Saturday, 12 November 2016

Tyseley's Panniers - Should they get more mainline outings than they do?

The answer to the question in the title is a simple one letter word starting with Y and ending with S, Both Tyseley's Panniers 7752/L52, 9600 and just been certified for mainline use though not a Tyseley loco 9466 don't get as much outings on the mainline as they should do, the runs with these Panniers have been a once in a blue moon sort of thing, its normally towards the end of a year or even longer for a tour of these locos to crop up, not always the case but it has been recently.

These are the only Tank Engines that can run on the national network so they should get more mainline tours, these engines are unique for that reason, more regular are tours operated by Vintage Trains hauled by 5043 and 4965, i don't mind seeing tours with either of these locos on (particularly 5043) but why not get more use out of the Panniers?

The latest tour for a Pannier was today as i write this, this tour was operated by both 9600 and 9466 but due to 9600 failing 47773 was called in to take over with 9466 for the rest of the outing, my footage of this tour can be watched here, whilst it was a shame 9600 failed it certainly was interesting to see a Pannier paired with a 47

But when it comes to outing for these Panniers there are many opportunities for these Panniers, the tours that have happened before with 9600 & L52 are of course options but you could in the future have the same tour that was ran today again in the new year with 9600 & 9466 or even pair 9466 with L52. Most of the time when they do one one Pannier will work at the front of the train and another is placed at the back, whilst this does look interesting you could have a tour throughout that double head these Panniers.

The Bunker first running is interesting on the mainline but by double heading throughout you could get shots of them double heading chimney first (or the right way round as refereed to by some)

A tour using one of these Panniers with one of the locos seen more regularly on the network such as 5043 could also happen if you wanted to push the boat out, this in my opinion would certainly be an interesting sight to pair Pannier with Castle, it would certainly turn a lot of heads!

or to bring up something that happens or doesn't for that matter when it comes to railtours is to triple head 9600 with 9466 and L52/7752, no mainline tours have triple headed Steam as far as i gather and it was only last done during a few mainline movements one was moving three of WCRC's locos to the North Norfolk Railway for a gala event, triple headed these Panniers would certainly be an interesting sight to see. Anything is possible but the only thing that stops these things from happening is us, if these were considered (not bashing or having a go at anyone here) who knows whats possible.

You could even do more tours where one of these Panniers is used to bank a tour up the Lickey, it was last done with 6201 and 9600, you could do it again by using other locos and using the other two Panniers to do so, Imagine a future tour with 45551 being banked up the Lickey by L52! or even a tour where tour Black Five's are banked up by 9600, now thats a sight i would love to see

There is also the potential for these engines to be used on The Shakespeare Express and some mainline trips to heritage railways such as West Somerset too. A tour was done in the past with 9600 and 9466 where both went to and ran on the Severn Valley which they hauled the tour too and along so why not let it happen again? I'd urge to see these pair or even one of them with L52 storming up Eardington Bank on a Vintage Trains operated tour, maybe a tour across the GCR when both lines are eventually joined up and formed into one heritage line could also happen with these Panniers.

My point is this, if Earl of Mount Edgecumbe and Rood Ashton Hall can get regular outings then why can't the Panniers? Yes they need a water carrier with them but then 4965 and 5043 use the same water carrier too so they don't have to fill up with water at specific stops. These Panniers are mainline certified so they ought to be getting more mainline trips than they do, with 9466 yes it has only recently (a few weeks ago) been certified to run on the mainline again especially since it performed an evening test run prior to the tour, a few other locos have only just come back out so have had a few runs this year though they are likely to get more in the New Year, Tyseley's Panniers have been certified for the mainline for a number of years now and compared to 5043 and others they get little use.

I really hope Vintage Trains will take note of this and put pen to paper to plan more trips with these engines in 2017 or heres hoping they have already done so and that its just a case of waiting for these to be announced. Like i have already established they are the only Tank Engines that can run on the mainline so you'd think they'd be getting more outings alot more often than they do

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