Sunday, 27 November 2016

Hornby 2017 Range - The New announcements

As Hornby's 2017 main Range is not to be announced til early January i have decided to split this blog post into two posts, this post will cover the new announcements both announced previously this year and at Warley over the weekend

The photos taken at Warley of the new announcements are my own photos that i took whilst there

Anyway without further or do lets five right in shall we? We'll start with the products announced before Warley

First we have the LNER B17 which is to be made into a Railroad Range model, its still in the CAD/CAM stage so no Engineering Samples have yet been made, its quite surprising Hornby are making a RailRoad tooling of this as opposed to using the older tooling of the model from donkeys years ago buy hey ho. 

Then we come onto the new tooling of the MK1, some have raised questions about this but for me personally whats wrong with bringing this out for the Super Detail Range? The newer MK1s released previously were for the RailRoad Range and in terms of quality were quite cheap ( no offence Hornby) and rather than adding a few extra details to them why not make a new form of tooling for the Super Detail Range, the model will be equipped with all the usual details so it isn't a bad choice for announcement, and if they can make new tooling for their other coaches then why not the MK1s, i approve of this announcement wholeheartedly.

Now we move onto the announcements exclusively announced at Warley

We start with this that took me by surprise in the form of new tooling of the GWR Toad Brakevan, i watched the presentation on a TV screen, due to lack of volume i couldn't hear what was said but it wasn't shown on the screen behind the chap doing the presentation

I was then surprised to see this once the cloth covering up these new models were removed to unveil the products as i didn't expect them to do this, but does this mean the older tooling of this brakevan will be exiled to the RailRoad Range

This model seems to have separately fitted metal handrails something the Bachmann model does not have, i know because i have one but also own the older tooling of Hornby Toad brakevan and an old Tri-ang version of this that i might get rid of the get this, they've already announced the liveries, GWR Grey and BR Grey

Next we come onto the new tooling of the LMS Duchess that i am jumped for joy about, i look forward to the release of this model and i will be getting one of these once released, happy to here one will be in BR Maroon too, LMS Maroon and Brunswick Green shall also be available, the moment this was announced i literally did a fist pump, i was that pleased

Two versions will be made, the Stanier version and the Ivatt modified version (which basically has a different cab as shown in the photo), The LMS Duchess wasn't missing from the catalogue although i did get a fer modifications such as the new tender wire plug socket connection but it was in need of a retool as the tooling for the previous model was a bit out dated, now we need the LMS Princess to be given the new tooling treatment 

Next we have the new tooling of the BR Class 87, again another model in need of a retool since the model released before was outdated especially when placed up against the models of today, even though this is an engineering sample it already looks stunning although a few details are still yet to be added, and even though i weren't gonna buy electrics i MAY have to get this once released, we'll see, its quite tempting, i am thrilled that Hornby are to release this, and who knows the 86 could be next for a retool

The Biggest surprise announcement came in the form of a model for the Modern era which came in the form of the new Hitachi Class 800 EMU for GWR, i literally did not expect Hornby to be announcing this, but those who say Hornby don't make anything Modern and certainly take that back!

Two versions will be released, the 2015 GWR Green livery and the Hitachi White livery which is to be made as a Limited Edition, i have no plans to own this but those who do just be aware that this will not be cheap, both the Limited Edition and the other model but that i dare say shouldn't put anyone off from getting this

These new announcements along with the rest as shown above were the talk of the weekend and it really is no surprise, these models look stunning, 2017 will certainly be a big year for the manufacturers

and for the record i'll thrown in my photo of the H Class Engineering sample, liveries have been confirmed, Southern Green, BR Black Lined with Late Crest and SE&CR Green, the latter i have my eyes upon and cannot wait for the release

I have already done a blog post on this particular model which you can read here

So that wraps it up for now for Hornby's 2017 Range, the next blog i do on this will be in January when the main Range is announced

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Model Railways - Black Five 45157 Returns

Hornby Weathered Duchess Price Revised

Okay the price of the Duchess has been revised to £70, the price will not be going any lower than it is now

With it being Warley this weekend its time that i sold the Duchess off as i want the cash for that.

Just think with the money i get from this and what i already have i might be able to buy two models


To make this happen please buy this Duchess

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Hornby R3264 BR class 50 'Ajax' Unboxing and Review

Warley next weekend, the Duchess must sell

Its not long now til next week and at that weekend will be the big weekend as it will be Warley that i shall be attending.

and with the Warley weekend now looming ahead i have to get this Duchess sold before then, thats because the money from this shall be going to that weekend, i have quite a bit of money saved for it already but by selling this i will not only be able to have more money for that weekend but i'll also be able to get a model or two


So please if you could all be so kind and make this happen

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Hornby Grange back up for sale and Duchess also up for grabs

Firstly the Hornby Grange is now back up for sale, i took this listing down to make the listing look more professional and to make it look more appealing and other reasons that i shall not go into

This is a Hornby GWR Grange that i have for sale.

The model has been lightly weathered and on the one side of the loco i have weathered it so there is ash alongside the smokebox (see the photos) and the buffers have been weathered too.

There is also real coal in the tender which i have added myself

The model has been thoroughly tested and this item is in fully working order

The item is boxed and will come with instructions

The model has had moderate use

Price: £60.00 


Another item i have for sale is my heavily weathered Duchess

The model has been heavily weathered by me, i have added rust on the smokebox door, cylinders and various other detail parts and added ash in various places too

One of the front steps is missing

There is real coal in the tender that i have added myself and i have also added detail parts

The model is boxed and will come with an instruction sheet

The model has been thoroughly tested and this item is in full working order

The model has had moderate use

Price: £80.00 


The money from these items will be going to Warley which is next weekend

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Two Kings for the mainline in 2017? Whats the potential?

If anyone has read the latest Steam Railway mag (which i have not read fully) it does talk about the possibility of both operational Kings 6023 and 6024 to be operating on the mainline next year. Didcot have tried to get 6023 on the mainline for a few years now since it was returned to steam in 2011 though every chance has been thwarted in some way, 6024 which was withdrawn in 2012 for overhaul is hoped to be bought back into service next year too. The question is what potential is there for these two machines railtour wise?

Well there is a lot of potential for these two engines as it will be a preservation first to see two Kings in steam and a first for these two to both be on the mainline (if this goes ahead of course) and there of course are plenty of tour opportunities for these two machines as well. Rather than just running them on the Great Western route you could have them run on a wider variety of routes, you could have them run on the WCML or on the Trent Valley, when was the last time a King was seen on either of these routes?

You could also do a run with a King from Paddington to Shrewsbury which would be an interesting run to say the least. There is also the potential for a trip to a heritage railway using one of these Kings, perhaps a run on the SVR or WSR would be suitable as these are former GWR Branch lines, yes they never operated on them in service but they are former GWR routes which would be fitting for a King to run on.

You could also base one of these at Tyseley and have one work some or one of Vintage Trains tours, The Moonrake, The Whistling Ghost etc, whats to say this couldn't happen, anything is possible. Vintage Trains could also arrange a tour using one of these Kings and have it banked up the Lickey by one the Panniers, now that would be a superb sight to see and something i would love to happen, if any tour operators are reading this maybe they should take note as ideas like this do have a lot of potential to become interesting tours, something of which these companies could take note of.

They could also start making their tours more interesting, Vintage Trains is one such candidate who could offer wider routes and destinations and a wider variety of traction, they can still use their own locos especially the Panniers that don't get as much outings as they should be but why not get some of the other mainline Steam Locos in to work their tours, the Kings would be very appropriate indeed.

A double header with 5043 and 6024 is also a possibility, you could even perform a double header with either King with 4965 or one of the Panniers, the possibilities are quite frankly endless.

Note: This has been an opinion blog, just me sharing my thoughts and suggestions

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Tyseley's Panniers - Should they get more mainline outings than they do?

The answer to the question in the title is a simple one letter word starting with Y and ending with S, Both Tyseley's Panniers 7752/L52, 9600 and just been certified for mainline use though not a Tyseley loco 9466 don't get as much outings on the mainline as they should do, the runs with these Panniers have been a once in a blue moon sort of thing, its normally towards the end of a year or even longer for a tour of these locos to crop up, not always the case but it has been recently.

These are the only Tank Engines that can run on the national network so they should get more mainline tours, these engines are unique for that reason, more regular are tours operated by Vintage Trains hauled by 5043 and 4965, i don't mind seeing tours with either of these locos on (particularly 5043) but why not get more use out of the Panniers?

The latest tour for a Pannier was today as i write this, this tour was operated by both 9600 and 9466 but due to 9600 failing 47773 was called in to take over with 9466 for the rest of the outing, my footage of this tour can be watched here, whilst it was a shame 9600 failed it certainly was interesting to see a Pannier paired with a 47

But when it comes to outing for these Panniers there are many opportunities for these Panniers, the tours that have happened before with 9600 & L52 are of course options but you could in the future have the same tour that was ran today again in the new year with 9600 & 9466 or even pair 9466 with L52. Most of the time when they do one one Pannier will work at the front of the train and another is placed at the back, whilst this does look interesting you could have a tour throughout that double head these Panniers.

The Bunker first running is interesting on the mainline but by double heading throughout you could get shots of them double heading chimney first (or the right way round as refereed to by some)

A tour using one of these Panniers with one of the locos seen more regularly on the network such as 5043 could also happen if you wanted to push the boat out, this in my opinion would certainly be an interesting sight to pair Pannier with Castle, it would certainly turn a lot of heads!

or to bring up something that happens or doesn't for that matter when it comes to railtours is to triple head 9600 with 9466 and L52/7752, no mainline tours have triple headed Steam as far as i gather and it was only last done during a few mainline movements one was moving three of WCRC's locos to the North Norfolk Railway for a gala event, triple headed these Panniers would certainly be an interesting sight to see. Anything is possible but the only thing that stops these things from happening is us, if these were considered (not bashing or having a go at anyone here) who knows whats possible.

You could even do more tours where one of these Panniers is used to bank a tour up the Lickey, it was last done with 6201 and 9600, you could do it again by using other locos and using the other two Panniers to do so, Imagine a future tour with 45551 being banked up the Lickey by L52! or even a tour where tour Black Five's are banked up by 9600, now thats a sight i would love to see

There is also the potential for these engines to be used on The Shakespeare Express and some mainline trips to heritage railways such as West Somerset too. A tour was done in the past with 9600 and 9466 where both went to and ran on the Severn Valley which they hauled the tour too and along so why not let it happen again? I'd urge to see these pair or even one of them with L52 storming up Eardington Bank on a Vintage Trains operated tour, maybe a tour across the GCR when both lines are eventually joined up and formed into one heritage line could also happen with these Panniers.

My point is this, if Earl of Mount Edgecumbe and Rood Ashton Hall can get regular outings then why can't the Panniers? Yes they need a water carrier with them but then 4965 and 5043 use the same water carrier too so they don't have to fill up with water at specific stops. These Panniers are mainline certified so they ought to be getting more mainline trips than they do, with 9466 yes it has only recently (a few weeks ago) been certified to run on the mainline again especially since it performed an evening test run prior to the tour, a few other locos have only just come back out so have had a few runs this year though they are likely to get more in the New Year, Tyseley's Panniers have been certified for the mainline for a number of years now and compared to 5043 and others they get little use.

I really hope Vintage Trains will take note of this and put pen to paper to plan more trips with these engines in 2017 or heres hoping they have already done so and that its just a case of waiting for these to be announced. Like i have already established they are the only Tank Engines that can run on the mainline so you'd think they'd be getting more outings alot more often than they do

47773 & 9466 Haul The Pannier Rambler IV Through Rowley Regis

Detailing up and Improving an Auto Coach

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Severn Valley Railway Season Finale Gala Saturday 5th November

Hornby GWR Grange for sale

You are viewing this Hornby Grange i have for sale, the model has been weathered but the weathering has been removed although despite this still has the weathered look on it, model runs well in both directions and details have been fitted

Model has no damage and is boxed, instructions come with the model, real coal has been added in the tender


Price: £69

Saturday, 5 November 2016

Hornby Black 5 Professionally weathered for sale

You are viewing a Hornby Black 5 i have for sale

This model has been professionally weathered though not be me as it was like this when i bought it, it has real coal in the tender and detail parts are fitted as well as a brass number plate on the smoke box. Model is boxed and has instructions sellotaped on the back on the foam packaging in the box.

Model runs well in both directions

Few marks on the weathering and cab steps not weathered but otherwise a professional job otherwise

Price: £70, price will not be lowered so i want this to sell for quick money