Thursday, 16 July 2015

One item sells & item revisions

Firstly the eBay class 56 listing has been bought down by £10 and is now for sale at £70 however as well as a 56 you will also receive a brake coach made by Triang in good condition with a few marks and the rear coupling missing. Money is to go to a Bachmann WWI Ambulance pack so please please please take a look and give it some thought and consideration should you wish besides its a bargain!


Also my Airfix 4F has been sold and the price was lowered from £30 to £20, something i would have mentioned on a separate blog but didn't although that was mentioned on Twitter

Nothing special here really its just another advertisement blog to have an excuse to advertise the class 56 which now has a coach in order to sell the item and off load it to a lucky buyer

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