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Hornby 2017 Range - The Main Range

So today Hornby announced the rest of their 2017 Range, i did a blog post last year on the new announcements they had made which you can read here

as i said in that blog i would be splitting the blog post expressing my thoughts on the Range into two separate blog posts, since Hornby were to announce the remaining 2017 items this month, its also something i understand Hornby will be doing in the future too

anyway enough chatting lets get onto the Range shall we?


We first of all come onto the train sets, starting with The Platinum, a Digital sound train set with both Mallard and Flying Scotsman together in one set, This is one of the best sets announced for the year as neither Flying Scotsman or Mallard have been paired together in such a train set before, well done to Hornby for pushing the boat out there

The Platinum wasn't the only set to feature Mallard as shown here with The Mallard Pullman set with the engine itself and two Pullman coaches, nice to see Mallard being brought into more sets

The last set announced was the East Coast Express which includes a B17, it has been a long time since any of Hornby's train sets had a B17 in them so it was great to see Hornby announcing a set with a B17 in it, it also adds more variety train set wise too, it is good to see no sets for once were announced featuring the bog standard 0-4-0s from the RailRoad Range


Moving to train packs now which this years range saw only one being announced which comes in the form of this Limited Edition set with one of Hornby's brand new upcoming H Class Locos and two SR Push Pull coaches, this certainly makes a rather nice set indeed


Next we have the TTS Sound models which two were announced

Firstly is this class 08 in the DB Cargo (which its now known) livery, this was not unlikely for Hornby to announce this livery for their model as it was a matter of when not if, also Bachmann announced and released an 08 a year or so ago in this livery

We also have a Super Detail model of the Flying Scotsman for TTS Sound too, they have had the RailRoad model available with TTS and now we are getting a Super Detail model in the range, very interesting


Moving onto the Steam Locos now and starting with the S15 that will be available in BR Black with the small Early Emblem and placed above the tender rather than in the middle

We also have an N15 in Southern Black livery and again like the S15 the text is placed above the tender rather than the middle

Four Bulleid Pacifics shall be available, we get a surprise re appearance of the Rebuilt Merchant Navy thats been absent for a while as well as two air smoothed (unrebuilt) Battle of Britains, one of which is Sir Archibald Sinilclair which is preserved on the Bluebell in rebuilt condition, we also have a rebuilt West Country in the form 34096 Trevone

As the Bulleid are my all time favourite Steam Loco, you'll know if you've read my blog post on my top 10 favourite Steam Locos i am really rather pleased that more have been announced

Three of Hornby's superb GWR Kings were also announced, King George III, King Edward II and King Richard III are the Kings that will be released for this year, two of which will be in GWR liveries

Flying Scotsman isn't the only A3 to be released, Gay Crusader will be available in LNER Green with the Great Northern style tender, this model also has different LNER text and numbering as opposed to the usual inbost printing 

Three Royal Scots will also be coming out this year too, two in LMS Black, one lined the other unlined and not forgetting BR Green, Its been a while since Hornby announced any Royal Scots so its nice to see more of these excellent models being released. 

One D16 shall also be made available at some point this year too, this one in LNER Lined Black, again a superb model which if you don't own one then get out there and buy one, you won't be disappointed with them

The Clan models that Hornby released some years ago where incredible models but then again so are the Brits despite me not owning one, this model is 70007 Coeur - De- Lion

Speaking of the Clans could Hornby bring more of them out please?

We also have one other A4 announced too, this example being 60026 Miles Beevor with non corridor tender in the BR Green

A single B17 will also be coming out, we haven't seen much of the LNER Green ones so it would be nice if Hornby announced more of these, maybe make one in Apple Geen with the full BRITISH RAILWAYS text on the tender though thats just my own little opinion but i am not bashing Hornby otherwise

Next in our wake is the B12's, 8527 in LNER Green, 61576 in BR Black Early Lined and 61556 in the BR Transition livery is what will be coming out, 61556 is the elephant in the room as its a different livery to be announced for these models, LNER Green is the most attractive though

If you don't own one why not get one of these beauties, i own 8573 in the LNER Green and it is absolute gorge, miles better than the old B12 model from years ago

Next up the Q6 models, one in LNER Black and the other in BR Black with the Early Emblem, again stunning model, seeing models like this being re released in different liveries or numbers is never unlikely as the manufactures continue to show

We now come onto the Hornby Peckett which is being brought out in this livery which is plain Black with works plates on the cab, for me personally this is one of Hornby's best models, they have got themselves a winner here, for those who already own one (i have the Huntley & Palmers version) you will see why these models are as superb as they are

Am i the only one thinking Hornby should perhaps next year or in a few years produce a new tooling of the Terrier? I say this because this model is now decades old, when placed next to the models of today it just looks old and not as detailed in comparison, Hornby take note for the 2018 Range!

The last of the Eastern Region models from Hornby for this Range come in the form of the J15s, not personally a favourite of mine nor a model i plan to get but great looking models otherwise

Up next, the M7 Tank in BR Lined Black with the Late Crest

The Terrier isn't the only model from Hornby that uses decades old tooling, Hornby could perhaps now produce their own tooling (Super Detail of course) for the Hunslet Austerity/J94

Yes i know DJ Models make one but we have both Hornby and Oxford who both released the Adams Radials and more than one manufacturer produce the same model of some models so why not do the same with this model, besides i wasn't impressed with DJ Models version, my own personal experience reflects on that which you'll know if you've been on my Twitter and Facebook pages

This is the part where i get to talk about one of the highlights for me of the 2017 Range, Hornby have announced two BR Standard 4MTs for the Range, its been donkeys years since they had brought them back into their catalogue since first being released years ago

Why is this a highlight? Well the highlight in question is BR Green BR Standard 4MT model numbered as 75008, it has been somewhat overdue from Hornby as only now has one been announced in this livery but they have finally announced one and i will most definitely be getting it

Then next we have a GWR Grange, there has been quite a lot lately released with the 3500 gallon tenders so it would be nice to have more announced with the 4000 gallon tenders in future although considering not many with the 3500 tenders were released when these models first came out it is nice otherwise to see some 3500 gallon tender models coming out

Its been a long while since we last saw the Q1s in the Hornby Catalogues, this years range sees the return of these models, one of which is in Southern Black whilst the other is in BR Black with Late Crest, perfectly timed considering its the 50th Anniversary of the end of Southern Steam too

A couple of 8Fs have also been announced, like the Q1s its been a while since these were last in a Hornby catalogue, One is in the LMS Black livery and the other is the most interesting, not only is it in BR Black with Late crest but it has the Fowler tender.

This is a first for Hornby as the 8Fs have never been released before with the Fowler Tender so its nice variety to add to the market and its brilliant thinking from Hornby, this model is another highlight in the range for this year


Moving onto the Diesels and Electrics now

We start with the class 71s released last year, we have two more models here, one in BR Blue livery and the other in BR Green, assuming this will be the full Green panel model, no plans for me to get one but from what i've seen in pictures its a stunner

Yes i know this isn't a locomotive but its still a Diesel, here we have a 153 in the old Central Trains livery but with East Midlands Trains branding, there have been a couple of 153s in the past running round in this livery with the EMT branding on so its great for Hornby to release it because it adds a bit of variety on the market and also it is something a tad different, other manufactures could learn something here

We then come onto the class 60 in Colas Rail livery, i knew about this before the range was announced because it was teased at Warley, during their presentation they showed a page from their upcoming 2017 catalogue and one of the models clearly shown on the screen was this model so it wasn't unexpected but at the same time it wasn't unlikely either as it was only a matter of time before an official Colas 60 was announced for the market

Now moving onto the GWR livery HST Power Cars, some MK3s in this livery have also been announced for the Power Cars, again this wasn't unlikely to happen either, was only a matter of time, it will also mean people won't have to go to the trouble to spray up existing Power Car models into this livery, will more be announced in this livery in the future? It is very possible

A special Edition model of class 50 D400 (50050) shall also be released, this to me has connection with the 50th Anniversary of the class 50s this year, i think this because Hornby teased this in their Advent Calendar where they had a picture with a Blue background with 50th Anniversary in big white writing, plus it makes sense too especially since it is a Special Edition model

Hornby also announced a GBRf livery 66, i am not a fan of this class but don't think too much on Hornby's model as it is rather basic, would also be nice if a model of 66779 Evening Star was made available by either Bachmann or Hornby, who knows what is on the cards in the future

Then we have a DB Schenker livery 67, i should point out the franchise is now known as DB Cargo but i don't think this loco in reality has had the Schenker decals swapped for Cargo ones so it is understandable, if it has maybe they could change it slightly later, nice to see Hornby make another DB livery 67

and lastly for this section of the range we have these two Sentinel 4wDM shunters, not really a lot else to say though the plain Green one is intriguing


Moving onto the last section of this Range which of course is the RailRoad Range

The first announcement for this range is the most surprising and most interesting as Hornby have announced their old 1400 model is going to be moved into the RailRoad Range, the fact it has been absent for years does this mean it may have been a for telling for a move into this range, its interesting because Hornby are still releasing their Terriers and Hunslets in the Super Detail range, maybe in the future they could put these in the range too

Could this mean a possible retool of this model from Hornby though for the Super Detail range? Who knows but considering how stunning DJ Models model of the 1400 it could be a case of if rather than when

Next we have a class 37 in the Railfreight Petroleum Sector livery, a very nostalgic livery that goes back to my childhood

Another interesting announcement for the RailRoad Range was the class 90 that Hornby have had before in their Super Detail range, could they perhaps be making a new tooled model of the class 90 in the future, who knows but it would be interesting to see even though Bachmann announced one a few years ago which is still yet to be released

Then we have a Class 31 in full BR Green, one thing that looks odd is the bottom of the loco body as just under the last white strip there is a much lighter shade of Green than the rest of the livery on the loco, this is wrong and it looks a bit out of place but it could possibly be corrected once released, not getting it though anyway as i don't really buy RailRoad models

The class 73 previously in the Super Detail/main range is also being moved into the RailRoad Range, given how stunning Dapol's model is it doesn't surprise me this is now in this range given how basic the model was, still need a Dapol 73 but like the 90 could they make their own model of the 73 in the future? Only time will tell

One thing about these RailRoad Deltics is that Hornby have released and announced so many of them in BR Blue, only one has been announced in BR Green, considering the livery variety they have offered for other RailRoad models i don't see why they cannot do it for the Deltics, it would be nice to see more liveries of these, again i have no interest in the RailRoad Range that much nor do i buy models from this range but it would still be nice to see wider variety of liveries with this model

and to finish off we have a Schools Class in BR Green

So overall the Hornby 2017 Range is very impressive and quite superb, I love how we have so many Southern models which is fitting for the 50th Anniversary for the end of Southern Steam this year, the BR Green Standard 4MT is one of the main highlights for the range and among st other models there is a lot to look forward to this year from Hornby as well as the models pushed to this year from last year that weren't released but i like how Hornby didn't merge them into this range

So that brings to an end for this post, next i'll be giving my thoughts on Bachmann's 2017 Range which they will be announcing this Sunday so that is something to look forward to and i eagerly await to see what they will announce for this year

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