Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Mill Town Magazine Video: My Response to a comment

Normally i don't make blog posts like this by responding to a rather silly or saft comment in the comments box but here i thought i would make an exception, as today i received such a comment in my Mill Town Magazine review video which you can view below

The comment in question is shown below attached from a screenshot, the user in question has had their name blanked out, my short reply is shown here too

Clearly this is a comment made by someone who has had little understanding of the video, paid little attention to it and poorly researched to what he is going on about, i have had many comments before made by folk who as a typical keyboard warrior just bang things into the keyboard with no understanding of the video and having paid very little attention let alone research

this was just me giving an opinion because this video was a review video that is the whole point of what was being done here, reviews do offer criticism and they give opinions

The magazine yes is meant to go into a binder but  just because they are designed to go in a binder doesn't mean the pages to the mag should fall apart

Yes this is a cheap magazine, the first issue is cheaper than the others but unbeknownst to anyone on here til now i have had many other magazine issue series mags in the past from Crystals to Bugs preserved in resin. Those mags were also designed to go in binders but guess what? THEY DIDN'T FALL APART

They didn't fall apart because they were of better quality, i feel the magazine should have been better in terms of quality and that is all there is too it, in magazine issues like this we don't expect them to fall apart regardless whatever design and how cheap the magazine is. But what was expressed here was an opinion and nothing else, its called criticism, you know the things we give to people as a way of informing them on how to improve things

If one cannot handle an opinion or has little understanding its an opinion let alone a review which offered criticism then why express an opinion on someone giving an opinion? Its common sense

Many others who have seen the video will understand the concept here and the fact i was giving an opinion on it because that is what a review is, yes you can do reviews with no criticism but still my point still stands, yes this is just one guy posting this but before posting comments you cannot just bang what you like into the comments box, have an understanding of the concept of this video, understand its an opinion and do research behind it before making yourselves look a right fool of yourselves

Because if you don't understand this is me giving an opinion let alone me doing a review to offer criticism and poorly researching the matter then why post a comment? To get attention thats what, all very well for him to say i have no understanding but if that was the case then i wouldn't have done the review, it isn't rocket science to understand that plus where is the evidence that this mag was designed like this as an intention? There isn't, on the plus side at least he enjoyed the video and i say that with some sarcasm 

Not normally like me to do a post like this but i wasn't going to let this one slip out the net, on the plus side at least people enjoy my content and can actually except the fact that all opinions are my own, because that is the point of the review. 

EDIT: Moments after publishing this post i noticed another comment made by the same user going on about how the mag is designed to go into a binder saying ''what do you think the holes are for''? this combined with the comment shown in the screenshot above is someone who yet seems to think i am the one who doesn't understand, this comment is a good example of those who don't pay attention to the video and those who don't have any understanding or very little of the video, 

Acknowledging to me the mag is meant to go into a binder is irrelevant because i know that, just because i don't mention in the video it is meant to go in a binder doesn't mean i don't know that, aswell as offering criticism the idea here was to review the quality of the magazine and offer criticism for the quality of the magazine that is the whole point of it being a review, mentioning in the video that the mag goes into a binder was irreverent here because that wasn't the focus of the video, it was to focus on the quality of the magazine and for the umpteenth time it was to offer criticism, in this case the qwulaity of the mag referring to the fact it just fell apart and as i have already said, just because it goes in a binder doesn't mean it should be falling apart, we don't expect that and its not like it was intended for the mag to fall apart 

How yu can come to the conclusion i don't understand and think i don't know this mag goes in a binder is completely beyond me, then again its not the first comment i have had made from someone who has a lack of understanding for the video or the particular subject themselves, the build reviews and the video of me weathering the Duchess (that i have know sold) have been examples of this

But seriously folks, if you are going to make comments on my videos pay close attention and have a full understanding of it before giving out comments like this because you will make yourselves look like a fool, if you do give silly comments like this then be prepared for a response!

On the plus side though given they watched the video it has added to the view count and the fact my videos are monetized and its added to that as well so thanks for that 

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