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Bachmann 2017 Range

So today Bachmann announced their 2017 Range, a first for Bachmann of sorts as normally their range is not announced until March, this year Bachmann announced their range in January on the same week that Hornby revealed their Range for this year, could this be a tell tale sign that Bachmann every year will announce their future Ranges in January? Only time will tell

Anyway enough of all that, lets get down into the Range and see what goodies we have to expect for this year (or at least most of them)


For this year Bachmann announced one train pack, The Avro Vulcan XH558, The Spirit of Great Britain which contains a model of 37558/37424 named Avro Vulcan XH558, a loco that is in service with DRS,this pack will also include two Avro Vulcan models

This is a very interesting pack, would have been since if some rolling stock had been included in this pack but otherwise its still an interesting pack


Moving onto the Diesels now, we begin with three class 20s, one with Headcode discs in BR Green with half Yellow warning panel, and two with the headcode boxes, one in BR Blue and the other in Railfreight Grey, the latter has DCC Sound

Not many headcode box 20s have been released lately from Bachmann so it was nice to see them announce more for the market, i also like the BR Green one especially as it has oval buffers, a rarity with the Bachmann class 20 models

Two class 08s have also been announced, the one above in the FreightLiner PowerHaul livery and the one at the bottom is the Railfreight Distribution livery, a long overdue livery for the Bachmann 08,would be interesting if Hornby were to announce these liveries in future for their 08 model though they probably will do at some point

The Range also saw two class 44 Peaks announced, the 44s haven't been a common release in the Bachmann catalogues in recent years so it was great for a few more to be announced, one in BR Blue and the other in BR Green, i put a bet on (not literally) that these models will have working light clusters as all Bachmann Peaks now have that feature

One class  57 has been announced, this one in the DRS Compass livery but this model will be weathered, would be nice to see the new DRS livery from Bachmann at some point

Several class 47s have been announced, the liveries are DRS Compass livery, BR Blue Large Logo, Railfreight Distribution, Virgin Trains and West Coast Railways.

The DRS one which didn't have an official pic of the model is to be a limited edition, the Virgin Trains, West Coast Railways and Railfeight Distribution liveries are all long overdue liveries for the Bachmann 47 so it was brilliant for them to finally announce them and they look stunning

Two class 66s have been announced, one in the GBRf livery and numbered 66728 and the other is non other than 66779 Evening Star, the last 66 to be built, this was bound to be released for the market at some point and even though i am  not a 66 fan i do like 66779, its livery is stunning so this is something i may have to get which either way is going to have to be bought

 A number of 37s have also been announced being Europhoenix, Coal Sector and DRS Compass

I am extremely pleased with the Coal Sector livery 37, not only is it a non DCC Sound model but it also has the split headcode boxes, i will most definitely be getting this model, Bachmann have released too many Coal Sector models as DCC Sound products so i am happy they have announced one for the non DCC Sound model.

The Europhoenix 37 was only a matter of time and until now was one of the few liveries that Bachmann hadn't released their 37s in, this model however has the DCC Sound fitted although on Hattons web it doesn't seem to be at the 200 pound mark price which is interesting, does this mean prices for this section of the Ranges will have prices lowered, who knows


Moving onto the Steam Locos, we start with two B1s, one LNER livery version and the BR Black lined livery as a weathered model, i still personally think Hornby's B1 is better but thats just my own personal preference 

Then we have two GWR Modified Halls, GWR lined Green and BR Lined Black are the models to be released

Then we have one of the Dukedogs, this one is in the GWR Shirtbutton livery thats been released before but this model has a name and this is the first Bachmann Dukedog to have been released with the nameplates as until now none of their Dukedogs had nameplates

and then there was two... 9Fs, one of which is 92220 Evening Star, very fitting for this Range as 66779 Evening Star is also to be released, the other model is in the BR Black livery


One electric loco has been announced for the Range, this of course is being the class 85, the only electric loco available from Bachmann at this point in time til the 90 is released, this model is the BR Blue version and has some weathering too


Moving onto the multiple unit section, here we have two Class 205s, one in BR Green and the other is in BR Blue livery

One of Bachmann's revised 150s has been revealed for the Range in the GWR livery, anyone who wishes to model the Modern GWR region will be happy with this announcement 

Then we have two class 105s, one is a weathered model in BR Blue and the other is the BR Green with Speed Whiskers model


Lastly moving onto the new tooling announcements from Bachmann

Firstly there was the 4BEP, this will be made in two liveries, BR Blue/Grey and BR Green with Yellow panels are the announced liveries, this model will fill a hole in the market and will likely complete the story in model form with this type of slam door EMU

Next we have the Midland 1532 Class, three liveries will be made available to start with, BR Lined Black with Early Emblem, MR Crimson livery and LMS Black, this announcement took me by surprise as i honestly didn't expect this to have been announced for the Steam Loco range but it will fill a gap min the market for tank engines

The there was the class 20/3 which is a model that has been frequently requested by Bachmann from many, HNRC and DRS are the liveries available one of which will be the old DRS livery whilst the other is the Compass livery, i can see many modern era modellers being happy with this announcement

and last but not least we have Colas Rail's 37099 Merl Evans, i assume this is a new tooled model as no image of the model is anywhere on the internet, only a photo of the real thing is seen on both shops pages such as Hattons and on Bachmann's own web

It is ironic somewhat that this has been announced, the guy Merl Evans who recently passed away last year did actually work for Bachmann though i knew this would happen anyway by a gut feeling


I am very impressed with Bachmann's Range for this year, plenty to be looking forward too, for me the highlights are the Coal Sector 37, 66779, the Virgin Trains 47 and the Midland 1532 class with the class 20/3 and the 4BEP also being highlights

Interestingly no train sets have been announced but Bachmann have said that further highlights will be announced on their web in the coming weeks which means there will have to be more than one blog post on this range

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