Saturday, 26 September 2015

Hornby Super Detail A4 Silver Fox for sale

You are viewing a Hornby A4 that i have for sale, the model was previously 60031 Golden Plover but has been renumbered and renamed to 60010 Silver Fox.

The model has had the rear small connecting rod removed as the pin that held it in place had gone missing and the plastic part above that wheel its connected onto had broke but it still runs well regardless in both directions. Model is boxed. 

The model has only ever been run a handful of times, it has a few small hand painted areas and some marks round the numbers but the model is in mint condition otherwise. 


Price: £70, its a bargain considering brand new it costed £90 and free postage too, selling it off so i can get one of the newly released D16's from Hornby. 

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