Thursday, 24 March 2016

Detailing a Hornby Hunslet Austerity

After quite a few posts on the latest videos to be uploaded to the channel (which i have been linking here to ensure they get more exposure) we have a new blog post, this one on some modelling ,well to some extent its modelling anyway

Nowadays my blog is used to giving my thoughts on things, new ranges etc but on occasion reviews have been on here, modelling (on occasion) and posting links to the latest videos so this blog post will be different especially because i have been meaning to get it out of the way for a while now 

So in todays blog post we look at me detailing up a Hornby Hunslet Austerity model which although it isn't a bad model there is still room for improvement, especially with the new DJ Models versions of them due out later this year which i sold my other Hornby Hunslet 'Wimblebury' off to get one of them, i should also point out that this was done a month a go so apologies for it being late, i have been busy and i have been ill recently

The first thing i did was remove the cab, held in place by two screws under the chassis and gently un clipping it, the cab has a weight in and because of that is quite heavy

In the cab i painted the details, some of it was already painted but it wasn't perfect so i decided to improve it and it looks better now

The paint i used was Revell's paint, i have recently took the Revell paints under my wing and i now prefer them over Humbrol's because Revell's paint dries quicker and should you get it on areas where you don't want it including your fingers your can just rub it or wipe it off or with your fingers just was it off unlike Humbrol's which needs swarfega to get it off, but thats not to say Humbrol's paints are bad though because they aren't i still like using Humbrol's 

This is worth mentioning, this bit of detail was painted up before i started detailing up this model, in this case the pipework on the steps was painted using a Gold Posca paint pen which worked well, in this case anyways, tried using it for some details in the cab mainly the pipework but for some reason didn't work

I don't normally add crew in the cabs of my models but as i was detailing this model up i decided to add some in the cab, for the driver in this case i used a Bachmann fireman, but cut off the shovel which i used later on and cut off the stand, i also repainted his uniform too

As for the fireman it is one of Hornby's but alas was unpainted but this is why i like them, you can paint them up yourself which is what i have done here which improves the figure, I even painted the shovel too

Heres the shovel from that Bachmann fireman (now a driver as mentioned above), in this case i used Bull Glue (no, not made from Bulls) to glue it in place, the real coal load was added before this modelling took place btw

I then glued the driver and fireman in place using Bull Glue, one pain in the backside was that i had to cut the shovel off the fireman because with it in place it made the fireman stick out abit and prevented the cab from going back on the model, slight shame but the shovel wouldn't have been noticed anyway

This is why i repainted the driver's uniform, it is so it would match that of the firemans because otherwise it didn't look right having the crews with two different colour uniforms in my opinion

and heres the cab back on the model, looks better, sorry for the slight shadow in the cab, it was due to the lighting of the room i was in

I then decided to paint the wheel rims/walls, to do this i put the model on a straight piece of track on the layout and put some buffer stops on it so when the model was running it would hit the buffers and keep the model in place, taking a White Posca paint pen i then just placed it on the wheels to get this effect, took a few attempts to do though before it looked right

I then took a small hand drill and drilled holes in to the front and back buffer beams, this was so i could glue brake pipes onto the buffer beams to give it that little more detail

Sorry for the lighting of the photo

I then took some brake pipes from a Bachmann 04 bodyshell (the brake pipes were already painted) and i glued them in place with the excellent Bull Glue but in this case glue on just the hole wasn't enough to hold the brake pipe in place but putting glue on the back of the brake pipe held it in place on the buffer beam

So there we have the finished model, looks much better this time in my opinion and it has improved the model vastly 

thats all for now..................

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