Tuesday, 22 December 2015

class47peter on: Flying Scotsman

I am really getting sick and tired of all this moaning about Flying Scotsman not wearing Apple Green and not having original parts etc, not only is it rather unnecessary and uncalled for it is also disrespectful to both the NRM and Ian Riley who have both worked so hard to bring the loco back into steam ready for 2016, you should all be grateful of both what Ian Riley and the NRM have done and you should be grateful that Flying Scotsman is going to be steaming in your lifetimes. 
For a start the LNER Apple Green livery on Scotsman is historically inaccurate for the guise it has, double chimney, smoke deflectors etc and to those who complain about the smoke deflectors they are there because without them visibility would be difficult due to it having the double chimney, i think the deflectors give it a mark of distinction and find nothing wrong with them, the NRM are not going to paint 4472 back in Apple Green just to shut up the ones constantly whinging and bitching about the engine, the BR Brunswick Green that it will wear is a rather handsome livery and it suits Scotsman rather well and it suits it more than the LNER Apple Green because the BR Brunswick Green is an accurate livery for its guise.
I have seen Scotsman in both LNER Apple Green in 1998 and in 2012 in its Wartime Black but i haven’t yet seen it in the BR Brunswick livery, as the old saying goes ‘’a change is as good as a rest’’ and it will be nice to see 60103 wear something different livery wise. 
and as for the whole non original parts thing over is 90 year long career barely any of parts on Flying Scotsman are original, its not just during its recent overhaul but throughout the 90 year long career from when first built as an A1 to being rebuilt as an A3 the engine has had many new parts as opposed to what it would have looked straight out of the workshop. 
Every locomotive receives new parts because it they had all the original parts the locomotives wouldn’t be able to work, there isn’t a single loco out there that has all the original parts, every loco in preservation has been given new parts so hardly any parts that are original are left because once the part becomes worn it needs replacing for the engine to continue in service, even Tornado that is a new build engine has received replacement parts, its vital that a worn part is replaced, back in the heyday of steam like i said above 4472/60103 would have had replacement parts so by that point hardly anything of the loco would be original but regardless without original parts it is still the same old Flying Scotsman just with new parts so i don’t understand why people complain about this as i find it worthless, its almost as if some people (no offence) don’t know anything about locomotives or how they work the way they go on
2016 is going to be a big year for the steam legend which the year in question is only round the bend now and i am really excited and jumped for joy about it and i am excited that i’ll be able to see her to steam especially since its the first time in how many years 60103 would have steamed, if you don’t like it then you can lump it, don’t try and ruin it for others with your constant and endless moaning because i don’t give a damn, if your going to be like this then don’t have anything else to do with Scotsman and don’t get involved with its season next year and keep your moaning to yourselves. You should be thanking the NRM and Ian Riley because without either of them Scotsman may not be steaming next year, If you don’t like it then its tough cookie, deal with it, besides i am inclined to believe that the NRM have wanted to get 60103 back in BR livery for ages and it was meant to carry this scheme i hear when it was last in steam but due to a vote it carried the inaccurate livery for its guise that it wore. 
Sorry i have sounded a bit harsh in some points on this post but something just had to be said as all this complaining,moaning and whinging as gone on for long enough and if you don’t like what i have said or if you don’t like it full stop then that is not my problem, you are just going to have to deal with it because this iconic steam locomotive should be getting a hell of a lot more priase and attention then all this moaning and so should the NRM and Ian Riley.
As the old saying goes you either put up or you shut up! 

Yes this is my Tumblr statement posted on my blog but something needs to be said about all this, we may have our own views but all this whinging and moaning is another thing, people should be grateful not constantly having a go at the engine or those involved with its restoration, its got out of hand now

Friday, 30 October 2015

Rmweb 2015 wishlist poll!: My choices

A few days a go rmweb launched the 105 wishlist poll in which those in the hobby can vote for models that they would like to see being made in both 00 scale and n scale, as i have just submitted my choices to the poll i have decided to do this blog post on what i'd like to see being made and my reasons for choosing them, i did the 00 scale poll since thats the scale i have.


The Great Bear

My first choice was the GWR's only 4-6-2 Pacific locomotive i.e The Great Bear, reason for choosing this is because no manufacturer has ever produced a model of The Great Bear in ready to run let alone in 00 scale or any other scale for that matter. I would love to see this being made and i would also love to have one in my collection for as it is a unique locomotive and its something that any manufacturer can produce really well just look at Hornby's stunning GWR Castles, Kings, 2800's etc they have produced and Bachmann with their GWR Panniers, prairies, Halls, Manors. It is also a missing link in the market. 

 Saint Class

The GWR Saint is another model that i would love to see being made, with all these GWR models that we have on the market why not have a Saint to join them? Especially since the majority have been 4-6-0s this would be one model to complete to story of the GWR 4-6-0 in model form. 

Dean Goods

Why the Dean Goods? Well its a model that i feel deserves and is in need of a retool to bring it into line with all the super detail GWR models we have got on the market. Plus we could do with more Goods engines on the market.


We've got the Dukedog, the City Class and the Dean Single so what about a GWR Bulldog? I would like to see the manufacturers make more Victorian styled locomotives for the 00 scale market and with three already made then why not make more of them to accompany the ones that we have already got. 

Port Talbot 813

This model could be interesting! Firstly i have seen people model the Severn Valley so having 813 as a model to buy would be nice to have on that layout if you were to model the said line but also the smaller locos likes 813 are a missing link on the market and i feel a model of this locomotive would certainly help to plug the gap. 

GWR Aberdare

Again like with the Bulldog why not make more Victorian styled locomotives? The GWR Aberdare is one such candidate especially since others out there are scratch building them from Dapol City of Truro kits due to the fact no ready to run model has been produced so perhaps the time has dawned upon us for this model to be made. 


Q Class

The SR Q Class would be a nice model to have especially to those who model the Southern region and also perhaps a model of the soul survivor would be nice as people have like with the SVR modeled the Bluebell too.I also feel we need more goods engines on the market though that is just me. 

Maunsell H15  

With the N15 and the S15 (which the latter has just been released) why not have the H15 to join both of them? you could have both the two variants of smokebox door being with and without the smokebox door darts and the different tender variants that they had and there are the different liveries they wore too. Plus if you model the Southern region or your like me and get all regions then its more of a reason to have one of these on the market. 


Remember back in the 70's when Hornby made models of the E2? Since that time going back years ago there were two campaign attempts to bring this model back into production but these ended up going to no avail. This is a model people have cried out for to be released again and its a missing link in the market nowadays as its been off the market for decades now. Having a new E2 model you could compare it to the older model but also they could do both extended and non extended side tanks and if you wanted to model Southampton Docks then that would be another reason to get one as that is where they used to work before the USA Dock Tanks came in. A new retooled E2 is arguably just what we need as this is a model that needs to come back on the market. 


Now this locomotive is unique and just by looking at it, it looks a beast, a big beast at that. The LSWR G16 is a model that i would love to see being made. Imagine it hauling a rake of Southern Maunsell coaches. 


We have got the C Class so why not have the O1? Having them both double heading on a layout would look very interesting and if we have the C its only fair to get the O1.


Again like i said with 813 small locos are a missing link on the market nowadays and this is the case the the SECR P Class. They are two of them here in two different liveries which would be nice to see in model form but also it would help to fill in the gap with small locos, i would personally like to see the Blue livery one getting made myself. 


Big Bertha

The Famous Lickey Incline Banker ought to be made on the market, yes its a locomotive used specifically and only for banking trains up the Lickey but you could recreate these whether you modeled the Lickey or not if you did then you can recreate the heyday of the Lickey with this loco or if you don't model the Lickey you can still recreate the banking trains with Big Bertha or you could be creative and have it pull trains. This is a loco thats never been modeled, there have been kits in the past i think but there isn't a ready to run model and given its a unique, beautiful loco in terms of appearance its a model that should be made available.

Stanier Princess Royal

Your probably thinking 'why the Princess when there is already a model on the market?'' Well the Princess is in need of a retool, the Duchess is fine but the Princess is another story. The current model just uses the original old bodyshell and tender body with a new chassis and is now loco drive with only a few extra details. but it is a basic model overall by looking at it and looking at the real thing they have missed out a few detail components that should have been added on the model. A new retooled model of the Princess is the order of the day clearly. It would make it look more like the real thing and bring it into line more with the real loco. 


Why the LMS Turbomotive when its basically just a Princess but with smoke deflectors and different detailing components, well thinking about it if Hornby do retool the Princess (and it needs one) they would be able to do a different variant if they were to make the Turbomotive, i wouldn't buy it personally but we don't have experiential locos like this available to buy so it would be a good idea to make the Turbomotive, i would have picked the Fury but i couldn't find it on the poll but i digress. 

LMS Fowler Dock Tank 2F

The Fowler 2F Dock Tank would be a good little model to have if you are for example modelling a dockyard or if you have a branchline layout and just use if for hauling goods trains or your like me and don't model either but instead model what is essentially your own railway network (of sorts) and just use it for regular shunting or goods duties maybe if you had a Docks on it or a load of sidings you could use if for that. It what certainly make a great little addition to any of those layouts. 

LNWR Claughton

The Claughton Class locomotive is one of those models that has been made in kit form but has not been made in ready to run form and given its a rather handsome looking locomotive (somewhat) i would like to see this being made to see what it what look like in model form. I would also like to see them make a removable coal load for the tender to replicate it as being as overloaded as shown in this picture. 

HR Jones Goods no.103

There aren't many non GWR 4-6-0s on the market these days so the HR Jones Goods loco would be a welcomed addition by many to the 00 scale market. 


W1 Hush Hush

This is one locomotive i have suggested to be made before on a few other occasions and i am glad that this has appeared on the poll because like i said there aren't any experimental locos on the market this has been made as a kit form model but not one that is ready to run and giving it has a unique look to it reminding me of a sausage somewhat it would be a very interesting model to have on your layout specially the LNER fanatics or if you just collect all regions. 

GER J70 Tram

I am aware Silver Fox Models already make this but as a kit though they do sell it as ready to run though its expensive but is the kit as detailed as what the ready to run manufacturers could do answer to that is no as the detail is a little basic but the chassis's they recommend aren't as accurate as they were on the real thing, the chassis recommended are 0-4-0s when these trams where 0-6-0s let alone the fact that in reality if you were to remove the side plates it would reveal side rods and valve gear as well as cylinders the chassis's they recommend don't have this plus on the kit they don't seemed to have added the cylinders which can be visible even with the sideplates on as they don't cover them and they don't show the cab steps either.  

But you may be wondering ''why would anyone want to have one of these since no one seems to model the tramway they ran on'' well the tramway they worked on was the Wishbech and Upwell Tramway whilst regardless no one or at least very little do so then maybe if this gets made in ready to run form it might be an idea for someone out there to model the tramway or if you didn't want to you could still get it but not have it work on a tramway and just use it for shunting in the sidings.

C2 Atlantic 

My reason for picking out this one is because, well we have now got the C1 and there is the upcoming H2 whenever that gets released so why not have the C2 to go with them? If you are into your Atlantic engnes that is. 


What i like about the B16 is how the main drive wheels are spaced away from the cylinders which gives it a unique look to them. We also don't have many non GWR 4-6-0s on the market either so it makes more sense to produce this model for the market, guaranteed a lot of folk will be happy. 


This is another of those models that has been on the market before but needs a retool, the older tooling is not a bad model but arguably it is due for a retool at some point and given Hornby did a superb job on their D16 they can retool the B12 to bring it into line with that model so you can have both together. The older tooling is basic but a newer and super detail model would bring it out more in terms of detail as lets face it the older tooling looks old compared to what we have now especially when put alongside the D16. 


The thing that grabs my attention with this loco is the livery shown in the colour photo, just picture that with the GNR livery C1 or N2! Now that would make a very interesting double header indeed. That isn't exclusively the reason i picked this out though, my reason is because it like many is a missing link in the modern day market especially when you consider the white metal kits made previously that are sparce to get hold of these days. 

BR Standard & USATC


In this category i only picked out one locomotive that could be made, thats because most had been models already made for the ready to run scale market hence why i picked out this one, the USATC S160. No one has made this model a kit was made but its very hard to come by and i believe Roco planned to make one back in 2014 but so far i have heard nothing about it since, why not now take this opportunity to make one? it could be years down the line before Roco's is made but i don't go for Roco mods anyway. Its a model that has been overlooked for the market in some way to me hence why of all choices for this category i chose this particular one. 

Diesels & Electrics

BR Class 89

We now move onto the diesels and electrics starting with the one and only class 89 known to many as the Badger. Okay yes it has been made before by Silver Fox Models but like with the J70 Tram its a basic model, its been made in N scale too by another company but i would like to see an 00 gauge super detail model made, i more than likely would not buy it but still its a unique electric just look at those sloping fronts. 

SR Class 70 Co-Co

Can't think of a more specific reason i chose this other than the fact that it does look quite interesting, guaranteed i wouldn't want to buy it but i am sure it would take the fancy out of someone enough for them to buy it. 

GT3 English Electric Gas Turbine

I recall this been made as a model kit but not as a ready to run scale model, its unique but also a missing link of what is in some way a combined form of traction of a steam and diesel locomotive but despite it being gas turbine it does have the appearance of a steam loco. If it were produced for the market i reckon this could be a big seller that would go flying off of the shelves no sooner it were to come in stock in shops. 

10800 Bo-Bo

Reminds me of a class 16/15. For those who own either of them or even both (i don't) picture this next to the class 16 and class 15, that would look a fine sight in my opinion. This would fill the link of single cabbed diesels (Bo-Bos) to be released onto the market (unless theres one i have missed out) 

NER 2-Co-2 EE1

Now this is an electric that really does attract my attention and focus, its appearance reminds me of the Crocodile locomotive but with bogies instead of the siderods and no long noses at each end. I'd like to see it being made regardless as this is a true missing link for the electric locomotives and i would think if it were to be made it would quickly become a popular model, plus this one seems to interest me more than the other electrics that were on the poll. 

Class 252 Prototype HST  

It has to be done, Hornby have done amazing jobs on their super detail HST's so why not do the prototype that started it all because they would equally do a stunning job on it, whether it was a limited edition to the 125 group or just a regular model in their range and i am sure others would like to see it made too. 


Class 323

Just like with the BR Standard & USATC category i have only picked out one of the choices from that poll, in this case its the class 323. I would have gone for both the 308 and 312/311 units but they were excluded from the poll for some reason which is a shame as they both come from my childhood nostalgia years so instead i went for another EMU that has also been around since my childhood being of course this one.

If it gets made it would probably most likely be Bachmann but that said Hornby could surprise use or even Heljan, in fact as Heljan have only made one electric being the 86 i'd like to see them produce this model. Just imagine the detail on this model and for DCC Sound lovers imagine hearing the distinctive noise this unit makes when departing, i would like to see them start to bring out DC Sound to have sound fitted to models that aren't DCC models for this reason, i am sure that wouldn't be difficult to do. Also just think of the liveries they could release them in, i'd like to see the old Green Centro livery.

Underground stock

Underground Dreadnought coaches

Now i know i haven't picked out any rolling stock in the poll but i did pick out these for a reason because we have the newly released Met Bo-Bo's (that i have yet to get one) on the market made by Heljan, these coaches would go really well with the Met Bo-Bo given the fact these coaches are Metropolitan coaches,also should any of the Underground steamers get released then they would also fir in well with those too.

Also despite these not being on the poll and the fact that these are not Metropolitan coaches either i would like to see them produce these as well as these coaches too would go well with the Met Bo-Bo and they would look nice with any of the LT steam locos should any be released, i also like the wood work finish to them, it reminds me of the LNER Teak coaches.

Met Railway E Class

Firstly the coaches above would go well with the Met E Class but also you could with the coaches and Met Bo-Bo recreate the London Underground 150 trains with this model, also i imagine it would look nice with a rake of Maroon stock behind it as well. Plus if you model the Met line or London Underground its perfect for that or if your like me and don't model either and just model your own railway of sorts as mentioned before in this post then it would still fit in well for that layout.

Met Railway A Class

Given i suggested the Met Railway E Class it was i only fair i picked out the A Class whilst filling in the poll, how many open cab tank engines have we had on the market for a start? very little is the answer to that, the Met Railway A Class is a very unique locomotive just by its appearance, it would go well with those coaches and with the E Class, i picture this and the E Class double heading on the rake of Dreadnoughts. Plus if you model the Metropolitan line then its perfect for that as well that said it would go well on any layout in my opinion.

London Underground Battery Locos

Now in terms of the London Underground itself i think the Battery locos serve a lot of potential, firstly no one has made a model of them, You had EFE make diecast tube trains and Bachmann have released the first ready to run Tube train being the S stock but no one has yet made a model of these unless i am wrong then do state below in the comments. What potential do they have though? Well you could have them pull the S stock and pretend its a broken down train being recovered, you could also have it pull some engineering wagons and make up a nice engineering train or you could even recreate the scenario above of two hauling some MK2's and a class 20 around your layout, you could also have your locomotives tow them around as that is what happens on occasion nowadays and it happened in the days of steam, they would all make interesting trains on a layout.

So that brings an end to this blog post on the choices i picked out from the Rmweb wishlist 2015 poll, i did this because i wanted to share them with you.

If you haven't filled in the poll then take your time to fill it in, link will be provided below as its all part of the future for the model railway market and with your help you can make any of the models on that poll a reality.

Link: http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/page/wishlist_2015.html

So with all this said and done i shall leave you all now and see you all next time

Friday, 23 October 2015

Silver Fox eBay item gets revisions

The very eBay item i have been trying to sell for what seems like a month has now been revised. This is its second listing on the site.

Instead of £70.00 its price has now been lowered to £67.00

Link: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/191714377399?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649

Considering the fact that nower days a brand new A4 on the market would cost you round £113 the price of £67 for a second model with that rear small connecting rod missing is a bargain! I am after the money for this weekend as i'll be off to Tyseley so would really like to this item to be sold especially since i have long been trying to get rid of it for weeks on end.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Thoughts on: Hornby Peckett & Sons W4 0-4-0ST and some livery ideas

So a couple of days ago Hornby announced a Peckett & Sons W4 0-4-0ST locomotive for their upcoming 2016 range. What are my thoughts on this model? Well lets dive into this blog post shall we?

The opinions in this blog post are solely that of my own

Can i just say that i am very delighted that Hornby have announced a small locomotive like this for the 00 scale market because small locos such as Pecketts, Andrew Barclay, Hawthorn Leslie, Bagnall etc are all major missing links in the market because not many small locos like this get announced and are just left to stand in the background and are neglected, yes Dapol are to release the B4 at some point but just how many small steam locos have been released in the last several years, not many its fair to say they have been very few and far between. Small locos are just as important as the big engines(tender engines) and the larger tank engines.

As well as the CAD/CAM development above they also showed off this early stereo sample, its not what the final model will look like in terms of detail but rest assured this little loco will be worth the wait and will be highly detailed. Whether i am going to get one remains to be seen as i will want to wait to see what the final models look like in photos before coming to a definite decision though i would like to own one of this little Pecketts.

It does raise a question though! since Hornby have announced this, the class 71 and Unrebuilt Merchant before 2016's range is announced will we see more new models we don't know about or will they just be previous models in different liveries being released? Who knows, only time will tell.

 Now Hornby have said they are letting us have our say on what liveries these should be in, i have a few livery choice ideas in mind.

Firstly there is the NCG livery as shown here on Bagnall Linda on the Chasewater Railway, yes this loco isn't a W4 but it is a strikingly similar loco to the W4 and besides we are here in this section to discuss liveries. Reason i say NCB is because firstly its Blue which is my favorite colour and also i don't own many Blue livery locomotives in my fleet so i think i Blue livery on this model  needs to be done especially because livery wise you don't see very many NCB livery models released. Plus the livery stands out a lot too with those Red wheels and yellow lining.

Now this locomotive is W4 but in a livery that arguably less appealing but whilst it is still nice its not as attractive as the NCB livery above. Only suggested this though cause its a basic livery seen on many small locos like this and it might be nice to see one in this scheme however as a little alteration i would have some lining put onto it to make it stand out a tad more.

My final livery choice is this, its on the same scale as the NCB livery not in terms of the same colour but the fact that this livery stands out more with the lining especially with the gold dome and copper cap chimney as well as the painted smoke box door darts and bands and the name of the company the loco worked for on the tank sides. Personally i would like to see this and the NCB livery the most.

Thats it for this blog post so i'll see you in another blog post soon! Take care!

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Hornby Super Detail A4 Silver Fox for sale

You are viewing a Hornby A4 that i have for sale, the model was previously 60031 Golden Plover but has been renumbered and renamed to 60010 Silver Fox.

The model has had the rear small connecting rod removed as the pin that held it in place had gone missing and the plastic part above that wheel its connected onto had broke but it still runs well regardless in both directions. Model is boxed. 

The model has only ever been run a handful of times, it has a few small hand painted areas and some marks round the numbers but the model is in mint condition otherwise. 

Link: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/191700973411?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649

Price: £70, its a bargain considering brand new it costed £90 and free postage too, selling it off so i can get one of the newly released D16's from Hornby. 

Monday, 3 August 2015

Thoughts on: Airfix KitStarter first thoughts

Recently Airfix announced a KitStarter campaign where they would pick out classic kits chosen by people and the one(s) backed by the most people would be produced. So far only a handful of kits have been confirmed.

The question is what are my thoughts on this campaign? Well you are about to find out.

Warning: The opinions in this blog are my own

I am going to be honest and this is coming to come down like a lead balloon but none of the kits (except for one) interest me at all, the majority of kits fail to wow me in any such way. I am sure some people out there are interested with whats been confirmed so far but most of the choices do not do it for me.

So lets begin with these three kits of Black Prince, Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. Of all kits out there that should be brought back into production why these three? I'm sure the answer to that is simple ''People want them to be brought back thats why they are on the campaign'' fair din come but where these ever popular when they were first produced? Maybe in those days yes but considering these kits are backed by very few people surely that speaks for itself. Considering what we have got on the market nowadays those kits are much more interesting in comparison to these.

Next we have these two kits which of course are the Blue Tits and Bullfinches. In one way i can see why these have been chosen, they're are people out there that are interested in animals let alone garden birds.I know the same could be said about the kits above but these have more backers than the ones above do. Interestingly though the Blue Tits have got more backers than the Bullfinches but i digress.

Whilst i do have a fondness of animals myself i don't think i would want to build kits like this anytime soon mostly because the eyes and feather detail look hard to get it to look right let alone paint but also these kits are quite fragile, once they brake thats that they are hard to be glued back together again especially if its the legs that brake off and if it happens several times over then you have a kit thats mucked up basically as once a kit part you have glued on with the poly cement brakes off it ain't easy to be glued back on again. In my house if this were on a shelve i don't think it would last long since we have cats. I picture the cat now knocking it off the shelf with this kit hitting the floor and then braking.

Also back when these were in production there was people who considered these kits as being girly and pointless, on the subject of being girly maybe this is a good way to get females into the hobby, they're probably already are some females in the hobby already but this would be a great way to get more into it because who says females cannot be in this hobby, they are female rail enthusiasts whom i support so why shouldn't we have female model makers.

Then we come onto the cars which we have a Rolls Royce from 1911 and a 1930 4.5 litre Bentley. Out fo the two only one i feel was a good choice and that is the 1911 Rolls Royce which looks classy, as for the 4.5 litre Bentley from 1930 why i will tell you why it isn't a good choice or should i say i will show you why.

Airfix have already bought the 1930 4.5 litre Bentley back into production already so why on earth is it on the KitStarter campaign? Yes its a different livery but it is still the same kit!

We then swiftly move along onto the aircraft which we have a Beagle Basset and a DHC Beaver. Something that bugs me a little is why do these, the cars and birds have only two kits when the human figures had three? thats a tad unfair but i'll rest my case. The Beagle Basset is the one kit in the campaign that intrests me so far i am not saying the DHC Beaver isn't interesting since it does look good but out of all these kits i am more interested in building the Beagle and this is the only kit that i would back at this point but for granted since it has more backers than the other kits it does look like that this will be the kit that will be brought back into production at this rate.

So that dusts off my thoughts on the KitStarter campaign so far, however why won't end the blog post here as i will give some suggestions on what they could next put in the campaign. Heres hoping they will consider these let alone add more kits to the campaign as at this point it looks meh.

First up there is the Ferguson Tractor, why should this be brought back into production? Because it was actually the first kit Airfix released by accident the first true kit they made was the Golden Hind which is still in production to this day so perhaps its now the time to bring this kit back on the market.

Next up we have the BHC SRN4 Hovercraft and i am not the only one who is wanting this kit to be brought back as others have already suggested this kit to Airfix but of all the kits i would like to see brought back this is my main interest. Firstly there aren't any other Hovercraft kits on the market so bringing this back would fill a hole, secondly this is a kit that i would love to build. Getting hold of the kit nowadays is not easy as its quite sparse and i haven't had too much luck in getting one so its high time this was brought back. Guaranteed if this gets chosen (heres hoping it does) this would i reckon would top the list and get the most backers and easily make it back into production.

Next up is the Jetstream kit, only suggest this because it looks like an interesting kit and there isn't too many kits out there of planes like this not to mention it looks like a private Lear jet so yeah.

Then there is the Airfix Hercules kit, its a very interesting model and interesting aircraft too which looks fascinating in terms of its design and also are there any other kits of the Hercules on the market? Okay yes Revell have produced similar kits of aircraft similar to this but whats stopping Airfix in making one? Answer to that in short is nothing Revell and Airfix have both made kits such as the Lancaster Bomber and Spitfires among others.

Don't know how much of a classic kit this can be considered as but it ain't in production yet and given it looks interesting in terms of its design its high time the Lockheed Super Constellation was brought out again. There is nothing else like this anywhere.

I am sure your thinking ''why are you suggesting a Concorde kit when Revell already produce one?'' Well i have built the Revell one and its okay but i would like to see how the Airfix one would compare to that of the Revell kit, plus the 1:72 scale one (as pictured) i hear is meant to have complicated instructions so it would be good to bring it back just to see people getting rattled off or struggling to build it.

The Queen Elizabeth II is another kit i feel that should be made again, i know Revell made one previously but it wasn't a very good one a that, If Airfix were to bring it back it would be interesting to see how it would compare to the Revell one.

So that brings an end to this blog post, i do have high hopes for the Hovercraft to be made again but equally hope the others will be considered but now its a matter of waiting and hoping. If Airfix view this post i hope they will consider these onto their KitStarter campaign.