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Thoughts on: Hornby 2015 Range

So it is that time again where Hornby announce the products that will be released (or should be released in some cases) into the shops this year. In November 2014 5 products were already unveiled at Warley but the majority of everything else was kept hush hush. This year the products were announced on 17th December

But what are the products Hornby have announced? Well lets find out.

Warning: The opinions in this blog are solely that of my own and don't reflect the opinions of others and nor do they affect Hornby

Lets begin by looking at the train sets Hornby have on the cards for next year.


Firstly there was the Eurostar train set. This wasn't unlikely to appear as the Eurostar train set has been popular in the range since the model was first released in 1996! This time the train set will feature the new livery on the Eurostar.

The next train set was the Master of the Glens which features a Hornby P2! and some LNER Teak coaches. I recall saying on Twitter some time ago how i would like to see a P2 in a train set and is it much of a coincidence that this should be announced? It is the RailRoad version mind but it will be appreciated by youngsters and starters alike.

The Western Express features a GWR Hall  class with the 3500 tender and three Pullman coaches. The train set is eLink and will the loco has TTS sound. This is not the first eLink rain set to be made but its the first eLink set to have a TTS sound loco. This set is sure to be popular and be appreciated by youngsters and starters everywhere.


Now lets move onto steam locos

B17s were not unlikely to appear in the range as once Hornby have the tooling they will bring out others. In this case we have the BR Brunswick Green on all thee of these models with the exception of one weathered version whilst the other two of pristine. 

Next we have N15 class 771 Sir Sagramore which will be DCC Ready and DCC Fitted. The N15s are beautiful models as i have one with the Drummond tender and that is a fantastic model. I of course will not get another N15 but to those that haven't you will not be disappointed.

Next there is Duchess of Hamilton. Its been released before but this time i hope they will give it the correct shade of LMS Maroon and give it the silver trim above the drive wheels (something the previous models of 6229 lacked)

Two T9s (a firm Hornby favorite) have made there way onto the Range for next year. I have yet to get a T9 as one is on my wishlist but they are cracking models. One will be available in SR Black whilst the other is in BR Black with late crest.

Next we have three A3s. One is Booklaw that was meant to be released this year in 2014 year but never was, the other is 4472 Flying Scotsman that will be a TTS sound model and the other A3 is Minoru in BR Brunswick Green. The A3/A1s are fantastic models. I have two of them being Sandwich and Great Northern!

Next we have the Hornby Halls announced in 2013 for the 2014 range but were not but they will be released next year! Some people do criticise Hornby for late products but Bachmann are in the same situation and nobody bats an eyelid! either way here we have Rood Ashton Hall, Olton Hall and Adderley Hall with the 3500 tender. People have cried out for these models to be released but as the saying goes good things come to those who wait.

One point i want to make is Olton Hall appears to be in the Red livery she wore in the Harry Potter films but yet has the Great Western lettering. It may be nice to some but to me it doesn't look or seem right.

Next we have three School classes, namely Westminster ,Epsom. and Brighton. Westminster is in BR Brunswick Green and the latter two are in BR Black Early Emblem though Epsom has a white cab roof and will have white smokebox door bands. The Schools class locos are stunning especially in model form as i own Wellington in SR Malachite Green (probably the best livery they wore)

Should have put it in the section for A3s but here we have a limited edition model of 4472 Flying Scotsman. They have been released before but this just seems like another fundraising stunt to help with the locos overhaul that is now dragging on into a tenth year. I am not saying this is to help fund for the overhaul of the real 4772 but if so too many people have been involved with the overhaul of 4472. As the old saying goes too many cooks spoil the broth.

Next we come to the infamous GWR Heavy Tanks that were heavily criticized when first released, they had no sprung buffers though i have no care for them and molded smokebox door handles/darts. I the pics it looks like the smokebox door handles/darts will be put on separately though only time will tell whether they will have them or not. Five versions will be released, two min GWR Green whilst the rest will be in BR Black both Late late and Early Emblem.

Next we have a GWR Churchward Star class in BR Brunswick Green with Early Emblem and 4000 gallon tender. This model is British Monarch. I don't have a Churchward Star and don't really plan to own one but they look stunning.

Next we have the LNER J15s that were announced for a 2014 release but won't be released til 2015 not that its a bad thing though as i don't see it as being bad. Three liveries are available being LNER and BR black with both Late crest and Early Emblem. I have no plans to get a J15 but they look like cracking models who knows maybe in time i may consider one.

Next we have a Thompson O1 i have one on my wishlist but that is an LNER Back one that i want no a BR Black one! I have yet to get one but it will be sorted in the new year!

Next we have the LNER D16s that will be released in 2015. Four liveries are confirmed being LNER Black, Pre 1948 BR Black, BR Black Early Emblem and BR unlined Black with Early Emblem and is weathered! I plan to get the 1948 BR Black livery. These models are stunning by looking at them in the pictures and i don't think i will be wrong.

Three Duchess class Coronations will be out next year! theres Duchess of Sutherland that will have the support coach included and will perfectly recreate mainline movements. There is also City of Liverpool in BR Brunswick Green and City of Bradford. The Duchesses or brilliant models, i own City of Nottingham and Princess Alice (streamlined)

2015 will also see the release of two West Country Bulleid Pacifics namely Bude and Oakehampton, the latter is rebuilt whilst Bude is unrebuilt. I own a Rebuilt West Country and they are brilliant models so you won't be disappointed, as for the rebuilt West Countries well i have an unrebuilt BoB and they are terrific models too but i plan on getting an unrebuilt West Country so i may go for Bude

We next have the Drummond 700 class locos for release in four liveries this time i will not tell you what they are although among st the pristine ones will be a weathered model. I plan to get one of these models and i eagerly await their arrival which will be worth the wait.

Followed by the Thompson K1s and although these will be out in 2015 it has been said that their will be some K1s released at the end of 2014 this year! Some may say there isn't much of a choice of liveries as it is all BR Lined Black but i am not really bothered by this notion besides fans of weathered models will be glad there will be a weathered K1 released.

Mae way for the Castles! Here we have 4073 Caerphilly Castle with the 3500 tender and 5043 Earl of Mount Edgcumbe though it was only a matter of time for these preserved locos to appear in model form! I plan on a super detail Castle (to be purchased in 2015) but the one i will get is Penrice Castle and will be renamed and renumbered to 5071 Spitfire!

Next we have the Britannia class locos namely Lord Kitchener and Earl Haig. Lord Kitchener is to be a website and concession exclusive! These are models you will not be disappointed with as i have a Clan class that is similar to one of these and the detail is excellent.

Next we have four limited edition models of Silver Link (the pioneer) Quicksilver, Silver Fox and Silver King. These models will be released as part of the 80th anniversary of the first A4 class locomotives. I can only hope as can everyone these will not be like these Great Gathering/Goodbye models that were only released on the site and not in the shops which was an unfair notion to me. Knowing Hornby they probably will be web exclusives but you never know as these may get to shops.

Hornby will also release Golden Eagle in BR Express Passenger Blue though i question why it was pictured with coaches, its not a train pack but this does seem misleading let alone misguided that it was pictured with coaches and isn't a pack.

Hornby's Black Five will also be released in BR Black Late crest form, the Black Fives are beautiful locomotives as well as the models are and i own two of them and they are gorgeous, these models get alot of praise from me.

The Hornby 4Fs return for another year, it ain't the first time they were re released. Here we will get BR Early Emblem Black and LMS Black. These models will be loco driven as opposed to tender driven but the tender driven models are not bad models.

The Hornby 2Ps will also make a comeback. One will be released in SDJR Blue whilst the other in BR Black with Late crest. Like the 4Fs expect these models to be loco drive.

For fans of the B1 we have 61310 in BR Apple Green, a model that people have wanted to have been in this livery. I won't get it but the B1s are truly stunning models to own (i have one) downside here is the shade of numbering and lettering as its wrong. The lettering and numbering should be cream not yellow but maybe this will be re rectified once released.

Lets move onto new tooling as here we have the eagerly anticipated Adams Radial Tank showcased at Warley in November. The Adams Radial is on my wishlist and i as many others eagerly wait the release with much anticipation. Hornby are not the only ones to release an Adams Radial as Oxford Rail are also going to release them but in BR Black though. Hornby's will be available in both BR Black and SR Green. I don't know which livery i will get as i will want to see a picture first.

The eagerly awaited Hornby Kings are the next new tooling for 2015 one will have the single chimney, another will have the double chimney and brass bell whilst the other will have just the double chimney. It ws only a matter of time for Hornby to release a Super Detail King and they are releasing them alongside the DJ Models version for Hattons. I will go for Hornby's model

The Maunsell S15 is another release to be expected from Hornby next year and again was really only a matter of time for an S15 to be on the market! I own the N15 ( A similar loco) but i will plan on getting the S15. I dare say this has been a model people have cried out for for ages now but 2015 will see them in the shops.

The last announcement was surpising as it came in the form of a J50 Tank Engine which people have cried out for donkeys years for Hornby to bring them out. Limas model of the J50 was terrible so we will soon have a much better and super detailed model on the market. Two versions will be available being an LNER version with the standard bunker and a BR one with the extended (if its the correct term here) bunker. I will go for the LNER version and cannot wait for their release and these are guaranteed to be popular models.

we will now go onto Train Packs


Firstly we have got the First World War GWR troop train pack (what a mouth full) this pack includes three GWR clerestory coaches and a GWR Churchward Star in this case named Princess Alice. This pack will be limited edition.

Next we have the Tyseley Connection Pitchford Hall that will be limited to 1000 pieces. The pack includes GWR Hall being of course Pitchford Hall herself as well as three MK1s in choco/cream.

We then have the Going Home 1945- 2015 being the 70th anniversary of the end of the second world war and will also be a limited edition. The pack features an LMS Black, Black Five and three LMS Maroon Stanier period coaches.

Next we have the Return from Dunkirk train pack that will feature a SR 700 class with three Maunsell coaches. This train pack like the others will also be limited edition.

Next we have the Sir Winston Churchill's funeral train pack that like the others above will be limited edition. The release of this isn't surprising as 2015 will be the 50th anniversary of the death of Winston Churchill himself and next year 34051 Winston Churchill will be on display at the NRM with very Southern van that carried his body from Waterloo on January 30 1965.

And last but not least we have the Eurostar that will also be available as a train pack.Not much to say here but for those wanting it (i don't want it) will hope it gets released in this year as last time the Eurostar was announced in a similar livery to this it never was released in the livery it was announced in.

Lets go onto RailRoad Range products


Firstly we have the Crosti boiler 9f in BR Black with Early Emblem. Enough said for here especially as i have no plans to get one.

An LMS Patriot will also be available in the form of Bradshaw, a model meant for 2014 but wasn't to be.

The RailRoad Range also gets a GWR 4-4-0 in the form of County of Devon, a model meant for 2014 but it wasn't to be.

An LMS Black Midland Compound will also become available despite this was meant to come out in 2014 but it hasn't. I would like to see Hornby do a premium Midland Compound in the future but thats a suggestion though.

Next we have 1016 County of Hants in BR Brunswick Green with Early Emblem, this model uses the tooling Horny once used before the came up with the RailRoad Range, the Hornby County class locos are great models.

This model needs no introduction, its Evening Star which has been in the RailRoad Range before, i am not big on the Hornby RailRoad 9fs but i would have preferred seeing a model of a 9F that tey haven't done in model form.

I have decided to round up all the TTS models together as they are going to be in the RailRoad Range. These are from the 2014 Range that were meant to have been released this year (in 2014) but they were delayed. We have a Network Rail 97, BR Green class 40 and a BR Blue Large Logo class 47.

Next (the rolling stock from the RailRoad Range i will put in the rolling stock category) we have the 0-4-0s the last one being down as the class D. These models are very basic and so they are not really my cup of tea as to be fair although good for starters and youngsters entering the hobby are not brilliant models in terms of detail the 0F 0-4-0 models were a tad better but those models i don't really own (though i have in the past) these models as well as the 0F Pug 0-4-0s go unrealistically too fast.

Lastly we have 4468 Mallard. Enough said.

Now lets move onto Diesels and Electrics.


Get the Hoovers out! Here we have 50046 Ajax & 50024 Vanguard both in BR Blue Large Logo livery with black cab roofs. The class 50's are brilliant models and you will not be disappointed with them.

Next we have three class 08 Gronks all three available in three different liveries. Firstly we have 08417 in Network Rail Yellow livery (meant for a 2014 release) they have done 08417 in Serco livery previously now Gronk fans will have the same loco but in a different scheme.

Next e have 08489 in BR Blue with the small logo and lastly we have 08822 in First livery and is called John (hello John) the class 08s from Hornby are stunning models, expect cab doors, sprung buffers and super detail, these models blow those of the Bachmann models away in my opinion)

Here come the HSTs! Two of these are from the 2014 Range whilst the other two are fresh from the 2015 Range. Lets begin with the 2014 ones which are the Midland Mainline and Inter City with burgundy liveries. Not much to say here though the InterCity one would fit on a 1980s themed layout perfectly whilst the Midland Mainline one would fit well on an early 2000s themed layout.

The other two are fresh for 2015. Firstly we have an InterCity executive liver version that would fit well on a 1980s themed layout but this one has Red lettering instead of white lettering. The Red lettering isn't really accurate unless i am wrong. We also have a Network Rail one and this one has one of the buffered Power Cars whilst the other is a standard Power Car with no buffers which is accurate for the Network Rail HST. Interestingly no coaches have been announced for 2015 so anybody wanting to acquire it will have to shop round for some elsewhere.

Grids, grids everywhere. Three class 56's will be seen in the shops next year, it should be noted these are from the 2014 Range though. We have two Colas Rail Grids, one is 56094 that will have DCC Aound and the other is 56087 that will be DCC Ready. The other Grid is 56084 in BR Blue Large Logo. The class 56's from Hornby are terrific models as i own two and you will not be disappointed. They will please those that collect modern (ish) locos.

Skips! Here we have two EWS livery variants being nos 67024 & 67016 i don't own a class 67 (not at this point and i may in the future) but they are great models and have been met with mostly positive response in the model railway press. These models will please all generations.

All Tugether now, The class 60's from last year are coming to the shops in 2015, one in Coal Sector and the other in Transrail, one will be DCC Ready and the other will have DCC Sound.  i  have seen a few people moan about Hornby not making a Colas Tug but lets face it how many people would want to own one? I certainly wouldn't and with those modelling the 90s era on layouts (to those that only stay focused on modelling one era) they wouldn't buy a Colas 60 besides people should be grateful for what we have got, give Hornby time and they may at some point make one.

Hornby class 66 is to re appear in 2015 in the FreightLiner PowerHaul livery this version being 66504. Compared to Bachmanns these 66s are basic but i won't get one because i am not a fan of the class 66 as they aren't my cup of tea but those that collect modern era locos will do.

Oh dem pesky little Peds (or as i prefer to call them Goyles) here we have two versions one being fresh from the 2015 and one from the 2014 Range or is it?

Here we have Network Rail 31285 this is Hornby's second NR class 31 as they have released 31233 in the past. We then have DCR 31452 which is from the 2014 Range but they have appeared to have made a tiny alteration as this is shown to have full yellow warning panels but 31452 doesn't have the full yellow panels in real life and when it was first announced the model wasn't depicted with this either. Whether i will get it remains unknown and i probably won't but lets hope the full yellow panels are corrected to the half yellow panels once released in the shops. Regardless though both models will please those that model or collect modern era locos.

Someone get the Dysons! Two more of Hornby's class 92's are to enter the range since they last appeared in 2011 (i think) this time 92019 Wagner in Railfreight triple Grey with EWS logo and 92009 Marco Polo in DB Schenker Red. Those that collect modern or electric locos will be delighted by these releases. They are not for me though personally.

Those that have wanted a 90 can look no further for next year you will have 90029 in DB Schenker Red livery! Those that collect modern locos will be delighted but whether this will be a big seller is yet to be seen as Bachmann are to make some class 90s for to be released possibly in the new year. It looks like Hornby have a bit of competition on their hands.

The Sentinels are a coming! Three of Hornby's wonderful little 4wDM s will be released in 2015 two of which are to have side rods which isn't a surprise as the instructions for the ones they released in 2013-14 had them illustrated with side rods (the models didn't have them) so it was only a matter of when and time. Theres Wabtec, Balfour Beatty and the typical industrial style livery (Red with hazard stripes)

Those that are fans of the 153 will be pleased that Hornby will release two for the shops in 2015 (hopefully) these models are fantastic i should know as i own the Arriva livery version. Here we or should i see you have got one in FGW livery and the other in Northern Rail scheme.

Hornbys class 91 returns for another year and it still looks like the tooling has not changed which although i don't wish to own a class 91 it is a disappointment. By now i would have though Hornby would have atleast upgraded and replaced the motor and maybe even upgrade the detail because this models compared to other models Hornby make (the super detail ones) this just looks rather old.

Lastly we have the Hornby 2-HALs both models will be in BR Green and BR blue liveries so fans of Southern EMUs will be pleased by the arrival of these.

Now lets get onto the rolling stock starting with the coaches!


Hornby have announced a bulk load of FGW livery MK3 coaches which is intriguing as Hornby have not announced any FGW Power Cars to go with them yes i said that last year with the Midland Mainline coaches and was proven wrong but after further research i can confirm that no FGW Power Cars have been announced or planned for 2015 which is odd as if you are going to announce the coaches you might as well have the Power Cars.

Next we have the SR Push Pull Suburban coaches, these have been released before and whilst they have proved popular by modelers i feel it is time Hornby bought at something fresh and new instead of constantly (almost) churning these out, not a surprise they have as they are bound to do it but still.

Next we have the Inter City executive MK2s. Not much to say really other than the fact this is brand new tooling so it will be interesting to see what the final models look like.

We also have the InterCity Swallow livery MK2s too again not much to say really so its self explanatory.

Eurostar fans will also have two extra coaches for the Eurostar . Self explanatory again really.

The enxt train to depart platform 1 will be the Arriva service from Cardiff to Holyhead. That is right, next year will see the release of the Arriva premier service MK3s and the Arriva DVT.

Next we have the choco/cream MK1s , the one above reminds me of the earlier MK1s they did in the blood/custard livery.

We then have the Gresley/Thompson suburbans in BR Maroon. Self explanatory again but expect these to be super detailed like the other Gresley and Thompson suburbans have been.

We next have some other MK1s one in BR Maroon and is a composite whilst the other two are brake coaches, the one above is Red and the bottom one is BR Blue/Grey which looks to have metal wheels and metal buffers (possibly sprung loaded)

Another MK1 shows it to be heavily weathered in BR Maroon but it is also gratified and has cracks on the roof i can understand why they have done it with wagons as it adds realism especially since there are a lot of modern wagons out there that have graffiti but on a coach? It just won't look right because it won't be very realistic seeing this in a rake of other coaches running round your model railway, the only exception would be a rake of them being hauled replicating  as if they were been taken for scrap or storage but you get what i mean.

We have some other suburbans (presumably new tooling as i forgot it quite) all of which are in Maroon both BR and LMS that is.

We cannot forget the premium Pullmans, these were not unlikely to be in the range given since they first released they have been in the range ever since, and to people that may say Hornby don't make more detailed coaches can take that back!

Beings Hornby have announced an East Coast livery class 91 it makes sense for those that wish to acquire it to have the MK4s to go with it. The DVT is disappointing as by now i would have thought Hornby would re tool the style of DVT that is seen with the MK4s or better still they could have taken a premium DVT they have made and just modify it a tad to bring it into line more because this old tooling of DVT looks old compared to the premium ones.

For the fans of Hornby Clerestory coaches look no further for here we have a composite and a brake.

The 4 wheel coaches make a comeback in the RailRoad Range in 2015, expect plastic wheels rather than metal wheels however its the price i do not agree with i have no plans to get any of these but come on £14.99! That is a bit too much for a model in the RailRoad Range which is meant to be a budget range with budget models.

Here we have a couple more suburban coaches, self explanatory really as there isn't much to say about these coaches.

In 2015 Hornby will release a pack of three InterCity executive MK3s, not the first they've done this but then again it certainly isn't the last.

We then have a 12 wheeler GWR Blood/Custard buffet car/coach expect plastic wheels and the usual details unless Hornby decide to give it metal wheels and maybe even kit it out with interior lighting, that would look good.

Now lets move onto wagons


Lets begin with the GWR shunters wagons, they were favorable in the model railway press since they came out so it was no big surprise to see more of them.

New for 2015 and its new tooling at that are these BR 21 ton Hoppers in BR Grey, not sure if i will get or consider any, i probably won't do but then again those that like hopper wagons and wish for a rake of them then they are something to consider for your collection and layout.

Also new for 2015 in terms of tooling are these BR and LMS Maroon horse boxes, they look good but given they look identical to the GWR ones they really don't look all that new as its like they took the tooling from the GWR ones and just repainted them in different liveries.

Next its the CCT vans that were first released this year in 2014 and its no biggie that we are expected to get more on the market.

Next up we have the Fish vans, the tooling reminds me strongly of the one Dapol uses as both models look similar in terms of tooling. These were first released in 2014 and to be fair although its not unlikely to see more being released it would have been nice for Hornby to make these models look different somewhat to the previous ones perhaps some weathering because there would be more variety for peoples tastes.

Next up e have the HAA hopper wagons, one of which is used on cement trains and the other has weathering and graffiti. I plan on a rake of HHA (MGR) wagons so i might go for these unless i go for the RailRoad Range models but wouldn't mind having some premium models of these wagons.

Next we have the BR 20T brake vans one will be in BR Brown and the other in Civil Engineers Dutch livery. Expect all the usual details with these models.

The GWR Toad break vans will return in 2015, although one was recently a few years back was in the extremely flawed Titfield Thunderbolt train pack a few years ago it has been donkeys years since they were available as seperatly sold models. Both are in GWR Grey and BR Grey, it looks like plastic wheels will disappointingly have plastic wheels unless Hornby get this changed before release.

Sticking with brake vans for a little while we have the Shark brake van which will be in Mainline Blue livery, it would certainly look the part behind some Mainline livery wagons or if it was coupled behind a Mainline livery locomotive it would look quite interesting as a light movement!

We cannot live out the annual year wagon that Hornby bring out each year.

We then move onto plank wagons rounded them altogether so i don't have to separately talk about them. Well they are the tye of wagons we have seen Hornby release before. Detail isn't super but then again it doesn't have to be with these wagons and its fair to say the detail is quite impressive even if they still have the fat chunky couplings.

When then come to the RailRoad Range Plank wagons, these particular wagons aren't as good as the ones above and these wagons do lack a bit of detail but they are made for youngsters so we will leave it at that.

We then come to three pack Wagon packs. In this case we have a pack of three vans and a pack of 3 5 plank wagons. No plans at this point to get either of them and the detail is the same as the wagons shown before those of the RailRoad Range.

The last two wagons to be announced was an oil tanker and a Rudd wagon (i think) in LoadHaul livery. Pretty much self explanatory, its nice to see a Rudd in a livery other than Civil engineers though.


Now finally we get to the Skaledale range which i will look at all products in one go.

Where would Hornby's yearly range be without any products for the Skaledale range? Whilst i have no intention on buying any of these as usual the detail on these buildings look superb even though these are just CGI graphic drawings and not the actual products. Still though it whets your appetite of what is to be expected from the range, and for those wanting these buildings they will make a great addition to any layout.

Hornby capture the detail of the buildings perfectly but then again they do so as well with there locomotives (Premium, Super Detail, not RailRoad Range models) and there wagons and coaches (not RailRoad Range models/ super detail/ premium)

So that brings an end to these thoughts on Hornby's 2015 Range products, its taken months t write this up and thats not a lie i tell, i am just glad to finally get this blog post up and on my blogger. It should have been published in December 2014 but it never did because i was busy with other things let alone getting distracted and not finding the time to fully publish this. Maybe for the 2016 Range i will have that up round the time it is announced but thats a long way off yet

I shall now love you and leave you.....

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