Monday, 16 February 2015

Hornby CrossCountry HST Power cars and MK3s for sale!

The First blog post of 2015 comes in the form of advertising this item i have got up for sale on eBay, I have already advertised this listing on my Instagram (which i now have) as well as my Twitter and Tumblr accounts and now i have decided to do a blog post on it to... spread the word on the item(s) i have for sale.

As you can see in the image above i am selling my CrossCountry HST Power cars and MK3s as well.

You are viewing a Hornby R2949 CrossCountry HST and two MK3s that i have up for sale. The HST Power cars are in mint condition with no marks, scratches or damage whatsoever. They run well in both directions and have had very little use, the Power cars also have working lights and are DCC Ready. 

The MK3s are also in mint condition with no marks, scratches or damage. They too have had little use. They are boxed

They are listed as Buy It Now for £100 which considering you are getting the HST Power cars and two MK3s that is a bargain! 

Reason these are being sold is because i want to get an Intercity livery HST instead, either the Swallow or Executive livery depending on which i can find especially because with CrossCountry MK3s they are not appearing or being sold very often as they should be and when they crop up are being sold for outrageous prices.


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