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Hornby 2017 Range - The New announcements

As Hornby's 2017 main Range is not to be announced til early January i have decided to split this blog post into two posts, this post will cover the new announcements both announced previously this year and at Warley over the weekend

The photos taken at Warley of the new announcements are my own photos that i took whilst there

Anyway without further or do lets five right in shall we? We'll start with the products announced before Warley

First we have the LNER B17 which is to be made into a Railroad Range model, its still in the CAD/CAM stage so no Engineering Samples have yet been made, its quite surprising Hornby are making a RailRoad tooling of this as opposed to using the older tooling of the model from donkeys years ago buy hey ho. 

Then we come onto the new tooling of the MK1, some have raised questions about this but for me personally whats wrong with bringing this out for the Super Detail Range? The newer MK1s released previously were for the RailRoad Range and in terms of quality were quite cheap ( no offence Hornby) and rather than adding a few extra details to them why not make a new form of tooling for the Super Detail Range, the model will be equipped with all the usual details so it isn't a bad choice for announcement, and if they can make new tooling for their other coaches then why not the MK1s, i approve of this announcement wholeheartedly.

Now we move onto the announcements exclusively announced at Warley

We start with this that took me by surprise in the form of new tooling of the GWR Toad Brakevan, i watched the presentation on a TV screen, due to lack of volume i couldn't hear what was said but it wasn't shown on the screen behind the chap doing the presentation

I was then surprised to see this once the cloth covering up these new models were removed to unveil the products as i didn't expect them to do this, but does this mean the older tooling of this brakevan will be exiled to the RailRoad Range

This model seems to have separately fitted metal handrails something the Bachmann model does not have, i know because i have one but also own the older tooling of Hornby Toad brakevan and an old Tri-ang version of this that i might get rid of the get this, they've already announced the liveries, GWR Grey and BR Grey

Next we come onto the new tooling of the LMS Duchess that i am jumped for joy about, i look forward to the release of this model and i will be getting one of these once released, happy to here one will be in BR Maroon too, LMS Maroon and Brunswick Green shall also be available, the moment this was announced i literally did a fist pump, i was that pleased

Two versions will be made, the Stanier version and the Ivatt modified version (which basically has a different cab as shown in the photo), The LMS Duchess wasn't missing from the catalogue although i did get a fer modifications such as the new tender wire plug socket connection but it was in need of a retool as the tooling for the previous model was a bit out dated, now we need the LMS Princess to be given the new tooling treatment 

Next we have the new tooling of the BR Class 87, again another model in need of a retool since the model released before was outdated especially when placed up against the models of today, even though this is an engineering sample it already looks stunning although a few details are still yet to be added, and even though i weren't gonna buy electrics i MAY have to get this once released, we'll see, its quite tempting, i am thrilled that Hornby are to release this, and who knows the 86 could be next for a retool

The Biggest surprise announcement came in the form of a model for the Modern era which came in the form of the new Hitachi Class 800 EMU for GWR, i literally did not expect Hornby to be announcing this, but those who say Hornby don't make anything Modern and certainly take that back!

Two versions will be released, the 2015 GWR Green livery and the Hitachi White livery which is to be made as a Limited Edition, i have no plans to own this but those who do just be aware that this will not be cheap, both the Limited Edition and the other model but that i dare say shouldn't put anyone off from getting this

These new announcements along with the rest as shown above were the talk of the weekend and it really is no surprise, these models look stunning, 2017 will certainly be a big year for the manufacturers

and for the record i'll thrown in my photo of the H Class Engineering sample, liveries have been confirmed, Southern Green, BR Black Lined with Late Crest and SE&CR Green, the latter i have my eyes upon and cannot wait for the release

I have already done a blog post on this particular model which you can read here

So that wraps it up for now for Hornby's 2017 Range, the next blog i do on this will be in January when the main Range is announced

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