Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Thoughts on: Hornby Peckett & Sons W4 0-4-0ST and some livery ideas

So a couple of days ago Hornby announced a Peckett & Sons W4 0-4-0ST locomotive for their upcoming 2016 range. What are my thoughts on this model? Well lets dive into this blog post shall we?

The opinions in this blog post are solely that of my own

Can i just say that i am very delighted that Hornby have announced a small locomotive like this for the 00 scale market because small locos such as Pecketts, Andrew Barclay, Hawthorn Leslie, Bagnall etc are all major missing links in the market because not many small locos like this get announced and are just left to stand in the background and are neglected, yes Dapol are to release the B4 at some point but just how many small steam locos have been released in the last several years, not many its fair to say they have been very few and far between. Small locos are just as important as the big engines(tender engines) and the larger tank engines.

As well as the CAD/CAM development above they also showed off this early stereo sample, its not what the final model will look like in terms of detail but rest assured this little loco will be worth the wait and will be highly detailed. Whether i am going to get one remains to be seen as i will want to wait to see what the final models look like in photos before coming to a definite decision though i would like to own one of this little Pecketts.

It does raise a question though! since Hornby have announced this, the class 71 and Unrebuilt Merchant before 2016's range is announced will we see more new models we don't know about or will they just be previous models in different liveries being released? Who knows, only time will tell.

 Now Hornby have said they are letting us have our say on what liveries these should be in, i have a few livery choice ideas in mind.

Firstly there is the NCG livery as shown here on Bagnall Linda on the Chasewater Railway, yes this loco isn't a W4 but it is a strikingly similar loco to the W4 and besides we are here in this section to discuss liveries. Reason i say NCB is because firstly its Blue which is my favorite colour and also i don't own many Blue livery locomotives in my fleet so i think i Blue livery on this model  needs to be done especially because livery wise you don't see very many NCB livery models released. Plus the livery stands out a lot too with those Red wheels and yellow lining.

Now this locomotive is W4 but in a livery that arguably less appealing but whilst it is still nice its not as attractive as the NCB livery above. Only suggested this though cause its a basic livery seen on many small locos like this and it might be nice to see one in this scheme however as a little alteration i would have some lining put onto it to make it stand out a tad more.

My final livery choice is this, its on the same scale as the NCB livery not in terms of the same colour but the fact that this livery stands out more with the lining especially with the gold dome and copper cap chimney as well as the painted smoke box door darts and bands and the name of the company the loco worked for on the tank sides. Personally i would like to see this and the NCB livery the most.

Thats it for this blog post so i'll see you in another blog post soon! Take care!

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