Thursday, 19 February 2015

Hornby Tender driven Golden Plover A4 for sale!

The second blog post of 2015 is another blog in which i spread the word on an item that i have for sale on eBay.

This time i have this Hornby Tender driven A4 Golden Plover for sale, i have not used this model much recently now that i have two of Hornby's super detail A4s and now that i own two of Hornb's super detail A4 models this tender driven model isn't needed anymore.

Model is unboxed but will be packaged up, model runs well in both directions and is in mint condition, enough said!

Its at a Buy It Now for £40 which is a bargain considering its second hand.


Oh and before i forget yes the CrossCountry HST and MK3s have now been sold

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