Monday, 10 October 2016

Ivatt Tank Sold and Revell Canadair kit has 1 day left

Firstly i am pleased to report the Ivatt Tank has now been sold, it has been packaged up and will be ready to be dispatched soon to its new home

Also the Revell Canadair kit doesn't have long left now, it only has a day or so left until it ends.

For the price of £20 this is an absolute bargain, its the second time its been up for sale so it must be sold


Money is also going to a Hornby class 50, was gonna for a Bachmann class 40 but decided to knock that on the head in favor for getting a second class 50

Want to see a class 50 in the next review video? Well be buying the Revell Canadair kit you will be able to make this happen

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