Monday, 3 August 2015

Thoughts on: Airfix KitStarter first thoughts

Recently Airfix announced a KitStarter campaign where they would pick out classic kits chosen by people and the one(s) backed by the most people would be produced. So far only a handful of kits have been confirmed.

The question is what are my thoughts on this campaign? Well you are about to find out.

Warning: The opinions in this blog are my own

I am going to be honest and this is coming to come down like a lead balloon but none of the kits (except for one) interest me at all, the majority of kits fail to wow me in any such way. I am sure some people out there are interested with whats been confirmed so far but most of the choices do not do it for me.

So lets begin with these three kits of Black Prince, Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. Of all kits out there that should be brought back into production why these three? I'm sure the answer to that is simple ''People want them to be brought back thats why they are on the campaign'' fair din come but where these ever popular when they were first produced? Maybe in those days yes but considering these kits are backed by very few people surely that speaks for itself. Considering what we have got on the market nowadays those kits are much more interesting in comparison to these.

Next we have these two kits which of course are the Blue Tits and Bullfinches. In one way i can see why these have been chosen, they're are people out there that are interested in animals let alone garden birds.I know the same could be said about the kits above but these have more backers than the ones above do. Interestingly though the Blue Tits have got more backers than the Bullfinches but i digress.

Whilst i do have a fondness of animals myself i don't think i would want to build kits like this anytime soon mostly because the eyes and feather detail look hard to get it to look right let alone paint but also these kits are quite fragile, once they brake thats that they are hard to be glued back together again especially if its the legs that brake off and if it happens several times over then you have a kit thats mucked up basically as once a kit part you have glued on with the poly cement brakes off it ain't easy to be glued back on again. In my house if this were on a shelve i don't think it would last long since we have cats. I picture the cat now knocking it off the shelf with this kit hitting the floor and then braking.

Also back when these were in production there was people who considered these kits as being girly and pointless, on the subject of being girly maybe this is a good way to get females into the hobby, they're probably already are some females in the hobby already but this would be a great way to get more into it because who says females cannot be in this hobby, they are female rail enthusiasts whom i support so why shouldn't we have female model makers.

Then we come onto the cars which we have a Rolls Royce from 1911 and a 1930 4.5 litre Bentley. Out fo the two only one i feel was a good choice and that is the 1911 Rolls Royce which looks classy, as for the 4.5 litre Bentley from 1930 why i will tell you why it isn't a good choice or should i say i will show you why.

Airfix have already bought the 1930 4.5 litre Bentley back into production already so why on earth is it on the KitStarter campaign? Yes its a different livery but it is still the same kit!

We then swiftly move along onto the aircraft which we have a Beagle Basset and a DHC Beaver. Something that bugs me a little is why do these, the cars and birds have only two kits when the human figures had three? thats a tad unfair but i'll rest my case. The Beagle Basset is the one kit in the campaign that intrests me so far i am not saying the DHC Beaver isn't interesting since it does look good but out of all these kits i am more interested in building the Beagle and this is the only kit that i would back at this point but for granted since it has more backers than the other kits it does look like that this will be the kit that will be brought back into production at this rate.

So that dusts off my thoughts on the KitStarter campaign so far, however why won't end the blog post here as i will give some suggestions on what they could next put in the campaign. Heres hoping they will consider these let alone add more kits to the campaign as at this point it looks meh.

First up there is the Ferguson Tractor, why should this be brought back into production? Because it was actually the first kit Airfix released by accident the first true kit they made was the Golden Hind which is still in production to this day so perhaps its now the time to bring this kit back on the market.

Next up we have the BHC SRN4 Hovercraft and i am not the only one who is wanting this kit to be brought back as others have already suggested this kit to Airfix but of all the kits i would like to see brought back this is my main interest. Firstly there aren't any other Hovercraft kits on the market so bringing this back would fill a hole, secondly this is a kit that i would love to build. Getting hold of the kit nowadays is not easy as its quite sparse and i haven't had too much luck in getting one so its high time this was brought back. Guaranteed if this gets chosen (heres hoping it does) this would i reckon would top the list and get the most backers and easily make it back into production.

Next up is the Jetstream kit, only suggest this because it looks like an interesting kit and there isn't too many kits out there of planes like this not to mention it looks like a private Lear jet so yeah.

Then there is the Airfix Hercules kit, its a very interesting model and interesting aircraft too which looks fascinating in terms of its design and also are there any other kits of the Hercules on the market? Okay yes Revell have produced similar kits of aircraft similar to this but whats stopping Airfix in making one? Answer to that in short is nothing Revell and Airfix have both made kits such as the Lancaster Bomber and Spitfires among others.

Don't know how much of a classic kit this can be considered as but it ain't in production yet and given it looks interesting in terms of its design its high time the Lockheed Super Constellation was brought out again. There is nothing else like this anywhere.

I am sure your thinking ''why are you suggesting a Concorde kit when Revell already produce one?'' Well i have built the Revell one and its okay but i would like to see how the Airfix one would compare to that of the Revell kit, plus the 1:72 scale one (as pictured) i hear is meant to have complicated instructions so it would be good to bring it back just to see people getting rattled off or struggling to build it.

The Queen Elizabeth II is another kit i feel that should be made again, i know Revell made one previously but it wasn't a very good one a that, If Airfix were to bring it back it would be interesting to see how it would compare to the Revell one.

So that brings an end to this blog post, i do have high hopes for the Hovercraft to be made again but equally hope the others will be considered but now its a matter of waiting and hoping. If Airfix view this post i hope they will consider these onto their KitStarter campaign.

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