Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Christmas Message 2014

Usually i don't normally tend to do Christmas Messages but for this year how could i refuse?

2014 has been quite a year i went on holiday, reached 500 subscribers, Finally copped 34067 Tangmere,  and several other things that i cannot be bothered to mention.

Regardless of course this year has had its ups and downs and its.... weird and bizarre moments somewhat that i will not go into but regardless as soon as 2015 comes it will be a fresh start and i can move on from whatever happened this year.

I also want to thank all my viewers and subscribers as i cannot thank them enough! I strongly thank them for coming back to watch more of my videos as otherwise i wouldn't be doing my job properly and i also thank those for liking my videos for those that did the opposite simply don't deserve a mention, harsh but the ones you cannot please are not worthy of a mention!

Of course i cannot go without thanking my followers on both Tumblr and Twitter as they have helped in terms of views and subscribers and i pledge more to keep on subscribing to reach my goal of 1,000 subs that i hope to reach in 2015! But seriously thanks to all my followers, you've helped with the views and subscribers without question.

But there is still the rest of 2014 to go and on December 30th i will turn 20 years old, quite surprising and shocking knowing how quick the year has gone by.

So with nothing else to say roll on 2015! This will not be my last blog post of 2014 as i still have my thoughts on the Hornby 2015 Range to put up as well as a pictorial review i have got planned.

Oh and before i forget look out for a Christmas special that will go live via my YouTube account tomorrow.

So that's it for now until next time tah tah for now and Merry Christmas

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Etched A3/A4 cab doors

Beings it is taking an age to get my thoughts on the Hornby 2015 Range up here is just a wee blog i thought i would get up. Its nothing particular interesting but its something

A few weeks ago i noticed my Hornby A3 Sandwich was missing one of the cab doors, as i take great and delicate care in my models i went on line to be some spares and stumbled upon Peasholm Models A3/A4 cab doors and given they could fit the Hornby models i bought some for £4 or £5 ( i forget the price of them)

A quick comparison of sorts shows the cab doors pre fitted to the model are not much different in length bare in mind the top and bottom require folding back and cutting off as as shown attached to the sprue they are too long otherwise.

Firstly i removed the other cab door that was intact, i think these were only stuck on with glue as it were easy to remove. Whilst we are here i will mention the footplate had to be glued back on as it had come off, i used Poly cement to glue it back in place.

 Next i went to remove the cab doors i would use, Peasholm Models recommend filing down the tops and bottoms of the cab doors once those parts have been folded back and removed but i found it to not really be the case here as after removal they didn't really needed any filing down. 

Then i glued the cab doors into place and i can safely comment that the cab doors were not easy to glue on but thankfully in the end i got the result i wanted as shown in the pic. I used PVA glue to glue them on but i used super glue to double coat it, normally i do not like using super glue especially because before now i have had details parts stuck to my fingers because of it! This will be the only time more than likely that i will use super glue, poly cement isn't really suitable here as that is more for gluing plastic parts so i prefer using PVA because it is more suitable to use which is what i find.

A few days later i received a pot of Humbrol 405 BR Green paint reason is because i felt that if the cab doors were left unpainted it wouldn't look right or it would look unfinished hence the reason for me buying this paint. 

Upon opening the tub i mixed the paint well and applied it using a cocktail stick some people are probably thinking i should use a brush but i use a cocktail stick for smaller details like this to avoid getting paint were i don't want it, again some are probably thinking i should use a finer brush but i do not have one and again there is still a risk of getting paint were i don't want it to be, great care should be taken with things like this. 

 and so that is basically it nothing that special i know but i thought i would be something different from what this blog is usally used for, for a change.

               But don't think this will be my last blog post as i have a few others install but for now its TTFN