Saturday, 11 July 2015

Hornby Railfreight Grey class 56 Oystermouth goes for sale along with a Triang brake coach


As shown in the link above my Hornby class 56 in Railfreight Grey no.56040 Oystermouth has gone up for sale on eBay. Reason because firstly i plan on getting a different second class 56 in a different scheme as i am not a huge fan of the Railfreight Grey livery, at least not on this class of loco anyways. Also the money is to fund for a Bachmann GWR City Class or Heljan Park Royal Rail bus (haven't made my mind up yet :P)

Buffers have been painted white, some bufferbeam detail has been added. The model is boxed, item runs well in both directions and has working lights. The cab doors open and the model also has spinning roof fans!

The model is DCC Ready, the model is in mint condition with no scratches or marks or any sort of damage to the locomotive. 

Item is being sold for Buy It Now at a price of £80, its a bargain, grab it whilst you can!

Also you will get a Triang brake coach with this model, the coach has the rear coupling missing and a few marks but otherwise is in good condition

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