Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Detailing a Hornby Autocoach

Whats this? a blog post on modelling on this blog? well thats a change!

Recently one of the many modelling projects i have been working on lately is detailing this Hornby Auto coach picked up a few years ago from Southerns Railways.

I first started by painting the inside of the roof with Humbrol matt White (forget which number) same may say it won't be that noticeable but it is slightly visible looking up from when looking inside the interior (if that makes sense) also i had been looking at pictures of interiors of Autocoaches on the internet and found one that had the inside of the roof painted white and decided to base it on the photo i saw on the internet.

I then started painted the interior up, i painted the seats Blue and the corridors Green, again based on photos i saw on the internet, Revell paint was used for the seats and Humbrol Green was used for the corridors.

I then painted the axle boxes on the coach blue, again using a Revell Blue paint.

The inside of the coach was painted using Humbrol Satin Oak, this was not intentional originally and was done by accident as some paint got on the inside accidentally but then decided to paint up the inside too which gives that that bit of extra detailing.

I then glued a GWR lamp from Springside on the front of the coach again this gives that that bit extra detail, i painted the inside of the lamp as the gem that was inside and fallen out and had gone missing.

I then added a guard at the front of the coach which again adds to the realism of the model, i used the guard from a Bachmann Scenecraft Station Staff pack which looks good, i had to chop a bit of his legs off though so he'd fit to size! I did that because otherwise he would look too tall and his head wouldn't be visible through the windows.

I then glued some seated passengers inside the coach before fixing the roof back into place, i have no idea what make the people are but they came from China! They were glued into place using the good o'l fashioned PVA.

Then i fixed the roof back on which just clips into place, no adhesive was required!

I then glued on some bufferbeam detail to the front of the coach, being vacuum pipes and a chain link coupling. I drilled holes in the bufferbeam using a small hand drill and then glued the details into place using super glue. The chain link coupling and vacuum pipes came from various detail packs from Hornby and Bachmann. This adds to much needed detail of the model thus improving it.

Then finally i added some handrails on the sides of the doors as you can see in the image above, this was only done because the originals went missing so i made some myself from wire which took forever in a day to do but pulled off well especially once they were glued into place.

And that is basically how i detailed a Hornby Auto coach which improves the model a whole lot better and i am also doing the same to another Autocoach i have only that one is in Choco/Cream livery whilst this one is in Maroon livery.

Thats it for now take care.......

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