Friday, 5 February 2016

Liveries announced for Hornby's Peckett W4 0-4-0ST

Today (as i write this) Hornby have announced the liveries for the Peckett 0-4-0ST W4's, as they are to make three models they have announced three liveries (appropriately) but what liveries are they?

Firstly there is Dodo in Leaf Green livery with Black lining, the leaf Green wheels certainly are eye catching and the Red side rods stand out a lot.
Then there is Manchester Ship Canal no.11 in the Manchester Ship Canal house colours which of course is Green (a darker shade) though due to me being colour blind i at first thought it to be Red i only knew it was Green later by being told it was Green from a family member, still the livery does look good and it looks like the smoke box door darts will be painted silver on this model as shown in the artists impression (of sorts) 

Then there is the Huntley & Palmers Peckett in a Blue livery with Black lining, this is my favorite of the liveries simply because Blue is my favorite colour and it does look good on the model and the loco, the Gold dome certainly does make it stand out more too. 

So those are the liveries of the Pecketts soon to be released from Hornby, still un sure if i'll get one as i will wait to see the pics of the finished model, though if i do get one at any rate i will be going for the Huntley & Palmers livery Peckett. I do look forward to the release of these models, small locos have been a major missing link on the market so its nice to see this being released, it will be interesting to see if other small locos make it to the 00 scale market as well at some point which i am sure they will.

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