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Thoughts On: Bachmann's 2015 Range

So a few months back Bachmann announced their 2015 Range and today May 30th they announced another product for their range. What do i think of what is going to be released for the market. Well let's find out

In this blog i will only give my thoughts on the locomotives as this will save time, if i decide to give my thoughts on the rolling stock and other things too than that will be a separate blog.

Warning: The opinions in this blog are solely that of my own

 Firstly Bachmann announced two Robinson O4 ROD'S one in LNER Black (above) and the other in BR Black Early Emblem with weathering (below) i own a Bachmann Robinson O4 in LNER Black and it is a stunning model so if you don't own one of these models you must ask yourself why.

 Next it is the reintroduction of the J72 here it will be available in three different liveries as shown in the photos (LNER Green, BR Black Early Emblem and BR Black Late Crest) as they are going to reintroduce them to the range i hope they will upgrade the chassis because the split chassis the older models have is outdated compared to what we have now and the split chassis on some models is quite poor the Bachmann 04 being a shinning example. I also hope the body shell will be upgraded to with details like separately fitted door darts on the smokebox.

 Bachmann  have announced that they will upgrade the Royal Scot models, yes they look like Patriots here but to start with Royal Scots did look like Patriots so these what you are seeing are Royal Scots. They will be in two liveries LMS Maroon and BR Brunswick Green. I don't plan on getting on myself in case anyone asks.

Bachmann have also announced more Midland 1Fs despite the fact they were first released last year, they will be in three liveries. LMS Black without cab, BR 1948 Black without cab and BR Black Early Emblem with cab. I still don't plan on getting one of these as they are not by all means my cup of tea, i don't hate the class or dislike it i am just not wild on it.

 Bachmann also announced two C Class locos both in black being BR Black with Early Emblem and Southern Black, i still have yet to get one but i am hoping for a Green one not a Black one but should i change my mind then of these can be considered should i change my mind that is.

 Next we have the Bachmann class G2A's better known to you and me as the Super D's LMS Black and BR Late Crest with weathering will be released. I have still yet to get one of these but whether i will wait fore either of these two is another mater but what i do know is that they are stunning models.

Its not just the Royal Scots that Bachmann will upgrade, Bachmann have also announced upgrades for their V2 models, they will be available in BR Brunswick Green and LNER Black but more are not unlikely to be released at a later date.

They will not only have the new upgraded chassis fitted to them last time they were released but they will have a brand new retooled body shell, Bachmann's older tooling isn't without its flaws and is far from perfect but this time hopefully we will get the long waited improved and better model of this locomotive. Yes i shall be getting one of these to replace my older tooling of the V2 model i have.

 Bachmann's V2 has without a doubt changed every time it has been released and the previously while we have had a better chassis still hadn't have a better bodyshell but that is about to change.

 Bachmann have announced two class 70's in addition one will be in the FreightLiner PowerHaul livery and the other will be in Colas Rail livery. Colas Rail wasn't a livery that was unexpected for Bachmann to have applied on their class 70 model as it was a matter of when they would do it, it will please all the modern image modellers out there i dare say.

Bachmann will also bring out two Johnson 3F's. Not gonna say the liveries this time and won't keep saying them here,have no plans to get a Johnson 3F but from what i here they are said to be stunning models.

Bachmann have also announced two of their class 47 models a class of loco that as you all know i love, i own four class 47 models (though none made by Bachmann) and would like to own more. Personally i would like to own the BR Blue Large Logo variant as it would look stunning on the BR Blue/Grey coach rake currently four coaches long and will soon be seven coaches long.

One of Bachmann's stunning City class locos were announced, i don't own one but i want one! This one is in GWR Green, i may wait for this one to be released but that said i may not and get one of the others that have been released already i don't know yet.

Two of Bachmann's LNER J39's will make a return to Bachmann's range after some years of absence from the catalogue.Here are BR Black Early Emblem and LNER Black versions. I won't get either as i already own one though one of the older models in LNER Black but regardless tooling ain't much different only none NEM couplings and no sprung buffers on the older model as well as no drawbar tender connector. Regardless they are both good models (in my opinion)

Bachmann will bring out two of their excellent 4F models, one in LMS Black and another in BR Black with weathering. I own an LMS Black model and it is stunning if you ain't got one you are missing out!

It isn't just the J39's that have been absent in the catalogue for a while as the LMS Crabs here haven't been in a range for a few years now. I own an LMS Crab in the beautiful LMS Maroon as you know and i think that livery is better than both here but if you haven't got one than you won't be disappointed. 

The LNER K3's have also been absent from the catalogue for a few years and will return in 2015/16 in both LNER Black and BR Black. I own a Doncaster Green variant and its a brilliant model so i will not be needing to get another K3. They will go great on any layout.

Bachmann's Standard 4MT Tanks will be returning to the range. I plan to purchase one in the BR Brunswick Green livery for this will go great and look stunning with the Standard 3MT Tank in the same livery i have.

I have still yet to get a Bachmann class 40 these being the new retooled ones bought out last year and i do plan to get one of these, my eyes are set on the BR Green one with Split Headcode Boxes. There will also be a BR Blue Domino Headbaord and BR Blue Headcode Discs with weathering ones too. They are much better than the older tooling previously released.

Two Bachmann Deltic's have made it into the range too. There is the BR Blue version with weathering and White cab roofs and is to be produced as PINZA. The BR Green version with White cab roofs is produced as St Paddy released once upon a time in the BR Blue livery and is now available in this livery. They are great models and compared to the old Lima models they come out on top.

Next we have two Bachmann A1's being the original ones of course. Their is 60122 Curlew in BR Express Blue and 60117 in Apple Green. Bachmann it seems have decided to release 60117 without the nameplates on the smoke deflectors. 60117 was named Bois Roussel and so it confuses me why it is being released without the name because otherwise those wishing to own it will need to buy some nameplates for it elsewhere however changes are not unlikely as Bachmann have announced a Deltic as pristine before and when released it was weathered and some models have had different running numbers than what they were originally announced as. They may not change this but still.

Bachmann will also re release Two Ivatt class 4 Flying Pigs i own one in the LMS Black livery as shown above and ironically is numbered 3001 being one number off the one numbered as 3000 as shown above. One thing to point out the close tender connection does cause some issue going round bends due to the tender back cab however they are still great models.

One of Bachmann's 9F's will be released in BR Black with weathering, if you don't own one then you need to own one, their haulage capability is truly mind blowing.

I am not a big fan on the class 66's but Bachmann are to release two new class 66 models. One above in the FreightLiner PowerHaul liver and the bottom one in DRS Blue in a different style though. They will both not only please fans of the Sheds (their nickname) but those modelling the modern era.

Now we move onto new tooling models which Bachmann have announced three new models to the rnage and catalogue.

Firstly we have the GWR 9400 Pannier Tank. Three versions will be made available one in GWR Green and the latter two in BR Black. It wasn't surprising to see Bachmann announce them as they have made the 5700,8750 and 6400 Panniers so it was only a matter of time before they would make these. They have been on the market previously when Lima produced some but they weren't brilliant models to say the least so these will be better and will fill a gap in the market in terms of Pannier Tanks.

I shall get one, possibly in GWR Green or BR Black i don't know yet i will wait for however long it takes to release them before deciding though i do have eyes set on the GWR Green version.

Then their is the LNWR Coal Webb Tank. Three versions will be done. LNWR Plain Black, LMS Black and BR Black Early Emblem. I have no plans to get one of these as i am not a big fan on this class but it looks very grand considering its an old fashioned style locomotive. It has however been able to fill a hole in the market as locos like this are a missing link in it.

Then there was a third announcement which took me and i dare say others by a hell of a surprise

Exclusively for the LT museum shop Bachmann have announced they will produce the Underground S stock! This was something i never thought Bachmann would ever announce let alone produce.

The S stock will be released as a four car EMU unit though extra carriages would be sold separately so you can extend it should you want to. I am glad though they are making this it will not only please those modelling the Underground especially those modelling the Modern era of the said line but it is high time we saw some ready to run Underground stuff made for the market as it has been a missing link. Until now we only had EFE Tube stock which had to be motorized which you had to do yourself which would be expensive as the EFE models are expensive enough as they are and so would the motors sold separately. I do hope Bachmann will make more ready to run Underground stock now for the market as it is high time it was done so i praise Bachmann for doing this so its good to see Bachmann have realized these should be made and have decided to do it.

Plus if you ain't modelling the Underground others can easily replicate the 7X09 Tube stock drags with the class 20s using these units and Bachmann's class 20 models. That would look bloody brilliant on a layout. The possibilities these models have will be endless.

So that is all for now. I'll see you in the next blog

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