Friday, 19 August 2016

The Birmingham Big Art Project: Its not art, its disgusting!

Lately i am sure you have all heard about the controversial Big Art Project sculpture in Birmingham which depicts two smashed up LMS Duchess locomotives lying on their sides one of which bares strong disturbing resemblance to the engine 46242 City of Glasgow involved in the 1952 Harrow & Wealdstone accident, it has caused a big uproar in the media and the internet lately.

There is no question on why this sculpture is considered an insult because that is what it is, its disgusting, distasteful and its by far an absolute disgrace, it is insulting to the 112 who lost their lives in the 1952 rail disaster, its disrespectful.

This is not how art should be done, disasters like that of Harrows Rail Disaster shouldn't be turned into art, some say its freedom of expression and they say its intended to shock and challenge recognized standards, how can you sit there and say that this rubbish is a way of expressing freedom? How do you think the relatives of those lives lost in the accident are coping everyday? Why art should be done in this way begs and raises so many questions, they shouldn't spend any money on this sort of tripe of a sculpture, spend the money on a project thats worth while and not so offensive or distasteful, if you want art centre it around on something that is not accident or disaster related.

Would the artist himself and those who approved of this like to meet the relatives of those who lost their lives and would they like to now how they cope on a day to day basis? As far as i am concerned the artist and those who got involved with this sculpture should be ashamed of themselves for creating this. Knowing that someone can do this sort of thing really does get my blood boiling

Whats worrying is this artist has done other similar things before, He sort the funding back in 2015 of £250,000 so he could bury a Boeing 737 airliner, how can this be considered as art? in 2008 he took 75,000 litres of copper sulphate and pumped it into a council flat and by doing this he created seizure which is a crystalline growth on the ceiling and walls and the floor of the flat. Now that is what i do consider as art especially because that is creative and is something that no one else would ever consider doing but also there is nothing offensive about that, in the case with this so called Big Art Project sculpture it is not art, it is beyond distasteful and i cannot even begin to describe how angry this one sculpture makes me, its not just me either its angered, insulted and offended lots of people.

and yet this one sculpture comes from someone who has admitted that they quote 'likes to insult', The sculpture also gives a bad image and reputation for Britain's railways and yet its shortlisted to be put on display outside a railway station! Considering this artist likes to insult its beggars belief and raises questions to if he is only out to cause insult and offense in this manner and with such despicable and rubbish things like this.

Have the people involved with this sculpture not considered how the relatives of the 112 who lost their lives in the 1952 Harrow & Wealdstone accident would feel if they were to see this sculpture? clearly they haven't and this is what worries me, people lacking commonsense and also a brain, two things that should tell them this is a bad thing to do by letting something like this thats at the very top of the height of very bad taste get made. Yet this has been referred to an exciting landmark! nothing is exciting about a scene of a rail crash thats clearly depicted that cost the lives of many people and is the worst all time rail tragedy for Britain. They haven't thought about what the relatives and those who were among the 340 seriously injured go through and suffer everyday and to see this as a sculpture being made that could be placed on display, its outrageous.

I hope and prey that this (which still isn't art) gets voted to be put on display, as far as i am concerned the artist and whoever else got involved with this sculpture can take it down and have it destroyed, these things need to be prevented from being made in the future because this kind of thing isn't right, art is something that captures the imagine, this doesn't, all it has done is caused upset and offense. Only someone in the wrong frame of mind would make something like this.

Even if some may think it is just coincidental this is not art....... its disgusting and if this does go on display i will lose a great loss of respect for human kind, sorry but that is how i feel, you cannot come up with this and label it as art as opposed to what it is.Something that is linked to death should never be turned into art

On the other hand my sorrows and thoughts go out to the 112 who lost their lives on this tragic day back in 1952 and the 340 that were seriously injured.

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