Tuesday, 22 December 2015

class47peter on: Flying Scotsman

I am really getting sick and tired of all this moaning about Flying Scotsman not wearing Apple Green and not having original parts etc, not only is it rather unnecessary and uncalled for it is also disrespectful to both the NRM and Ian Riley who have both worked so hard to bring the loco back into steam ready for 2016, you should all be grateful of both what Ian Riley and the NRM have done and you should be grateful that Flying Scotsman is going to be steaming in your lifetimes. 
For a start the LNER Apple Green livery on Scotsman is historically inaccurate for the guise it has, double chimney, smoke deflectors etc and to those who complain about the smoke deflectors they are there because without them visibility would be difficult due to it having the double chimney, i think the deflectors give it a mark of distinction and find nothing wrong with them, the NRM are not going to paint 4472 back in Apple Green just to shut up the ones constantly whinging and bitching about the engine, the BR Brunswick Green that it will wear is a rather handsome livery and it suits Scotsman rather well and it suits it more than the LNER Apple Green because the BR Brunswick Green is an accurate livery for its guise.
I have seen Scotsman in both LNER Apple Green in 1998 and in 2012 in its Wartime Black but i haven’t yet seen it in the BR Brunswick livery, as the old saying goes ‘’a change is as good as a rest’’ and it will be nice to see 60103 wear something different livery wise. 
and as for the whole non original parts thing over is 90 year long career barely any of parts on Flying Scotsman are original, its not just during its recent overhaul but throughout the 90 year long career from when first built as an A1 to being rebuilt as an A3 the engine has had many new parts as opposed to what it would have looked straight out of the workshop. 
Every locomotive receives new parts because it they had all the original parts the locomotives wouldn’t be able to work, there isn’t a single loco out there that has all the original parts, every loco in preservation has been given new parts so hardly any parts that are original are left because once the part becomes worn it needs replacing for the engine to continue in service, even Tornado that is a new build engine has received replacement parts, its vital that a worn part is replaced, back in the heyday of steam like i said above 4472/60103 would have had replacement parts so by that point hardly anything of the loco would be original but regardless without original parts it is still the same old Flying Scotsman just with new parts so i don’t understand why people complain about this as i find it worthless, its almost as if some people (no offence) don’t know anything about locomotives or how they work the way they go on
2016 is going to be a big year for the steam legend which the year in question is only round the bend now and i am really excited and jumped for joy about it and i am excited that i’ll be able to see her to steam especially since its the first time in how many years 60103 would have steamed, if you don’t like it then you can lump it, don’t try and ruin it for others with your constant and endless moaning because i don’t give a damn, if your going to be like this then don’t have anything else to do with Scotsman and don’t get involved with its season next year and keep your moaning to yourselves. You should be thanking the NRM and Ian Riley because without either of them Scotsman may not be steaming next year, If you don’t like it then its tough cookie, deal with it, besides i am inclined to believe that the NRM have wanted to get 60103 back in BR livery for ages and it was meant to carry this scheme i hear when it was last in steam but due to a vote it carried the inaccurate livery for its guise that it wore. 
Sorry i have sounded a bit harsh in some points on this post but something just had to be said as all this complaining,moaning and whinging as gone on for long enough and if you don’t like what i have said or if you don’t like it full stop then that is not my problem, you are just going to have to deal with it because this iconic steam locomotive should be getting a hell of a lot more priase and attention then all this moaning and so should the NRM and Ian Riley.
As the old saying goes you either put up or you shut up! 

Yes this is my Tumblr statement posted on my blog but something needs to be said about all this, we may have our own views but all this whinging and moaning is another thing, people should be grateful not constantly having a go at the engine or those involved with its restoration, its got out of hand now

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