from it shows Felix in the professors direction but Felix immediately looks away from him almost as if he didn't spot him.

Similar scenes like the ones from above continue to the next scene where they appear at a clothes rack with jackets on again remember this is Felix's house so why does he have jackets when he doesn't wear them? I am now under the impression this is not in his house but in a supermarket somewhere heck maybe Felix does live in a supermarket as it would explain all the hallways and the jacket rack. But here in this image you can see the professor walking backwards right behind Felix and again neither of the two manage to spot each other especially as i question the professor walking backwards and not bumping into Felix but shouldn't Felix be able to here an extra pair of foot steps? then again you never here sounds of foot steps in this episode so that idea is probably pointless.

I've attached another image onto the next scene proceeding after the one with the clothes rack because as you can see there is a column of walls in the background with exactly the same picture on and this is shown throughout the scene of the professor running through this corridor! My question is this why is the professor running round the place like a headless chicken as opposed to finding the entrance to the house or whatever building it is meant to be he came through in the first place or better still why can't he find an exit but then he would have succeeded in snatching the magic bag but oh no they have to shoe horn several other pointless ideas into this story especially because when the professor hides down a separate hall way Felix ust runs past as if he hasn't noticed him! It raises the question does Felix live in a mansion or something? given his house has loads of hallways and a rack of jackets he doesn't use aswell as corridors like the one in the image also thank god the room is as long as it was because the professor is looking behind him and not directly in front of him if the room weren't this long he would run into an on coming wall.

The professor then decides to lay down several mouse traps in yet another room in a bid to trap Felix he puts up a sign to tell Felix where the professor is.

These scenes i believe are true examples of when the animation gets choppy but now i am convinced that maybe they had budget cuts or something as you can see on the left hand side you have the sign and one gangway but in the next scene on the right hand side there are two doors beside each other with the sign in the middle of them. plus the sign changes colour and angle too.

Back to the scene Felix runs past the sign, as he runs past the sign spins and points to the opposite door (not the one shown in the image above) Felix comes back and looks into both rooms and isn't going to fall for the so called old trick and walks into the opposite door as he does so this causes the mouse traps to trigger in which the professor believes Felix is now trapped but only to his sudden dismay Felix hasn't been trapped by the mouse traps but instead has destroyed them (somehow) how Felix managed to not get caught by these traps is a mystery maybe he knew they were already there but it would be difficult to destroy them like that because once deployed they would have still trapped him in some way shape or form. Considering Felix had a bucket of water fall on top of his head earlier here they felt the need to not have him trapped by traps but why not i have seen other works where the main character (or hero if you would rather) has been trapped, hurt or defeated in some way maybe it weren't the case here for the benefit of kids but still sometimes you don't always have to see the hero of the story escape peril or a trap at every corner if the villan or nemesis of the story is always defeated and trapped at some point why can't you have a scene where it happens with the good? Maybe then the story would be a little bit more interesting.

The next scene shows stock footage from earlier as we see the previous scenes of Felix and the professor walking through all those hall ways again which is something i found pointless because they could have used fresh footage here as opposed to footage thats already been used.

The scene that follows is questionable as to who has a revolving door in the middle of a room in their house. You see revolving doors in shops not houses so this was completely pointless and again its funny how none of the characters are able to spot each other as they don't.

Felix spots a shape moving under a rug using a broomstick he gets ready to hit who he thinks is the professor but it turns out to be a cat and her kittens instead how they got in the house is questionable but they just seem like a plot device to somehow try and distract Felix who at first fails to spot the professor on the lamp shade above him until at the very near last minute just as he removes the bulbs from the shade.

The professor throws the bulbs at Felix in which the latter responds with ''yikes'' and ''yow'' almost as if the bulbs hit him which they don't as he avoids them every time. Felix then turns on the shade using a switch which actually wasn't there before as it just appears like magic no sooner he turns it on the professor is electrocuted and so makes a dash for it once more. Okay the professor threw all the bulbs at Felix so there is no source of light yet he is electrocuted somehow when Felix switches on the switch it doesn't work that way which doesn't make sense there are no bulbs in the shade so how can the professor get electrocuted? Given a switch appeared like magic maybe more bulbs just magically reappeared.

Another question i must ask is this. Firstly the professor got electrocuted and so it hurt him as he is heard saying ''ow'' also you want noticed remains of clothes hanging from the lamp shade yet in the next shot he looks absolutely fine as if nothing happened he clearly had a fast recovery or that wasn't the professor and it was his stunt double instead.

The professor runs to a phone box (this is actually inside a house people, is anyone else questioning this?) and the professor makes a phone call to Felix who has stopped right in front of him and then goes over to a table to answer the phone why he doesn't try and grab the bag back off the professor here is beyond me. But i question why he goes over to the phone and answers it cause he knows who is one the other end anyway. The professor blows a party whistle down the phone and then makes another dash for it (off camera i assume) but doesn't get far as Felix spots his feet behind a curtain why is the professor hiding behind the curtain? Felix then calls for a squirrel from the garden and gives it some string and the squirrel goes all over the place going up pipes and down the sink and out onto the roof before Felix ties it to the professors foot as the squirrel ties it to a quad bike. This scene is just bizarre especially because Felix just doesn't straight away tie the string to the professors foot and the squirrel just doesn't go to the bike but has to go through every nut and cranny. Squirrels also cannot go down pipes and sinks like this one does and they certainly can't drive quad bikes i know its a cartoon but it just looks weird though.

Felix signals to the squirrel who starts the engine and the professor is dragged out from behind the curtain and is dragged down all the drains and pipes and he drops the bag as he cries for Felix to help him he ends up on the roof where Felix puts some mouse traps in it which trigger as he goes down the pipe he comes out the other end with all the traps stuck to him and the episode ends with Felix pointlessly laughing.

For a start this scene is unrealistic as humans can't fir down drains or pipes like that not to mention how was Felix able to get on the roof so quickly? I know its a cartoon but it still needs to make sense and this episode doesn't! Also why did they have to show the professor being dragged about like that? I would have proffered a trick that the feet where from a table or even a chair or have the professor take off his shoe to trick Felix. Better still i would have liked it if the professor took of that shoe and strapped it to Felix to see Felix go through what the professor just went through because then the professor could have gotten away with the bag and then you could have Felix try to get it back in a separate episode.

However that is what i would have suggested that would've been a better idea but this is a kids show is this not to say a child will try and copy the same stunt the professor went through caused by Felix? There was no need for this scene to have been included yes Tom and Jerry was violent but there was a time when that show got controversy for the same reason like this scene among other things. Also if the professor is the nemesis of Felix why is he crying for Felix's help? All Felix does is cover his eyes in fright and puts a load of mouse traps down a drain pipe to hurt him. This scene is not acceptable i'm sorry yes its a kids show but they deserve better than this. Also where did Felix get those mouse traps from? He damaged the ones the professor used earlier can anybody see know why i am saying this episode doesn't make sense because i can't make heads or tails out of it.

Felix didn't need to put the professor through this he saw him behind the curtains so he should have opened them and took the bag off him then this would be over in seconds but no they had to send it down this level there was no need for them put in this scene into the story if they were trying to make it more interesting they haven't done that if this scene was supposed to be funny then it isn't.

This feels like one of those episodes where no effort was put into it not just for writing but the animation too plus it has random things popping in from out the blue with no rhyme or reason and the ending was diabolical especially because Felix seems to find what he put the professor through was funny which it wasn't funny as it got no giggles or laughs out of me. Also something i am raising now since the professor had the magic bag through the majority of this episode why didn't he use it on Felix? Its a case of no thought being put into the stories which this episode feels like it has been rushed to get it out on TV especially because some scenes have no sounds in them at all if you've got sounds you might as well use them.

Now we will move onto Stone making machine

The episode starts off with an artist making a carved statue of Felix out of stone this isn't for very long and we just see him finish it off this scene would have been better had it been used later in the episode but with an
 extended scene maybe have the artist knock on Felix's door and then show him thoroughly carving the statue of Felix sticking with this what does Felix pay the man? We don't see him pay the man anything things aren't free in reality. Then again upon doing research after reviewing the first episode the show did have budget restraints and its no surprise because it shines through as clear as day through most of the episodes especially the episodes i am reviewing harsh i know but its true when you see the poorly edited episodes and choppy animation in some places. Also speaking of choppy animation the aritst's mouth barely matches up to what he is saying.

We then go to the professors labaratory we he has just built a machine that can turn anything and everything into stone we see one of his henchman named Rock Bottom (how ironic his first name is rock a type of stone) who is a bulldog no point worth questioning why he is a bulldog as we have a cat who is the main character throughout the show. The professor plans to use the machine to turn Felix into stone which was suggested by Rock Bottom the professor sends Rock Bottom to fetch Felix.

Oddly when Rock Bottom sets out to get Felix it is night time but either way hejust walks into  into Felix's house how he does this is a mystery but again this is a kids show people but then i am now under the impression Felix doesn't lock his door as how else could RB get in? Then again a break in is more logical. He snatches the statue of Felix mistaking it for him. It now its dark but its not that dark and also Felix has his own room so did Rock Bottom assume Felix sleeps standing up? Also the statue is grey and Felix is black and white so why didn't Rock Bottom notice this? Also he doesn't seem to be suspicious that Felix makes no reaction or movement when he picks him up and puts him in a bag. Its just being nit picky but i would have thought RB would still have realized that the Felix he picked up was a rock caved statue.

Sticking with the above why did Felix just leave the stone carved statue in the living room? why not put it somewhere else that isn't on show to burglars as it just left about almost as if they are asking it for it to be stolen. Felix follows Rock Bottom down to the professors lab where he hands over Felix but it is really the statue but RB suggest to the professor to leave on the bag as he can't bare to see him be turned into stone. The professor leaves on the bag and places what he thinks is Felix into the machine whilst RB is huddled in a corner crying this could show he may have feelings for Felix even though Felix is his nemesis and the fact that he is the side kick of the professor.

As the machine turns what the professor believes is Felix the sack just disappears, how this works is beyond me as why couldn't they just have it done like the bag doesn't disappear like magic. Felix tries to break in during the night but is caught red handed by RB (why he only wakes up is strange) and traps him under the door. He drags him from under the door and places him into the machine the professor arrives and questions the matter but prepares to turn him into stone anyways. The next scene is just a mick take

In the scenes in the photos you can see Felix (on the left hand side) in the machine where as on the right hand side he has suddenly escaped from it. The machine is one of those where all you do is place in the machine with no latch or door but given the animation and editing in this show it is hard to tell whether this machine did have some sort of door or not but if it does have one how did Felix manage to escape? We don't see him do that as seconds after the professor is seen notching up the lever Felix is just outside the machine. Honestly they might as well have had him turned to stone cause this scene makes no sense to me but to add to that regardless door or not why didn't the professor notice Felix escaping with RB we can see why he doesn't notice because he is that much of a wimp he has to cover his eyes but they don't show how Felix escaped the machine which larks me off. Felix was in peril in this but i hate how he is able to escape everything in the most unlikely ways and forms.

Felix escapes and shouts ''let me out of here'' and smashes through a glass window with RB and the professor chasing him. The fact that Felix smashed through a window and gets no injury is just unbelievable and given the height it was at there is a fountain by it that appears to have broken their falls but given where the broken glass is it seems illogical they would have landed in the fountain. Felix is left hanging by is fur almost as if it were a coat if RB and professor landed in it why couldn't he land in it as well. Felix runs into a green house (why he just doesn't run straight home makes no sense but then most of the dialog doesn't anyway) a plant called leopard Lilly (what a name) grabs hold of him and prepares to eat him with the villains looking on Felix garbs some weedkiller and sprays it into the plants mouth. Felix was trapped so how could he retch or grab the weedkiller that was on the floor? Its just utter nonsense and again makes no sense

The plant is killed off and Felix makes a run for it but is grabbed hold of by Rock Bottom after the professor opens the door they struggle to put him back into the machine and has he escapes is grabbed hold of again and the villains are both turned to stone cause the lever is knocked by Felix. And the annoying laugh of Felix is heard after they are displayed on the fountain and a bird lands on both villains that are now stone.

This was not only another episode that made no sense but a pointless one at that because both RB and the professor turn back to normal for the rest of the series after this episode so the idea of a stone making machine for one episode was completely pointless i would have preferred to have seen Felix to be turned into stone but then the plot hole would be pointless for as he would be turned back to normal after this episode. Personally this would be better as the last in the series episode but that said i would have preferred an episode that didn't focus on anything to do with stone making.

I would have liked to have seen an episode were both Rock Bottom and the professor successfully stole the magic bag as that would have been a better episode not to mention we would have seen what they would do with the bag exactly but instead they had to use this idea. Also why does every episode have to end with Felix laughing? it just gets on your nerves. I respect those that enjoy the show but i disagree with those that say its better than Tom and Jerry especially because this show i did not enjoy i have only seen a few episodes as when i heard about it i wanted to check it out but i expected it to be an entertaining show with stories you could understand but this just isn't the case. Sorry but these are my opinions and thats the way i feel about the show

Until next time.... when i will finally get round to the blog post on adding real coal loads in a 00 scale locomotive tender.. I am just glad this was a one off review that i did

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