Saturday, 24 September 2016

Hornby announce Wainwright H Class for 2017!

Yesterday in their fortnightly Engine Shed Blog, Hornby announced their first new tooled model for 2017 which turned out to be the Wainwright H Class, if you haven't yet read the story on their Blog you can view it here

The Wainwright H Class has been a missing link on the market for years now and following Hornby's announcement to produce this model it will certainly fill a hole, it has been produced as a white metal kit in the past but has never been available as a ready to run model.

But even before Hornby made this announcement there had been rumors going round that either Bachmann or Hornby would be producing the H Class, and i am thrilled that Hornby are the ones going to be making it, if Bachmann had announced it there wouldn't have been anything wrong with it but just look at all the stunning models Hornby have made, rest assured this model will be a stunner and i can't wait to get my hands on one for myself, it isn't just Bachmann who can make stunning models.

The question is could Bachmann also produce a model of this locomotive, well i see nothing wrong with manufacturers making the same loco in model form but with so many locos out there yet to be produced for the market its good to see one manufacturer produce us one model we haven't had yet on the market and the same applies for another manufacturer.

But what liveries will they produce them in, as of yet we don't know and even though they aren't taking livery suggestions here are some liveries that are most likely to be available on the model at some point when released.

So i think Hornby's first 2017 announcement is a bloody brilliant one at that and i eagerly await to see what else Hornby have in store for us

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