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Thoughts on Hornby 2016 Range

Back in November 2015 Hornby announced their 2016 Range to the world and the following Saturday announced two further items at Warley.

Like i did with the Bachmann 2015/16 announcements post i'll only be talking about the locomotive models and train packs. 

So lets dive into Hornby's 2016 Range to see what they have to offer!

Lets start with the new releases models first (new tooled models) before moving onto the rest.

Firstly announced earlier last year was the unrebuilt Merchant Navies, these models will complete the story of the Bulleid Pacifics on the model railway market, they have released West Countries both rebuilt and unrebuilt, Battle of Britain's again both rebuilt and unrebuilt and they have before made the rebuilt Merchants but they had never made the unrebuilt ones before and they are a model that those in the hobby have long been requesting for this model to be produced (in 00 gauge form) they aren't currently making the rebuilt Merchant as i write this as it hasn't come back in the ranges for quite some years now but despite that they can still be bought from some shops. 

Four models will be made, 35028 Clan Line, 21C1 Channel Packet, 21C3 Royal Mail and 35023 Holland Afrika Line, Clan Line and Holland Afrika Line will both be in BR Lined Green, Holland Afrika Line will have TTS Sound, Channel Packet and Royal Mail on the other hand will both be in SR Malachite Green, 35028 in its unrebuilt form will surely turn quite a few heads as we will get to see what she looked like unrebuilt in model form as this is one that is preserved. 

I had expected BR Express Blue to have been produced on the model but this isn't the case for either of these models but rest assured they will hopefully make that livery on this model later in the future, i think for now though my heart is set on the Malachite Green though i would have loved the Blue but i'll wait to see the actual models in pictures to see what i'll do for definite whether i'll wait for the Blue ones or not.

I have already posted my thoughts on the W4 Peckett which you can read here, again i am unsure if i'll be getting one or not so we'll see, according to the 2016 handbook they will be in industrial green, dark green and red and dark blue and red though they haven't announced the liveries yet on their web as i write this.

One of the models announced at Warley was in the form of the Q6, this is a model that has longed been needed to be on the market as this model fills a gap in the market for LNER Freight locos, 3 liveries are to be available, two in BR Black with late crest and early emblem and LNER Black, i was planning for the LNER Black livery but instead i am wanting the Early Emblem as i don't have many BR Black livery LNER locos and so thats why i have chosen that livery, i eagerly await the release of this model.

Back in 2014 Hornby announced the BR Class 71 for their 2016 Range, 3 liveries will be available, mainly BR Green both yellow and Green warning panels and BR Blue, i won't get one but they are sure to please many who have longed for a model like this, yes Silver Fox Models made one but it has since been discontinued i believe.

The last announcement made at Warley alongside the Q6 was the LNER B12 a model which has since longed been in need of a retool, the old tooling is okay but it isn't without its flaws and considering its a basic model it looks old compared to the high detailed models we have nowadays, interestingly this was one of the models on RMwebs poll so is it a coincidence somewhat that Hornby should announce it this year for next year? But for this model to be retooled wasn't unlikely as it was only a matter of time for Hornby to have done so especially because it will go well with the D16 released last year.

3 liveries will be released, BR Black early emblem and BR Black late crest are two liveries to be released, the LNER livery is interesting because on page 10 of the handbook  it says it will be LNER Apple Green but on page 11 where it lists models to be released it says its will be LNER Black, Hattons and other shops have said it will be LNER Black as well, which of these though is correct? If its LNER Black i won't get it thats for sure as i am wanting it in LNER Green so if its not in this livery i will probably wait a bit longer for it before getting one.

Now lets move onto the other releases.

This announcement was interesting,its a pack of four LNER Apple Green liveried locomotives that will be limited editions and will be released like the Silver Jubilee and Great Gathering collections, it continues P2 Cock O The North, Gresley A1 2554 Woodwinder, A3 2503 Firdaussi and A4 4494 Osprey, the A4 in this livery has long been overdue and for some reason has not been released until now and its raised questions i have seen to why its available only in this expensive set but like with other collections they have done its likely to be sold separately rather than just in a pack of four locos.

This year marks the 40th Anniversary of the introduction of the HST (High Speed Train) and so Hornby will be releasing this special limited edition train pack of these two Power Cars.

Hornby are also to release one HST Power Car in the Virgin Trains East Coast livery and it will have TTS Sound, i am confused to why they are only making one in this livery and at the price it is considering the TTS

Hornby are to release another of their B17 models this one being 61669 Barnsley in BR Lined Green.

I am not sure why this model from the RailRoad Range is making its why into the Super Detail range and its not just Evening Star here other RR models overtime have been in this said range and i don't understand why as they are made for those starting into the hobby and thats why they have the RailRoad Range so why put it in a range thats meant for Super Detail models? Its high time anyway they made super detail 9F models me thinks anyway.

Something for the Southern Fans,Hornby are to make a BR Blue 2-HAL EMU with the Yellow warning panels though haven't they made this livery on this model before?correct me if i am wrong but i am sure they have but thats not unlikely to happen anyway as its happened with other models.

Yes Hornby are to release more of their GWR King models, not unlikely once the tooling is released, liveries are GWR Shirtbutton, BR Lined Green and BR Express Blue, if you don't have one of these models yet then you need one, spoilers they are fantastic models.


Hornby will also be making more of the S15 models, liveries are as pictured Southern Black and BR Black with early emblem and late crests.

This brings us on to the Drummond 700's liveries are SR Black and BR Black with early emblem and late crests, same liveries as the S15's above really though the S15 SR Black livery has the sunshine lettering.

Hornby have announced an A4 in Wartime Black, this model is numbered as 4499 Sir Murrough Wilson.

2016 is a big year for 60103 as it marks the return to steam of Flying Scotsman since 10 years and respectively have announced a model of her in her BR Lined Green livery that she will wear, this model is apparently due out in March so i've heard.

Rule Britannia! Britannia Class (BR Standard 7MT) 70034 Thomas Hardy will be released, one for the lovers of this class but then who doesn't love them and if not then you have to love them. Simples.

they will also make a B1 in BR Black Lined with early emblem and is listed as 61032 Stembok, They have made a lot of B1's in this livery lately and i think they should make more in other liveries such as the BR Apple Green for the exclusive one they did last year or even LNER Apple Green which is a livery they haven't done on the B1 yet well not Hornby anyway.

The GWR Star Class will be available again though this time we have 4013 in GWR Green, not much to say here really as it is what it is.

Hornby's N15 will be available too this one in Lined BR Green with early emblem and is listed as 30792, don't need it as i have an N15 i am more than happy with.

I have still yet to get a T9 so perhaps this could be the one to go for maybe? I do like this SR Green livery, model is 116 btw.

Its been a while since the 2P was in the range and so this year it makes a comeback though this time it will be a TTS Sound model! In terms of tooling though whilst its a good model i do think it needs a retool.

Hornby will also bring out one of their 4F's in their TTS Sound range though personally hands down go to Bachmann for me as theres is with all due respect is a better model in my humble opinion.

The Thompson L1 in Apple Green will be available on this time the numbering and lettering style is different, i am sure many LNER fans will approve.

Not much of a livery variety here i mean they could have had one of the 52xx's weathered or give it a late crest so it would be a little different, i prefer GWR Green myself but why not have GWR Wartime Black? not sure if it would be accurate on these models but i would love to all the same in general see Hornby release a GWR loco in Wartime Black though the same goes for other manufacturers too.

Hornby are also to release an N2 in LNER Black, these models are becoming popular and to some extent it isn't hard to see why.

Now don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with the Hornby Hunslet Austerity of J94 models but they could do with a retool given the tooling is a tad outdated now having it dating back to when Dapol produced them, DJH models Hunslets will probably top the Hornby models but it would be nice to see them retool them up though they are still nice models to own and they still look the part.

The same goes for the Hornby Terriers, they need a retool as this tooling takes back to when Dapol produced them, these models are still good but they need a retool to bring them into line with the super detailed stuff we get on the market now and to bring the more into line with the O gauge Dapol models.

Hornby will make a class 50 in NSE livery, this one being 50026 Indomitable, the Grey i think is a tad too light but it will still undoubtedly be a stunning model as the Hornby 50's are.

Hornby will release two class 56's, 56018 in EWS livery and 56108 in Railfreight Grey, to notice with the latter the red is still the wrong shade as it should be a lighter shade than on the model.

Hornby's 153s return and two will be made, this one will be Regional Railways, it has been illustrated with snowploughs but many photos and 153's i have seen back in the day in this livery don't have the snowploughs.

Hornby will also make one in Arria livery, not sure which scheme it will be in as they haven't given a picture with that info, i am speculating it will be the new Arriva livery though i could be wrong.

Back to HST's and there will be these two in the FGW livery, i still think though they should make more classic liveries, GNER, East Coast, InterCity Swallow and Virgin Trains and the old style FGW liveries too, they have made more than enough of the new FGW liveries of HST now.

Hornby will bring out another class 92, i now this is fairly new tooling but i think a super detail one should be made sooner or later though i won't get one as i don't plan on that.

Three class 67's will be coming out too, one in the new ScotRail livery and the other two in EWS livery, the new ScotRail livery one will be sound fitted.

There will be two Sentinel shunters released two, don't need to state the liveries as you know anyway by the photos, the livery of the second one though does stick out as its a shocking shade of Blue.

There will be two packs for the RailRoad Range, the first with a GWR livery 0-4-0 with two wagons and a Toad brake van whilst the other is an LMS class 08 in said livery with three wagons, the models aren't great and to be honest neither are the wagons except for the Toad but these are budget models at the end of the day.

There will also be a RailRoad 08 released in InterCity Swallow livery.

There will be a BR Green class 42 Warship too, i think its time though Hornby made a Super Detail model of this, i would love to see them do it.

There will be two Black 5's but only this one in BR Black with late crest has a photo, its the budget one too of course so not as detailed as the premium models Hornby produce.

The typical Industrial 0-4-0 will also be in the RailRoad Range, the brake pipes are interesting though, as illustrated it looks like it will have them and the pipes themselves are painted which slightly gives it added detail.

Hornby's RailRoad Deltic will be in BR Green with yellow panels, its nice to see Hornby make their Deltic in a livery that isn't BR Blue for a change.

The RailRoad Jinty in SDJR Blue will also be available, it looks like this model will have the painted brake pipes as well which like the 0-4-0 will give it a little bit more detail.

If you like Hornby Halls then here you go, i am not sure why they put them in the RailRoad Range though why they couldn't put them in the premium range is beyond me.

Hornby really do need to retool the class 91 as its still the old basic model from the 80's are whenever they were first made, its good to see they chose this livery and MK4's will be available but a retool is long overdue now for the modern market as this tooling is out dated and looks old compared to lets say the class 71.

Then we have these RailRoad Range models that will be fitted with TTS Sound, a BR Blue Class 40, A Railfreight Distribution 47 and Mallard, again like with Evening Star i don't why Hornby feel the need to take them out the RailRoad Range and plonk them into the premium range on occasion as they being models for the beginner should stay in the range made for beginners not putting them in the premium range and charging a lot of money for them when these models aren't even that detailed.

Hornby will be releasing another D16 this time in LNER Apple Green, no photo of the model hence why i am using a photo of a real D16 in said livery, it could look like this but it may look different so this should be taken at face value.

Hornby will also re release the streamlined Coronation and this time i am using a photo of a model as it will look like this however it wont be 6229 as shown, it will be City of Bristol no.6237.

They will also bring out another stunning Thompson O1 in LNER Black, it won't have this running number but beings it will look no different it doesn't matter using this photo.

3 more J15's will be brought out, all three will be the same liveries as the first ones were only different running numbers.

Two K1's will get released, one in BR Black Late Crest like the one in the photo and another in British Railways Black with the full lettering but couldn't find a photo of one.It would be nice if Hornby did other liveries, i'd either like them to do the preserved one or one in the fictitious LNER Green that the preserved one once carried in preservation.

Hornby's 4P Fowler Tank returns this time in BR Lined Black only it will have late crests and not the early emblem as shown in the photo but couldn't find a pic of one in that livery.

Three Adams Radial's will be in the range two available separately being these two. One in BR Black Lined with late crests whilst the other will be Southern Black, theres no photo of the model so used a pic of the real one as that is what it will look like.

3 more J50's will be coming out, one in unlined LNER Black, another in BR Black with early crests which i used a photo of the real one as it may get released with the bunker shown in the photo and there will be another BR Black J50 only this one will be departmental no.14. No photo of the model so theres a photo of what i think is the real no.14 not sure but if not it look like the one in the photo anyway

There will be an SR Black livery Schools Class released with Bulleid lettering (assumingly sunshine lettering) and will be numbered 921.

There will be a GWR Castle Class released in GWR Green Shirtbutton here i have used a photo of the old tooling. The model will be 5076 Drysllwyn Castle.

There will be a GWR Grange released in BR Lined Green with late crests, model will be Llanfair Grange.

There will be an unrebuilt West Country Class released this one will be 34032 Camelford

There will also be a rebuilt Battle of Britain in the form of 34077 603 Squadron

There will be a BR Green livery class 31 in the form of D5509

There will be two class 08 Shunters, one will be 13363 in BR Green which i hope will be the full BR Green livery without yellow panels. The other will be 08644 Laira Diesel Depot shown in the photo.

There will be two class 66's one in DB Schenker Red and will be 66185 and the other will be 66079 in EWS livery.

There will be a class 60 with TTS Sound, according tothe handbook it will be 60066 in the Drax Silver livery.

There will be two class 90's, 90015 in Virgin Trains livery and 90014 in Railfreight Grey with EWS logos assuming it will turn out like the livery worn by 90036

This year will mark the return of the class 20's after years of absence from the Hornby catalogues though i still think the Bachmann models are better as Hornby's are just Lima bodies on upgraded chassis, there will be 20163 in what i can only assume will be BR Blue whilst 20059 as confirmed to be Railfreight Grey, 20163 will have TTS Sound.

Hornby interestingly have put a BR Class 87 in the RailRoad Range, it will be in BR Blue and will be 87026, it could look like this but may look a little different but still.

Hornby will also put a D49 in the RailRoad Range, this one will be 62760 The Cotswold, i think its now high time for a premium model of the D49 to be on the market now as this tooling is long outdated now.

There will also be a Crosti 9f in the RailRoad Range, it will be in BR Black with late crests but this one will be weathered which is interesting as its the first weathered model to go in the RailRoad Range, i don't understand though why Hornby decided to plonk it into the RR Range, why not put it in the premium Range which it should have gone in is beyond me.

We then come onto train packs, this one is the EWS Freight Pack that will contain an EWS class 67 (not with the running number as shown in the pic) and three MHA wagons, this isn't the official picture of the pack, this is a pic i have made myself as there is no picture of these packs on the Hornby site but have made my own in few cases but it still shows how they will look.

Next is the LMS Suburban Passenger Pack that will have a Fowler 4P Tank in LMS Black and three Stanier non corridor coaches in LMS Maroon, again this is a picture i created myself but its how the pack will look when released though the loco will of course have a different running number.

Hornby will be returning The Queen of Scots in train pack form it will have a Garter Blue A4 numbered as 4500 Garganey and three Steel K type Pullmas being Brake Third, Kitchen First and Parlour First.

Then there is The Bristolian, used a photo of the real one in this case, it will have a GWR King with Shirtbutton logo and will be 6009 King Charles II and there will be three of he new Hornby Collett bow-ended coaches, a brake corridor third, right hand brake corridor third and third and left hand composite.

Then we get The Lyme Regis Branch Line pack, it will feature an Adams Radial Tank in BR Lined Black with early emblem though it won't have the running number shown in the pic as the pic is made by me though it will still show how it will look once released. There will also be two of the LSWR ex Maunsell coaches in the form of a LSWR Brake third and a Brake Composite, couldn't find a pic of the brake composite so used a photo of just a composite coach but the pack will still look identical to this pic that i have made.

Lastly we have The Last Steam Hauled Golden Arrow pack that will commemorate the last steam hauled Golden Arrow service that ran 55 years ago and it was hauled by rebuilt West Country 34100 Appledore, the train pack will feature rebuilt West Country Appledore itself and three Pullman coaches (the eight wheeled type) the coaches will be Kitchen First ''Minerva'', Parlour second 34 and Parlour 36.

So that sums up the new Range for this year from Hornby, there are plenty of goodies to look forward to this year and it looks to be one of the most exciting ranges Hornby have put out for in a long time, there is plenty to be looking forward to here whether its the sound fitted models, RailRoad Ranges, train packs or the new tooled models.

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