Friday, 5 February 2016

Thoughts on: Oxford Rail 2016 Range Announcements

Enough with the blog posts of the latest videos or some older videos needing more views linked to the blog, time now to give my thoughts on Oxford Rail's 2016 announcements, a blog post that i have wanted to do for a while, either way lets get started.

Firstly we have the GWR Dean Goods which will be released in three liveries and was the only new loco model announced for their 2016 Range, one of which is shown in the photo.The Dean Goods has long been in need of a new retooled model, when Hornby first released theres it was just tooling from the MainLine Models Dean Goods so a retooled model is long overdue and i am pleased Oxford Rail have announced it, it will also fill a hole in the market too as the Dean Goods has been missing from the market in recent years as Hornby discontinued there model long ago. I therefor eagerly look forward to the release of this model.

Oxford Rail then announced some MK3 coaches, this particular announcement is intriguing since they haven't released or have yet to release their own HST Power Cars but its also interesting that they announced some which will have features such as NEM couplings, separate details,metal buffers etc i am hoping that they will be better than the Hornby models, don't get me wrong Hornby's are not terrible models especially since they have interior lighting which i doubt these will have as they haven't mentioned that on their web but the Hornby models weren't without flaws such as painted gangways, small wires which snapped off once the body was removed and in other cases as is with the buffet coaches they didn't fit interior lighting in them and also bizarrely used super glue to glue the body to the chassis. I strongly hope Oxford will avoid these notions, whether they will feature interior lighting or not they should look stunning with the Hornby HST Power Cars.

Oxford announced a couple of wagons, they announced 6 Plank and 4 Plank wagons which will go nicely with the 7 Plank Wagons they have made, in terms of detail they do look pretty good and may even get my hands on a few myself.

The choices of liveries are pretty good too not to mention the white wheel walls on the wagons which adds to detail and whilst they didn't need to be painted they have gone out the way to paint them, thats something that other manufacturers don't always do with their Wagon models.

As well as the Plank Wagons they also announced LNER Cattle Wagons, considering Hornby announced the Bulleid Cattle Wagons we only really needed the LNER Cattle Wagons to be made for the market and so now Oxford have announced them. Not sure if i'll get one but they look good.

I know i said the Dean Goods was the new loco model they announced but technically the Adam's Radials can't really be considered as that new as these are just liver alternatives that they are to release, whilst one livery (BR Lined Black) is one they have announced already they have also announced EKR and Southern Green liveries of the Radials especially since Hornby haven't announced these two liveries for their Adams Radial Tank models but it will be interesting to see if they do later on, regardless whilst this particular model isn't perfect and Hornby's looks to be better (in my opinion) its good to see they have announced more liveries, maybe they will also do this with the Dean Goods at a later date in the future? Who knows. 

So that wraps up this blog post on the Oxford Rail 2016 Range, there are plenty of exciting models to look forward too and i can't wait to see what else they have install in the future for the 00 scale market of model railways.

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