Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Mill Town Magazine Video: My Response to a comment

Normally i don't make blog posts like this by responding to a rather silly or saft comment in the comments box but here i thought i would make an exception, as today i received such a comment in my Mill Town Magazine review video which you can view below

The comment in question is shown below attached from a screenshot, the user in question has had their name blanked out, my short reply is shown here too

Clearly this is a comment made by someone who has had little understanding of the video, paid little attention to it and poorly researched to what he is going on about, i have had many comments before made by folk who as a typical keyboard warrior just bang things into the keyboard with no understanding of the video and having paid very little attention let alone research

this was just me giving an opinion because this video was a review video that is the whole point of what was being done here, reviews do offer criticism and they give opinions

The magazine yes is meant to go into a binder but  just because they are designed to go in a binder doesn't mean the pages to the mag should fall apart

Yes this is a cheap magazine, the first issue is cheaper than the others but unbeknownst to anyone on here til now i have had many other magazine issue series mags in the past from Crystals to Bugs preserved in resin. Those mags were also designed to go in binders but guess what? THEY DIDN'T FALL APART

They didn't fall apart because they were of better quality, i feel the magazine should have been better in terms of quality and that is all there is too it, in magazine issues like this we don't expect them to fall apart regardless whatever design and how cheap the magazine is. But what was expressed here was an opinion and nothing else, its called criticism, you know the things we give to people as a way of informing them on how to improve things

If one cannot handle an opinion or has little understanding its an opinion let alone a review which offered criticism then why express an opinion on someone giving an opinion? Its common sense

Many others who have seen the video will understand the concept here and the fact i was giving an opinion on it because that is what a review is, yes you can do reviews with no criticism but still my point still stands, yes this is just one guy posting this but before posting comments you cannot just bang what you like into the comments box, have an understanding of the concept of this video, understand its an opinion and do research behind it before making yourselves look a right fool of yourselves

Because if you don't understand this is me giving an opinion let alone me doing a review to offer criticism and poorly researching the matter then why post a comment? To get attention thats what, all very well for him to say i have no understanding but if that was the case then i wouldn't have done the review, it isn't rocket science to understand that plus where is the evidence that this mag was designed like this as an intention? There isn't, on the plus side at least he enjoyed the video and i say that with some sarcasm 

Not normally like me to do a post like this but i wasn't going to let this one slip out the net, on the plus side at least people enjoy my content and can actually except the fact that all opinions are my own, because that is the point of the review. 

EDIT: Moments after publishing this post i noticed another comment made by the same user going on about how the mag is designed to go into a binder saying ''what do you think the holes are for''? this combined with the comment shown in the screenshot above is someone who yet seems to think i am the one who doesn't understand, this comment is a good example of those who don't pay attention to the video and those who don't have any understanding or very little of the video, 

Acknowledging to me the mag is meant to go into a binder is irrelevant because i know that, just because i don't mention in the video it is meant to go in a binder doesn't mean i don't know that, aswell as offering criticism the idea here was to review the quality of the magazine and offer criticism for the quality of the magazine that is the whole point of it being a review, mentioning in the video that the mag goes into a binder was irreverent here because that wasn't the focus of the video, it was to focus on the quality of the magazine and for the umpteenth time it was to offer criticism, in this case the qwulaity of the mag referring to the fact it just fell apart and as i have already said, just because it goes in a binder doesn't mean it should be falling apart, we don't expect that and its not like it was intended for the mag to fall apart 

How yu can come to the conclusion i don't understand and think i don't know this mag goes in a binder is completely beyond me, then again its not the first comment i have had made from someone who has a lack of understanding for the video or the particular subject themselves, the build reviews and the video of me weathering the Duchess (that i have know sold) have been examples of this

But seriously folks, if you are going to make comments on my videos pay close attention and have a full understanding of it before giving out comments like this because you will make yourselves look like a fool, if you do give silly comments like this then be prepared for a response!

On the plus side though given they watched the video it has added to the view count and the fact my videos are monetized and its added to that as well so thanks for that 

Friday, 10 March 2017

Class47peter's least favourite Steam, Diesel and Electric Locomotives

I've done a blog post on my favourite Steam Locomotives, i've also done a blog post on my favourite Diesel Locomotives, but what are my least favourite?

Well now you shall find out, in this blog i have rounded them all together, as a bonus i've included some Electrics in here too (haven't done a blog on my faves on the Electrics)


The Class 66s

The class 66 is my top least favourite Diesel loco, anyone who knows me well will probably know this, okay i do have some respect for 66779, its the last of its kind, fittingly named Evening Star and it has a stunning livery of which would be a perfect fit to run on Choco/Cream and Maroon sets of coaches and their goods trains, there are some other interesting liveries out there too but i have no care for these locos otherwise

Firstly they are Modern, not saying that in a bias way but these locos are not interesting, they make no interesting sounds, look at all the Heritage Diesels, with the 66s you don't get the thrash or the thumping burble you get with the Heritage traction, with Classic traction for example a class 20 the sounds of the engines not only are a part of the locos character but to hear it you think ''oooh thats awesome'', it gives them the oomph, with Sheds the noises they make are boring and have no oomph, they don't have the charm or the passion as the Vintage traction does

Plus Sheds are not very interesting to look at either, look at for example a 37, it has the distinctive noses on each end, with the Sheds you don't get that, the other forms of Diesels also have some form of interest to their look, with the 50s and 31s the fronts in particular gives them an expression, if you've read my blog post on my Favourite Diesels you'll know what i am talking about but with 66s you don't get this

There are also loads of these running round the network much to the point that i have got sick of the sight of them, in the BR Blue Diesel days people were fed up with the Peaks and other forms of traction and then that was that, they were withdrawn from service, ironically now no matter how sick we are of the Sheds or Ying Yings as some have refereed them to they are still here

The 220 and 221 Voyagers

Yes i know these are not a Locomotive but they are still a Diesel

I have a particular dislike for the Voyagers both 220s and 221s, now i will admit i do have some respect for these as i have rode on a Voyager back in 2015, it was a smooth and comfy ride but i still otherwise have no interest in these, plus they were the replacement for the Virgin 47s on the Cross Country services that the Voyagers now operate on, shame they replaced the 47s on these services

The Pacers

Yep i have a dislike for these infamous Units and i am not the only one as many people have a dislike for these machines, the Pacers are not interesting to look at firstly and secondly although i haven't rode on one myself they are not very smooth when running as they are well known for being bouncy hence they are called Nodding Donkeys

They also aren't very crash worthy either and they are basically just a bus mounted onto railways bogies albeit modified, i will say the 141 has a slightly more interesting look but don't like either of the Pacers otherwise, the Metro Cammells and other classics are much better, not just to ride but they also have that burbling noise the Pacers don't have and also the Vintage units are not Buses on rails

Modern DMUs

This is a slight cheat but i couldn't decide which of the Modern DMUs i like least, they don't have that much character to them like the Vintage units, this isn't to say i dislike all Modern units, the 158s i do like because of the overall looks of them but any other Modern unit i am not a fan of, whether it a 170, 150, 172 etc they are not my cup of tea

British Rail 10100 'The Fell Diesel'

Why is this unusual Experimental Diesel on my list of least favourites, well just look at it, its a hideous machine!

It also suffered from a serious fire and later accident damage to the main gearbox

Kitson Steam/Diesel hybrid Experiment

A slight cheat being a hybrid but still

Why have i got this on my list of least favourites, again like the 10100 this is a hideous looking machine plus Steam and Diesel is something in terms of design that for me shouldn't be mixed together in one design, its just not right in terms of looks


Modern EMUs

Again like with the Modern DMUs this is a cheat but again i couldn't decide which of these i liked the least, whether it be a 350, 800, 377 etc they are all not of my cup of tea, for me the old slam door EMUs are of more interest especially since some of which where of my childhood during my early years of spotting trains. The Modern EMUs are a bit boring, i do like the 323s and 321s but these are not Modern EMUs and their looks are much better than most EMUs we see today

The Eurostar e320

The old Eurostar was and still is better then the e320, enough said


Bulleids Leader

This is a machine that i despise, just look at it, this is a hideous machine, i know i said that about the 10100 and Steam/Diesel Hybrid but the Leader tops it all, it looks like a London Underground Tube Train Motor Carriage

Its hard to imagine this was actually a Steam Loco because its the most hideous Steam Loco that i have come across, it wasn't very successful either, it had heavy coal and water consumption, was mechanically unreliable, Working conditions were untenable for the driver and fireman and loss of steam through the cylinder rings and even the bogies had uneven weight distribution

Furthermore The brake release were too slow for a tight schedule, the firebrick lining was also a constant problem for as it constantly collapsed into the fire and even when the firebricks were replaced with cast iron bricks they melted due to the intense heat inside the firebox, it also had cramped conditions in the cab and high outputs had flames entering the cab! Because of it being enclosed and hot the fireman kept the fireman entrance door open for ventilation however if the loco were to overturn on that side it would block the firemans door thus preventing an escape

The Leader was eventually scrapped and none survived to presevation, says a lot really

Midland 1Fs

The Midland 1F is not a class i despise or hate, it has never been my cup of tea, it looks a bit similar to a Jinty which if you were to ask which i would choose between a Jinty of a 1F i would go for the Jinty, why because the Jinty is more interesting and i feel it has more character than the 1F

Don't get me wrong the 1F looks kinda interesting with an open cab but i pity the crew on a day when it rained if they had no tarpaulin as they would certainly need one on a day like that

The Crosti Boiler 9Fs

Yes the 9Fs are one of my top 10 favourite Steam Locos but the Crosti Boiler versions of the 9F i don't like, the 9Fs are very ugly and bizarre looking with the Crosti Boiler fitted, without the deflectors and different smokebox door

The 9Fs are beautiful machines, the Crosti Boiler versions are not and were much better as they started off than with the Crostis fitted to them, the Crosti Boiler 9Fs were not very successful either they even had their power classification reduced from 9F to 8F


Of all my least favourite Steam Locos the E2 is the one that i dislike the most even more so than the Leader!

Firstly they had inadequate water supply leading to the extended water tank modification and were useless for pulling trains because of the insufficient coal capacity, the wheelbase wasn't very good either for use on the tight bends at Southampton Docks, i've also heard that they had bad brakes from numerous sources

One of my main reasons for disliking these is because of a certain fictional character who happens to be based on this loco, the fact this loco has become subject of popular culture is the only reason why this engine has become famous let alone popular, had the character not been created then the E2 wouldn't be popular at all, whenever anyone sees a photo of one of these there is always someone who takes one look a says ''Oh look its Thomas''

I have never liked the E2s, never have and never will do, i don't know anyone who considers the E2 their favourite Steam loco and they have never been popular among rail enthusiasts either

I am also not impressed that there is a group that wants to build a new build of the E2 holding my hands up to this i am sorry but an E2 is not a good candidate for a new build nor is it a good new build project either (already done my thoughts before on it) but i don't see why we need a new E2, i would rather see a loco like example an LNER V3 been built than the class of engine that i despise with a passion

and that is why i hate this class of engine as much as i do, i have always hated the E2s, i have never found them interesting whatsoever

So that wraps up this blog for least favourite Locomotives